Halo TV Series Trailer Reaction! (THIS LOOKS GOOD!) - gametvseries.com

Halo TV Series Trailer Reaction! (THIS LOOKS GOOD!)

Chainsaw Reacts
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Halo TV series Trailer –
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  1. Looks quite good; most if not all of the other live-action were pretty good as well. So here is to more Halo 🙂

  2. Pablo Schreiber is a fantastic actor. I’m very excited for this.

  3. Can you please react to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 trailer?

  4. I know of Halo throughout the years but sadly never got to play the games, so I'm not exactly sure of the storylines all these years but I'm excited to check this series out. So consider me having low expectations just because I have no idea what it's about in terms of storyline and I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised with the series.

  5. I'm excited it's a long time coming and they know they have to do right by the fan base

  6. I just pray they don’t have a Chief face reveal. I hope he keeps his helmet on.

  7. Any idea why they still haven't done a Gears of War movie/TV series? 🤔

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