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Halo TV Series – Official Trailer Reaction

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Halo TV Series – Official Trailer | Game Awards 2021

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  1. everythings cool except for cortana, that wasnt even cortana at all

  2. If you like dnd you should check out the critical role intros

  3. Halo tv series and a Last of us tv series!?!? 🔥🔥🤯🤯

  4. Halo Lore is Super Dark, but Super Cool 🔥🔥🔥

  5. This Halo show looks good can’t wait to see it love the video Jen Nation stay motivated Dream big 1 mill on the way

  6. nice video thanks. I'm also waiting for you on my channel. I make reaction and editing videos. thank you.

  7. 20 years! Truly the best video game in history

  8. Just hearing the ost 🎵..Ah Halo 2 day's 🤣 Awesome reaction Jen🤘

  9. If they do a flash back to Reach ima spaz out because Emile, Carter and Kat were my favorite Spartans… Jerome 092 will always be the GOAT and the Chief is God. Worship the chief.

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