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HALO TV Series Officially Announced with First Details

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Showtime and 343i are finally moving ahead with the long in development Halo TV Series, with a 10 episode order.

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  1. READ THIS: The kid from Iron Man 3 (“Harley” played by Ty Simpkins) that helped Tony is on the cast list for the upcoming Avengers film!!!

  2. Damn we got 3 new series and idk which one to start watching when they come out!!! They are all awesome lol

  3. Nathan fillion please please please be in the show as a main character

  4. “The idea of a live action halo” “we’re finally getting live action halo”

    looks down at forward unto dawn and nightfall dvd cases and looks back at screen uhhh

  5. If video game movies totally suck and are terrible, then maybe TV Shows based on video games are much better.

  6. I only have one problem if it's live action I won't like it because video games I like cartoons so I make sense if they make a violent on cartoon of it hopefully in the future they'll make a movie that will be good and will be animated.

  7. Halo's one of the few game series I'd say has a decent chance at having good movies/shows off it. The lore and universe is already there for them, and the books have already been somewhat successful.

  8. Why does need to be cable tv series ? I mean wouldn't Digital release though Netflix be better. I mean it's 2018 who even watches cable TV now days ?

  9. sounds interesting and I LOVE HALO

  10. Please, please, pleeeaaase, focus on spartans and how bad ass they can be.
    none of that Forward Unto Dawn and Halo Nightfall shit…

    Though I'd get that they'd have to focus on more characters and flesh them out to make this a proper series.

  11. I would personally like to see something that tackles the conflict between the UNSC and the Insurrection. We have plenty of media about the war between humans and the Covenant, and that whole thing about Forerunners and.. ancient humans and.. gerbil dogs. Yeah. Less of that, please.

  12. I Identify Ass a Partially-Wingless F-35C says:

    They're gonna fuck it up so hard.

  13. They need to bring Nathan fillion in to reprise his roll

  14. Games like dead space, and mass effect also need a tv series.

  15. Wish It would be something like Halo:Legends.

  16. I really liked watching Forward Unto Dawn Nightfall was really bad.

  17. Maybe the story will revolve around the Contact Harvest storyline where the humans first encounter the covenant

  18. hm i don't know how to feel about this because as much as i like halo the last time they tried a live action show it was meh

  19. Now we just need a Dead Space series or movie.

  20. And here I was hoping that it'd be something similar to Blur Studio's Warcraft movie. Nope, we get another shitty live action film instead.

    FML. -_-

  21. I hope it focuses on an ODST squadron during the human-covenant war if it’s going to be completely original. If they want to adapt some of the books then the Kilo-Five trilogy would translate extremely well to a tv series.

  22. I loved Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall is underrated.

  23. A TV series of Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson!

  24. I hope this isnt gonna be all teenager focused.

  25. People in bathroom watching this video singing the halo theme

  26. Well hopefully it’s a little bit better than the direct to video halo projects they’ve done in the past. And I’ll be curious to see where in the timeline this series fits most likely my guess is it’s going to be a prequel to a halo six

  27. I’m good with the Kelvin timeline cast in it! Really curious to see Tarantino’s take on Star Trek!! Live long and prosper!

  28. Thank God SciFy channel isn't doing it. Would be cancelled halfway through 1st season

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