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Halo (TV Series) -Trailer Reaction

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Wow! Halo looks good! I’m surprised that it has taken this long to get a Halo live-action adaption but so far so good. Cortana looks good, the Covenant looks way better than I expected but I’m interested to see what the plot is especially as they are trying to find the Halo ring.

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  1. I think This timeline is called the silver timeline so it’s not canon to the games. Pretty sure 343 or the makers of this series said this as well, Going a different route a bit. Hence why they prob finding the halo ring in this, I do hope the prophets aren’t human 😂

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  3. The first Halo they crash onto the ring, which is straight after reach. It’s definitely different cause I don’t remember it ever being mentioned that they purposely searched for the ring in Halo CE

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