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Halo Tv Series Trailer, But With The Iconic Theme Instead

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Also, I made Cortana blue….

Happy now, fellow nerds?



  1. Imagine fucking up a halo trailer, by not even using the damn score.

  2. first time I've actually seen this trailer

  3. Adding the Halo theme to the really improved the trailer. It made feel like more like a Halo TV show instead of standard drama. Also thanks for making Cortana blue, well done TheGeeksterChief

  4. Am I the only one who really likes the new soundtrack?

  5. It needs Steve downs voice or it won’t feel like halo man

  6. Jesus Christ that Music does not fit this trailer like I mean never heated that music it never sounded terrible to me until I watched this might just be taste thing but the music doesn't fit the trailer and the trailer doesn't fit the music

  7. There are too many tracks playing at once, kinda gets alittle messy
    Yet, having the iconic theme itself makes it infinitely better than the actual one we got, I will never understand why they decided not to use their iconic library of music for the show

  8. https://youtu.be/qYkpZImf7tY

    Here's my edit of the trailer but using an epic version of the original opening suite. I do hope I did the trailer more justice than using Phil Collins' song. 😀

  9. Cool! Love it 😍! YT ranking services = P r o m o s m!!!

  10. Thank you for hitting me with the Gregorian chants at the end. OMG. Why did the OG trailer not do that?

  11. Marty Odonnell is Halo.
    I don't care what anyone else says, no disrespect to the h4/h5/infinite Composers, but they're nowhere near as good at making halo music.
    Sorry, not sorry

  12. Call me crazy but I just feel like the Halo music fits Halo better than Phil Collins, idk….

  13. Completely changes the tone. For the better. Taking it from generic human drama to grandiose intergalactic epic.

  14. Freakin hell man they coulda just respected the franchise. Some really cool stuff like the prophets but gosh it’s mostly shit.

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