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Halo TV Series Trailer | The Normies Group Reaction | Paramount+

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  1. That's wasn't Keyes since he is black in this timeline. It might be Lord Hood or just some random Admiral. Kelly, Fred, and Linda aren't in this show so no blue team. The antagonist will be a human working for the covenant since they saved her at a young age. Those worms that were wrapped around those people are the same worms that are used for the Hunters. Also, spartans were originally created to stop human rebellion. P.S. Halo was released in 2001

  2. Looks cheap and Cortana doesn't look right. The human badguys probably gonna suck. I'll definitely pass.

  3. The more people reacting to this the better!

  4. Ya'll pls watch Vox Machina, no pressure… but pls lol

  5. Imagine If we get the flood one day daamn

  6. If he calls Elites Sangheili, you know he's a real one.

  7. Man idk. It doesn't feel like Halo. I'm okay with artistic liberties regarding aesthetics for a more realistic and immersive live action experience. But just basic things like the colors look dull and what's with the song remix? Haven't they seen those videos of the fandom singing the Halo theme in the boys restroom? We better hear the Halo soundtrack. Idk.

  8. I'm glad it's a separate storyline from the games/novels. Having to conform an adaptation to an established continuity sometimes hobbles the storytelling possibilities. Having said that, I do kind of hope a few game/novel story elements sneak into the show. I would love to see a one-off flashback episode where we get to see an adaptation of Contact: Harvest (my personal favorite Halo novel)

  9. Halo Legends (anime) shows the Forerunner/Flood war. So if you want to see that, there you go.

  10. Can only hope this ends up at least near The Expanse quality and not STD quality or else I'll be extremely saddened!

  11. Halo game has been out since 2001 , and you said 2005 …that tells me you are not real Halo fans and just riding the hype train

  12. Found out the showrunners already quit and it hasn't even aired yet. 🙄

  13. That's not Flood. Looks like Hunters outside their armor. They are a collection of worms who form together to form a single gestalt persona. Like the Geth from Mass Effect, but organic.

    Halo played the original on Xbox when I was in tech school and that was 2001.

  14. Halo: Combat Evolved launched in 2001, the Franchise as well as Xbox just had their 20th Anniversary with the launch of Halo: Infinite

  15. I feel like Katana could have been casted better.

  16. Based off the comments, I understand that this is fan-fiction.

  17. Ech….this has a recipe for disaster but I’m hopeful!!

  18. This budget has me worried
    $40 million

    In 2019, the series spent over $40 million on production costs. The five filmed episodes were re-edited under the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, with production on the sixth episode and reshoots being planned in Ontario, Canada. Filming eventually resumed fully in Budapest in February 2021.

  19. Can you react to All of us are dead it is number one K-zombies right now plsss

  20. I hate FPS so I've never played Halo. This will give me no 'I go that reference' jollies. The trailer has me interested enough to watch it. We'll see if it holds up for people who only have a fallow field of fucks about the franchise.

  21. This isnt a canon series apparently so no need to play the games? Kinda funky thats what they went for but maybe its for the best.

  22. I remember back when Game Of Thrones was still in season 1 or 2 a Halo TV Series was announced. probably not the same but still it's been in the back of everyone's mind

  23. I didn't know there was going to be a Halo tv series. I'm psyched.

  24. We don’t think y’all fake y’all reactions we think you are always late and there ain’t no way in hell you haven’t heard spoilers. In return YALL ALWAYS LATE lol

  25. Calling it now. Season 1 ends with finding the ring.

  26. Halo fans: "we have great iconic theme for your trailer"
    Paramount: "nah it will be fine, we just butcher an 80´s classic for it"

  27. The halo games were fun to play back in the day but the art detection and story was always too bland for me to care.
    Maybe this can change my mind.

  28. Halo started in 2001 so it’s already over 20 years old.

  29. Prequel? Could we please do the real one first before start making prequels to a movie/show that doesn't exist yet? This is gonna be awful for HALO fans and who else is gonna want to watch it? All the main characters are women, MC is barely in it and paramount admitted they are using to bring attention to social agenda/issues like the plight of women, lmao and lack of diversity.
    I'm out.

  30. I will be back to see what you think after release.

  31. If they add Guilty spark they need Tim Dabado's humming.

  32. The first halo actually came out in 2001 so over 20 years of material to pull from!!!!

  33. Woke generic trash. Absolutely pathetic.

  34. 20+ years ago(2001) this game came out and sucked me in completely I love it to this day.

  35. please tell me where u guys got the nerf guns and the needler plz 🙂 they look so cool

  36. I'm not ok with Masterchief saving a 16 year old girl then being saved by her and standing to the side as she save the world. Another bait and switche. nah I'm not spending a dollar on this

  37. He got a big ass forehead. Lookin like the predator

    Also this was a weak reaction

  38. Guys I'm not sure if it's late for it now in 2022 but I'd love a reaction to blizzcon2019 trailers while you're at it.

  39. Cortana dont look like Cortana. The show looks cringe

  40. I really hope that you guys do more kdramas a lot of which is getting a lot of attention. Hopefully you guys will make that decision soon. I highly recommend “All of us are dead “ yes it’s very stressful to watch much like
    squid games but you guys will like it I’m sure.

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