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Halo TV Series Trailer #2 (HD) Paramount+ series

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» Starring: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana


  1. they just made sure they can play it in china too

  2. So one problem why is there a guy using an Ak-47 ffs 😂

  3. I love it only nitpick is The chiefs voice….doenst sound right….but the rest super cool trailer…

  4. Chiefs voice, and cortanas appearance are not that good, but overall it’s good.

  5. Why does Cortana have a human skin tone tho?🤔

  6. Only complaints.
    #1 Chief isn’t voiced by Steve Downs
    #2 Cortana isn’t blue
    #3 I feel like they are gonna show chiefs face and that would be a massive L

  7. They gotta redo Cortana like they redid sonic

  8. I’ll give it a go but seriously is it just me or does it look cheaper than the CW crap 😐

  9. This trailer is made for another universe, not ours.

  10. Only criticism I have is CORTANA 😫🤮…. Also chief is suppose to be fairly young here so his voice isn’t a big deal for me

  11. Her voice Is very similar (or the very same) yo Adam Jensen's voice un DeusEx, which i love. Cortana Is different on purpose but Letw be serious, it Is not like "Sonic first cv attempt" it Is acceptable.

  12. Why are people sayiny they don't like cortana like she's looks great and sounds amazing

  13. Oh no now I'll have to get Paramount+ subscription!

    Haha just kidding.

    Also really sucks they changed the voice actor. Pretty asinine and a terrible sign of what's to come.

  14. Cortana looks stupid an that's my only gripe.

    You seriously could have stuck with her character model, why make her look like a human hologram it looks so cheap and tacky.

  15. F-ing AK in the first second, what a bunch of f-ing idi*ots…

  16. We're finally getting a Halo tv series and these nerds are still not satisfied. Grow up and accept the fact that the only thing that matters is the writing. Everything else is fine by me consider this is not canon

  17. I like the fact that they are still using AKMs in the year of our lord 24442 or whatever it is. But everything else looks bad.

  18. Disgusting.
    Yet another dumbing down of the themes for general masses, changing the story and making the dialog sound as if a child wrote it.

    I'm not even mad I'm not able to watch this.

  19. The trailer should be titled as "The Upcoming Garbage".

    "I am Cortana…" lmfao)))

  20. Paramount plus another streaming service not available in the UK

  21. 1:41 was that the flood or just some lekgolo worms or wutever they’re called????

  22. Nova 💋_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me says:

    My only gripe is Master Chief’s voice. It doesn’t sound bad, in fact it actually sounds pretty dope. It’s just the fact that Master Chief has such a recognizable voice. They should’ve just had Chief’s voice actor voice him in the show. We don’t see his face anyway

  23. It is hard to appreciate a completly different voice to what specific character has for so long, but I gotta say that it atleast somehow sounds like MC's much younger self. Steve always sounded like seasoned Master Chief, someone in his prime or softly behind his prime, while this MC sounds like fresh out of oven. Which seems to be the direction they're taking – youngster Chief and his squad just figuring out what Halos are and where to find one, before everything else that transpired in the og canon.

  24. For a series well known for it's great music it's odd that this trailer uses such boring generic music along with a weird cover of a song.

  25. I want to love it….. I'm struggling with chiefs voice, cortana not looking right, and this whole human raised by the covenant thing.

  26. HeS cOnTwOlLaBlE. I think literally ALL OF THE FUCKING GAMES beg to differ

  27. Can we take a moment and talk how this trailer didnt use any halo song, instead we got a cover of phill colins

  28. Cortana sims is not real she cant hurt you
    Cortana sims:

  29. Chief looks like a guy in a cosplay costume. Needs to be better.

  30. I will give this series a chance BUT what is that cortana model? Can we NOT do that please? thanks

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