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Halo TV Series | Spartan Suit Up | S1E1 HD Clip

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  1. Anyone notice though that when Vannak’s HUD came on it showed he had 2 grenades which he didn’t?

  2. It's always so satisfying to see Spartans putting on their armor

  3. Hopefully their action scenes are better then thr multiplayer

  4. Garuda is making a sculpture on his channel

  5. This is basically a remake of the spartan ops cutscene but with better armour!

  6. Awesome, it was reality at it's finest for Halo…

  7. Do spartans in halo infinite still put on there armor like this
    Im very curious cause the mk7 in infinite looks hard to take apart and not like gen 2 where its like clipped on

  8. Looks like shit, obvious areas of cutting corners in armor design, and you can tell its all a nice light plastic.

  9. So there’s the halo 4 armour station to put on infinite like armour and this is set at a time before halo ce? Lol

  10. Liking the series so far, with only 2 problems:

    1. Some of the CGI are terrible, like the scene where MC throws away his assault rifle to get the big machine gun to help his fellow Spartan being engaged by 3 Elites. The CGI of that thrown away assault rifle was terrible.

    2. MC's age. This is early on in the UNSC-Covenant war, probably a couple of years before Reach gets attacked. MC at this point should look about 10 years younger.

  11. This is like the cooler version of the Spartan 4 suit up scene from Halo 4.

  12. As a PlayStation fanboy, this reminds me of how Iron Man suit up!

  13. “Hmmm… now this looks familiar.” -Tony Stark

  14. For a second there, I thought their in the UNSC Infinity.

  15. Some fan's may already hate this live action series but damn I love it.

  16. the sound design is questionable. they amplify the mechanical sounds of the robot arms when they should be focusing on the heaviness of the armor. there should be loud thuds like hammers striking an anvil as the hundreds of pounds of metal clash together.

    instead we get “whizzz, whizzz, click click, thump”

  17. This looks like the kind of cosplay armor you would find at comic con
    Edit : okay maybe a bit better

  18. "War is coming… with all it's glory, and all it's horror"

  19. Tony Stark would love this universe. I bet he can even improve their armor once he studies it.

  20. Tony Stark: looks like we have got a competition

  21. Until the army does not make a real Iron man armor and until there are no more ways to wear them.
    Iron man 1-engame is going to be the guide for many.

  22. Me making my own Spartan with the Mega Construx figures:

  23. This is how gen 2 armor should have looked like

  24. Honestly, the armor looks cheap: the boots have no tread on them, the tech suit doesn't suggest it's skin tight…I could go on. Plus it should the wrong generation for the automated assembly. Earlier versions of the armor appeared to be a manual process, involving technicians

  25. This scene alone makes all the complaints about the series go poof

  26. It is very similar the the iron man suit up scene. But I also was getting some hardcore pacific rim suit up vines from it though too.

  27. This is the coolest scene in the show it’s so glorious

  28. Takes all this just to equip the armor but in the second episode Chief takes it off no problem when he visits Soren

  29. Okay so I've never watched this and I don't think I want to from what everyone has to say but I got a question, who is this Spartan? Because I got word of a theory that Chief isn't the main character of the show

  30. Why do I think of iron man every time I see this

  31. Almost like in Halo 4 (and tribute I made some time ago 🙂

  32. 😂 This looks great. Then later on in the show Mister Coife just takes it all off, puts it all on, takes it all off, all the time… Randomly… WHAT'S THE POINT IN ALL THESE FCKIN MACHINES THEN??!! 😂 😂

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