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Halo TV Series Theme | EPIC VERSION (feat. OG Halo Theme)

L’Orchestra Cinématique
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🎶Track Info🎶
Artist: L’Orchestra Cinématique
Writer: Sean Callery/Martin Monroe O’Donnell/Michael C Salvatori
Label: Chapel Music
Publisher: Copyright Control/Microsoft Music Publishing

🖱Motion Graphics by Alex Ransome🖱

@aransomenote | Twitter

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  1. It's the same 1 minute piece played on repeat…

  2. Please remake the halo 3 main menu song called never forget

  3. I heard that The new Halo Show is Awesome

  4. this song was made for my particular exact tastes

  5. The hell is this? Love ur work but damn this theme is so star trek vibe than halo

  6. this show scratches an itch i've had for decades.

  7. Nice vid! Can do Rocket Jump Waltz from TF2? If so, heart this and thx if so!

  8. We need to support good work. This is good. Halo series has a lot to give to us because it is good, it is promising. We all should stand up to this as a fan since this is our biggest opportunity.

  9. Está muy bueno la verdad y con auriculares el sonido es casi orgasmico 10/10

  10. Idk personally I’m really enjoying the show so far

  11. This is a piece of art! I’m also glad others are hearing “I See You” from James Cameron in the new show title theme and it’s not just me losing my brain.

  12. Epic..gotta use headphones…or just blast it on my home sound system.. damn

  13. Awesome song but the show is just weird and boring.

  14. You ain't a real fan if you dont like the series! 😤

  15. We need a Mashup with this theme and Arrival from Halo 4 soundtrack

  16. Good music but the show itself is worse than some fanfictions out there, and that says alot.

  17. Im loving the show so far, I hope to see a season 2!

  18. I can’t even lie the theme for the show goes hard lol

  19. Вау!! спасибо огромное, я как раз его и искал!


  21. I’m calling this universe. Dimension 711 since it is the same universe although thing happened the opposite way. The OG story is known as dimension 117

  22. This music really have the same vibe with Avatar's "I See You".

  23. Glad I was too young to remember the story in the games cause it's blinded yall to what a good show this is compared to all the shitshows that are out rn regardless of its authenticity to the games.

  24. It won’t be a season 2 if they don’t show no action damn this show is boring as shit where are the fucking aliens no grunts, jackels, hunters , smh wtf were they thinking

  25. This shit gives me all the goose bumps!

  26. Nicely done! Sean Callery nailed this theme, I love it.

  27. I like the show, but it would have been fantastic with more original soundtrack!

  28. Fuck the Purists . I've played all the Halo games since the OG Xbox and I know the Lore inside out , however I can still appreciate the effort gone into the show . Personally I like the spin on it , At least it's not "woke" trash like half the Sci-fi currently being released

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