Halo TV Series ROASTED By Fans After Episode 1 | Creators Don't Care About Games, It's A DISASTER - gametvseries.com

Halo TV Series ROASTED By Fans After Episode 1 | Creators Don’t Care About Games, It’s A DISASTER

Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost
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  1. As soon as he started to take off his helmet. I was pissed. Through decades of halo and they completely butcher

  2. And when the girl said she would go tell them the opposite of what they asked her to. So stupid. Obviously they won't let you go so stupid

  3. Worst actor to play the character as well

  4. ya'll make your money on saying everything is woke…ya'll are as bad as cancel culture….shall call you reaction culture.

  5. It's amazing how they could take a setting as fascinating as Halo, with an established fanbase and tons of interesting stories they could tell in it with almost guaranteed success, and still somehow managed to fuck it up. That takes real talent.

  6. how the hell is so hard to tell a story that is parallel to the story of the games. smh.

  7. I actually enjoyed it, yes there were a few issue from lore point of view, being the character swap for Miranda Keyes, Jacob Keys and Margret Parangosky(can't remember how to spell it), the cuts scenes in the game, are what they are described and look like, so to ''blackwash'' them, yeah it's a slight issue nothing huge but it is a start.
    Now as the three actors didn't have much scene time, I will wait until seen enough to formulate an opinion on them, at this point it is purely an issue from a lore stand point, they could be brilliant and do very well as the characters but I can't shift the view of the politics of today and inclusive crap when I see them, you could of left their characters as they were, and created others to fill that, and that would of been ok. Hell, Halo books are one of the most diverse, with people all of types, pretty much in there as standard, no special swapping needed for inclusive BS.
    That is an issue, the social BS being added in, the next is not making the Master Chief the focus of the damn show, does that really need explaining.
    Last issue, is not really regarding the show, but the lore in general. The Spartans and normal humans are using the same weapons, the same ammo – so why does a Spartan drop an elite with half a mag, or even a hand gun, when the human rebels, are opening up on the elite walking in their compound, with 2 chain guns and over 10 people with assault rifle's, and the elites just casually walk in like they are being hit with BB guns, but a Spartan drops them with half a mag from a damn hand gun.
    Now yes the Spartans are super strong, fast, reaction times etc – but they are still using the same weapons, ammo. SO if half a mag from a Spartan drops and elites shields and kills it, then half a mag from any other human should do the same. This is where it ties into the show, if you had the elites moving in a way that a normal human, could not effectively lead their target and react quick enough to get rounds on target, then that's understandable why the Spartans are so much more effective, it's not a case of over powered weapons, it is a case of getting rounds on target, in which if you know anything about the Spartans upgrades, this would make perfect sense. So a simple fix, would be in that scene, the elites walk in, the first drops from a barge of fire, the other, activate camo, and move damn quickly, taking the two vehicle mounted chain guns out in first strike. Simple fix.
    ONly other thing, was the human in the covenant. NO NO NO. yes human rebel, did have dealing with them, but that was to give locations of other human worlds for glassing, and they were treated in a hostile manner, in the fact if a grunt was anger and ripped the humans throat out, the grunt would get a pat on the back, the humans dealt with the covenant in complete fear, not from a place of power and respect, like shown in the show, she would of been kept in a jail cell, beaten with every part of information extracted then killed. SO again another huge lore issue there.

    Apart from all of that, I did like it, damn good design for the covenant, was expecting some cheesy BS, but well pleased with the effort.

  8. Halo is a story about humanity uniting against a common enemy. And with that unity humanity grows into the responsibility that was left to us by the forerunners. This show should have been inspiring not depressing.

  9. If its not Canon than remove the name Halo and call it lamo

  10. I bet that broad with the covenant is Reylo Palpatine.

  11. Wokers can't do anything right. They hate America and American pop culture so much they just can't do it right when it's just as much work to do it right as it is to do it wrong.

  12. **Spoiler**No biggie about the race swap. Miranda just seems like a punk now. Yea Chief spoke WAY to much, than armor?? Worse of all it's boring so damn boring! I started in 7th grade with Halo 2, books, and anything I could find. This is such a disappointment

  13. You are missing the point of why they did not look at the games which is actually a lie as they actually did, but instead of a copy pasting the story Starwars The Last Jedi style they are using the lore and the books as the basis for the story to build and whether you admit it or not a lot of what was in ep 1 and 2 is actually mostly lore accurate. You mention you know the lore and then you mention he never takes of his helmet which tells me you actually do not know the lore , because in the books and films he takes not only his helmet off but the suit also ALL THE TIME heck even in Halo 4 at the very end he takes off the helmet and we get to see his face ( something complainers conveniently forget ) and at the end of Halo CE we see him take of his helmet thus once again proving he does it all the time and the only reason we do not see his face is because they did not have time or budget left to create the face and they also could not decide if he should be black or white and so left it open by cutting away.

    As for the human with the Cov well again understanding that the events of the show are along time before those of Halo CE so the human may have been killed before the events of Halo CE ( in theory ) but if you actually use your brain it makes a lot of sense, I mean you have the Cov who have been in the game word researching Forerunner artifacts and the ring for a very long time and they are well aware they need a human to activate it, and like i say if they want to use the ring for the great journey then it stands to reason they have a pet human to you know start the ring, in the show she is not a leader and it is very clear after ep 2 that she is more a pet that has been given freedoms and some power but ultimately she is just a willing tool to be used to activate the Forerunner tech.

    Sure the show has a ton of issues but it is still pretty close the lore in most cases but it is retelling the story and the events leading up to the first halo games in a new way, the reality is even if they had copied the games word for word in the show you would have the same people that are complaining now that they are doing something different that they just copy pasted the story a lot like the starwars fans did with The Last Jedi and how it basically just copied the story from the original ones.

  14. Meh. I enjoy it. Different looks at things don’t bother me.

  15. It is really frustrating seeing people defend this as if its super good. It has such basic mistakes in production quality, continuity and character intelligence. I guess its true that your characters can only be as smart as the writers… smh

  16. Halo fans are getting the Star Wars fans treatment

  17. Feel free to do an episode by episode breakdown of this train wreck. The first episode left such a bad taste in my mouth I just want to see it destroyed.

  18. My main comment has always been

    If they arent making this series for the Halo fans…. then who the hell are you making this for???

    They had 20 years of media to go from.

  19. its so weird how hollywood will get the rights to a beloved franchise, spending tons of money to do so, then abandon the elements that made the franchise beloved. its not spartans and ringworlds and aliens and AI that makes halo great, those are just elements or ingredients. But i have to say dont deny yourselves the opportunity to enjoy something just because its not what you expected. i know it can be hard to shut off your expectations, but the show isnt to bad really, and maybe they just needed to EXPAND the story in order to make a ten season super success.

  20. No story is sacred to these people. Not even money is of value to them. They will literally burn everything you love to the ground just to push their dumbass agenda.

  21. tbh MC has a very dry sense of humor

    ex.mess with Cortana in Halo CE by crashing a Banshee on purpose and making her freak out about it.
    at the end of "Cortana" in Halo 3, after meeting with Cortana after losing her to the gravemind, he makes the sarcastic remark "Thought I'd try shooting my way out. Mix things up a little.".
    and even goes boo to scare grunts

    these are just a few examples but the humor in the show that they tried to do? I mean its as detached as the ones who made it

  22. The MasterChief is great because he can be anyone you want. Great for immersion. As soon as you take his helmet off, most of everyone will be disappointed. A cool show would have been about the sangheili, and turn that into a hunt for the 'Demon'. Show how badass MasterChief is from the other perspective. But CGI is expensive.

  23. I swear…they could have included in their budget to buy nerf blasters from the Halo line and painted them. At least that would have passed for decent in those quick shots.

  24. As a "Normie" on Halo (Im more of a Playstation gamer, never had an Xbox), I actually liked the series as a whole. Plus the production looked amazing, it made The Mandalorian looked small scale and cheap after seeing this. Which got me thinking, would I have liked the Resident Evil movies if I were a non Resident evil fan? because I played every RE games from 0 to 8 and I think the movies sucked, specially the latest move Wellcome to….

  25. They took Chief helmet off …… like do you even Chief broo….

  26. I honestly think it's good, it's looking at things in a different way. I kinda think they needed to do something like this anyways because we aren't controlling chief anymore. We are seeing the development of his character

  27. That's why non fans of the games shouldn't be making the films or tv shows. They have ZERO respect for what makes the game great, and are so arrogant, they think they know best.
    Zero respect for the game
    Zero respect for the lore
    Zero respect for the TRUE fans.

  28. Rip saints row reboot
    Rip halo tv show

    Rip anything that wasnt "woke" aka stuff sane people enjoy

  29. the worst part is how they give you a tiny little taste each episode .. a tv episode should be like a meal not some free sample stores hand out

  30. I rather watching warhammer 40k lore CGI in youtuber..make by woke sjw director feminist don't read books,comics lore and play video games..

  31. the worst/best part is that this is NOTHING new, this situation repeated itself over and over and over but each time they keep fing up, it's like nobody watches other shows and how they're doing.
    What counts it's only OUR project because OUR project is the best of all, because it's OURS! These big studios are only busy counting money, they are disconnected from reality they only see:
    Halo videogame-> popular = Halo series -> popular. there is so much fear of doing "the wrong thing" and upsetting someone that they did the opposite with (basically) a fanfiction not realising it's exactly what they were trying to avoid

  32. Goes back in time to stop this heresy show from existing

    Everyone on set after annihilating the director and producers: "Why did you do that?"

    Me: "Do you have any idea what that bastard almost made you do?"

  33. I am sickened by the first episode and I won't even watch the rest. Paramount has no clue what Halo is and what it is about. It's not a Saturday morning kids soap opera. In trying to reach a broad audience they took a wonderful story and buried it. Shame shame on you Paramount. Totally disgusted. After 2 days I will cancel my account. Obviously clowns are making decisions there.

  34. So in other words they gave it the star trek discovery treatment and picard treatment

  35. I never played the game, and I will most certainly not watch this show now.

  36. People who do fan animations do 1000000000 times better than big companies. An example badlaxe animations made an amazing story with Odsts that make you sad when one of them dies and it looks amazing and it is just stop motion animation. Another one is Cookie Lord the 3rd he makes scp animations using SFM beautiful

  37. At this point I am a believer of the conspiracy the old heads of Hollywood are intentionally destroying adaptations of games/cartoon shows because they don’t think they’re a real medium of entertainment.

  38. Sad to see one my favorite story got ripped into pieces due to Politics inducement . American Entertainment Industry is slaves to a political Ideology.
    I think I have enough of Shitty TV shows of politics. I think Americans need to boycott such series.

  39. As soon as heard that there was gunna make a halo show I knew it was gunna be trash

  40. the show is good
    the games better
    just an opinion

  41. play the games and stay there dont watch the show if you wanna cry about it

  42. ive been a halo fan for years but unable to play the games only watched the playthroughs i love the games the show is not for everyone but i think it might have a fan base even through the hate

  43. is anyone else super annoyed with this kuwan girl or is it just me?

  44. Nah, that's not Chief. The guy in Forward Unto Dawn, that's Chief!

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