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Al Smith
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Hey Paramount, if your not going to take this seriously, then why should i? its Impressively bad! I much rather watch old episodes of Robocop the TV Series then this!


  1. I wasn't the only one? lol yeah the writers are terrible.

  2. The first episode is absolute dog water. This isn’t Halo

  3. Steve downes the real voice master chief and grunt voice made me laugh.

  4. Don’t know anything about Halo, (I’m not a gamer) but Paramount normally give an “FU” to what people want when it comes to creating remakes of classic shows with Star Trek: Discovery or even The Twilight Zone for example. We recorded a podcast today where we focused on Robocop (original movie) my co-host mentioned this Robocop TV show (which I have never heard of) what the chances of two people talking about this unknown show to me on the same day? 😳

  5. They actually reveal master Chief face 😂😂😂😂

  6. Apparently it's only going to get worse Al. From what I've seen and read in this TV show Master Chief has amnesia and it's up to a strong, diverse, wahman with a bad haircut to help Master Chief get his memory back. And the TV show is going to be more about the strong, diverse, wahman with the bad haircut than it is about Master Chief. Some have speculated that at some point in the series Master Chief is going to become ineffective due to his amnesia so the strong, diverse, wahman with the bad haircut is going to become the new Master Chief. That would make sense because that would allow Paramount to check off more woke boxes that way. I think this is going to be Cowboy Bebop all over again.

  7. Master Chief technically always was with a squad in his early years. His team in Halo 5 (Blue team) was around when the covenant war first started. In this non-canon TV universe they switched it to Silver team, but this new team is basically playing the role of Blue Team. Blue team actually was featured in the book Halo: Fall of Reach which came out before the first Halo game to kind of establish the storyline.

  8. Im a hardcore Halo fan. I had the family, popcorn and drinks rdy to go.
    I made it about 10 or so minutes and shut off the tv.
    This isn't halo.

  9. is cooking something with garlic in the trunk :j

  10. Just a reminder.
    They didn't show it in the games, but the Covenant was killing ALL humans. Men women and children. They were trying to drive humans to extinction.

    I guess they wanted to show the parts of the was that wasn't shown in the games for being to 'graphic'.

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