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Halo TV Series Official Trailer Reaction

Definitely Not Definitive
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Let’s see how the Master Chief looks in the new Halo Series coming out on Paramount Plus in March! Hope you enjoy our Halo TV Series Official Trailer Reaction. To see all of our TV show trailer reactions check out this playlist

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  1. Update from the gaming community! We wish everyone who had a hand in this show dies slowly and violently! Great reaction nevertheless

  2. It's awesome … didn't saw the trailer but watched 3 episodes and it's awesome…👍

  3. Why is that girl siding with the Covenant?🤔

  4. I just watched the trailer on Youtube and then saw that you guys uploaded a reaction, I love it! 🇧🇷

  5. Similar to Mass Effect. It's different from Mass Effect.

  6. An absolute disgrace to the franchise.
    They 100% try to pander to normies. But how did that work out for other Sci-Fy franchises in the past? (look at the state of the Star-Trek franchise just one example)
    Halo fanbase is massive and dedicated and (so it seems at the moment) they throw their main target audience away by trying to appeal to an audience
    that has little interest in Sci-Fy in general.This is not Halo. Its generic mush that does not even look like a high budget production. Oh boy it is not even a proper timeline and a human as antagonist?
    Yeah this might be dead on arrival. Would not be suprised if later seasons get canned.

  7. im very fan of halo since halo ce, i been reading, playing and watching everyting about halo, but i honestly have fear about what its the path that this series its gona take about the universe of halo. (my english its bad sorry )

  8. HALO is very layered and complex, but that never really came out well in the games, you have to read the books for that, just like with "The Expanse".

    I am not a big fan of "Video Games into TV Series or Movies" because most story games nowadays are already very cinematically staged and due to the "Uncanny Valley" in terms of CGI, more is destroyed than gained in my opinion.
    HALO is a universe with which I am less familiar, so it could also be good, the short animated films, were fantastic. It's always a 50/50 chance. And putting just tons of money into a production… does not always lead to the goal.
    But I give the series a chance.

  9. It’s unfortunate that the voice actor of master chief (Steve Downes) is not the actor instead it is (Pablo Schreiber) but yet the voice actor of cortana is (Jen Taylor) for both game and TV series

  10. I'm not a die hard Halo fan but I did enjoy the games to a good degree and I liked the world and character of Master Chief. Not overly excited by this trailer but I'll give the show a chance. Disappointing they didn't use the actual voice actor for Master Chief..I mean, for me, if I was making decisions, I'd say the voice is important and shows you feel that importance as well.

  11. As a huge halo fan ever since halo 2 the direction they are taking for the show is not favorable to me. They are taking a massive risk for this show by changing a lot of the original story, which is fine if they do it right but in this case I don’t think they are doing it right. From what I can tell many people from the halo community have the same concerns but we’ll see how it goes when it comes out. Also great video!

  12. Yes! Lovely to see you both back at it again! First Arcane and now Halo? Totally happy! Subscribed!

  13. I was sold once I saw the Covenant Elite. I can understand peoples gripes with both Chief's voice and Cortana's design but I can get over those things

  14. Huh, there’s a Halo TV Series on the way? I didn’t know.

  15. I'm just glad this is not canon and they call it silver timeline or some shit.. sadly they still gonna ruin Master Chief's name..

  16. the Halo commercials from 10 years ago are still going to remain more emotional than this series.. sadly

  17. I have such mixed feelings about this show. I hope it does well and is great to watch, but not hearing Master Chief's voice it is weird

  18. As a Halo fan, it's a bit disappointing that the show isn't canon. It's a separate, standalone story based on Halo. Honestly, I would have like a kind of anthology of different, smaller stories per episode. There's so, SO much to explore in the Halo universe that it'd be perfect for that.

  19. Apparently the lead director for this TV series have already left so… We can't say if there will be more seasons after this. Even if there is. It can't be guaranteed if it will be good

  20. When you guys gonna do your Halo games playthrough?

  21. Should check out Forward Unto Dawn. It’s usually in full length movie form, but you should still be able to find it episodically. It was a YouTube miniseries from a while ago in preparation for the release of Halo 4. There’s 5 episodes at about 20mins each. It’ll give you a small taste of the Halo universe if you’re unfamiliar.

  22. This is a surprise and it looks pretty interesting. I understand why they started with this story, but I would've preferred if they had started further back in the storyline.

    Don't forget about Halo: Forward Unto Dawn. It's not Master Chief centric; he's barely in it. It's a short web series that was converged into one movie.

  23. Played halo since the begining i love the trailer just wish they would pull a vader and voiceover the actor for chief with the guy who does the games just not deep enough not chief enough

  24. This series is already being panned by most fans and it's not even out yet. The series ISN'T even about the Master Chief as he's a very fringe side character. The main character is the asian woman becoming a 'spartan,' to save the Master Chief because like every "woke,' media makes the male a weakling. There is also for some reason a 'human,' female in the covenant hierarchy for no reason other than adding more women and giving her super powers. The gravest grievance is they changed the voice of the Master Chief which means they are going to take his helmet off at a season finale which is a disgrace.

  25. Little apprehensive because 1) they did not show a Halo planet and 2) Cortana is NOT blue. But I hope it does well. We need more successful video game adaptations.
    Edit: I have not played the Halo games apart from the first 2. My understanding is that Halo refers to the ringed planets. Please correct me if im wrong as this comment is "definitely not definitive" 😉

  26. Sorry if i sound pushy but i'm still looking forward to ur reactiosn to AMV Stay by Anime Sensie and Whatever It Takes AMV

  27. i already think there had better be anime series reaction

  28. You guys should check out a video called "Halo TV series trailer, but with the iconic theme instead". It essentially gives the trailer the looks, feelings, sounds and songs of halo and mixes it with the trailer, I feel it gives the trailer a nice touch

  29. I would love to see you guys react to the Halo Legend series. The series is made by some popular animation studios for Bungie back in the day. Every episode is a story that didnt fit in the games.

  30. I'm not a fan of Halo, but i played first two games that, i don't really like. But i will check out this TV series. Maybe it will be any good.

  31. Wait hold on, 2:35 was that guy using a FN Five-seveN? Why is he using that? Halo takes place 2494-2610. That gun is 496 years old. Although I guess that is a weird thing with Halo where they are still using semi-modern guns and ammo almost 500 years in the future. I know that's a small thing, but it really hurts making it a believable world for me. But that is the problem with sci fi and high fantasy. hard to use real world locations.

  32. And there gonna ruin this game with a fuckin tv show?

  33. Master Chief's voice sounds ok.

    And he has beard.

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