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HALO TV Series Teaser Trailer 2 (NEW 2022) Sci-Fi, Action

Rapid Trailer
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HALO TV Series Teaser Trailer 2 (NEW 2022) Sci-Fi, Action
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  1. If anyone read the books, it looks like The Cole Protocol time frame (About ten years into the Covenant war). The asteroids strung together are The Ruble, and the three other Spartans could be Grey team (Led by Jai). It's the first we hear of Thel ( later becomes the Arbiter). Lots of lore happening during this time frame.

  2. Chief's helmet looks so good. Like a mix between his armor from Infinite and Halo 4/5

  3. Halo TV series and movies have the potential to be on a scale like star wars with the huge lore and story its a shame that it never really got that cinematic experience till now. Like star wars with more action pack and violence

  4. The armour looks good, but what’s with the dark colours. You can barely make out any detail in the drawn out shots. Did they not look at any of the Spartan teams from games or books, or are they supposed to be a Black or Grey team.

  5. Just remember yall this entire series is non-cannon.

  6. I hate it's on paramount, not on Netflix prime movies etec? 😒 that's bs

  7. Where the hell is the trailer????!!!

  8. I love halo and I’m preying this does well so they can make more series and maybe one with just the ODST side of it

  9. Just drop the trailer! We don't need a teaser trailers to let us know when a trailer is being released. Just do it damn

  10. Isnt a teaser trailer another trailer? So why would they do they extra work? Should just drop the trailer!

  11. Soon there will be a teaser to see a tease

  12. Are those 3 at the start walking supposed to be Spartans ??? They seem regular human size, also armor looks really small and thin

  13. So badly want to get on board with this! How can I help?! Acting, camera work u name it!

  14. Why does it look like a terrible go fund me cosplay group?

  15. A trailer to a trailer and a teaser to a teaser. Great!

  16. I just wanna play Halo Infinite!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Someone should make Ciri from Witcher show and Cortana from Halo show to have a lovemaking scene together. My dream fantasy sci-fi crossover 😍

  18. Eod helmet looks sooo good I want one in real one.

  19. wait! who is that Spartan with the EOD helmet?

  20. ok ok ok, the spartan armor actually looks pretty good, i was scared it might look like crap cos play.

  21. People complaining about teaser to a trailer reveal, who cares, more content to see, should be happy.

    Not to mention it's genius marketing to stay relevant and build hype, better than dropping a trailer out of nowhere.

  22. Hope it gets the Mandalorian treatment. Budget should be cinematic.

  23. I hope they tee bag a dead elite as a homage

  24. Oh boy. I can tell already, this is going to flop. There's so much potential in developing the stories of other characters, institutions and organizations or even history within halo. A masterchief-centric series would be a one-day hit. Hype will die down very quick. This'll only be popular to long-time fans. Why not expand the franchise and entice non-halo or even non-gaming audiences to the wonders of Halo universe?

  25. The way they walk has already put me off 🤣 where did they find them, East London?

  26. one issue, i dont know what cheif looks, but i know mados' face. when i hear cheif talk ill see mado. much love

  27. Should have kept the main actor secret. We can Google his face any time we want

  28. I hope they don't screw it up like they did Star Trek.

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