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Halo TV Series Update – Rupert Wyatt Leaves

Halo Canon
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Fuck gaming media sometimes.

“Halo: Lone Wolf” preview:

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  1. articles are all ways supposed to be click bait

  2. I can't wait for the Linda comic. The only Spartan more deadly with a sniper's rifle than John 117

  3. I hate shity click bait article in the internet aaaaaaaaaaaa! Halo isn't dying

  4. Seeing halo as a tv show rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know why but I just don’t want to see it as a show. I love halo but I feel as though we will never get a halo tv show that just me though.

  5. I hope to God that the armor is not some clearly plastic thing that is bulky, clumsy and un-ergonomic. Like make it Mk 4 but with more pouches and straps for ammo and equipment. Preferably not Canon breaking but with enough verity/armor iterations to make each Spartan unique. Fred with a lot of knives, Kelly loaded light, Linda with optics on the helmet.

  6. Would love to see Riddly Scott and even Neil Blomkamp (yes I misspelled their name) and tons of other directors willing to help make an episode

  7. Game journalists being shit? I'm shocked! Shocked I say!

  8. Should have just made another anime. Mad house would have made this perfect.

  9. Stick with it nooo don't abandon halo tv series

  10. I still have very high hopes for the Tv series I don’t have many shows I watch and having one for halo will definitely give me something I love to my heart to watch and enjoy and I know one of the key halo channels to go to for information I need to know about the halo universe and I’m glad this channel is one of them

  11. It's not about pleasing the fans. But pleasing the corp

  12. Whats the track that plays throughout the video?

  13. A good video to start the day especially since I'm sick anyways. Might as well talk about distasteful things on a distasteful day lol. Thank you.

  14. im sorry but… SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE

  15. I doubt most of us wants a live action movie (unless its going to be like that halo 3 trailer) Id rather have Blurr make an animated movie (if it looks like Halo 2 Anniversary) just IMO

  16. seems like 343 is pissing you off more and more these days lmaooo. But honestly its sad we cant get a TV show/Movie off the ground.Would be really awesome if Marvel distribute and work on a halo movie with 343.

  17. Well said! I was waiting for someone to come to the shows defence with all the dumb "The show is dead" bs

  18. This feels like Discovery.Writers leaving.Directors leaving.

  19. Thank you for watching, this has been, Halo Savage 👏

  20. So basically from what I'm getting from this vid is The director is leaving, people aren't happy about this even though this is common in the community of tv media, the av club is clickbaiting about the news about the director leaving which is bullshit. And the halo tv series is delayed. Did I get it right or did I miss or misread something? I'm not being sarcastic I actually want to know

  21. I didn’t even know this was still a thing. Huh.

  22. No Halo movie or series is better than a bad one

  23. AV Club is unimportant but saying that made my blood boil that It give my life another purpose to kill everyone and everything associated on AV Club.

  24. Well… I have an idea for a new director…

  25. I really want to see the AV club members fight through the library with nothing but a plasma pistol

  26. Is Steven Spielberg still involved in the new tv series?

  27. Come on stop kidding yourself this ain't going to happen the show will fall apart pre production and even if it makes it out it will be shit halo just doesn't translate well to tv

  28. They need to get Christopher Nolan(Interstellar, Inception, Man of Steel, and The Dark Knight Trilogy) involved and/or Joseph Kasinski(Tron: Legacy and Oblivion). And maybe Hans Zimmer to compose.

  29. Start with the first book…kidnapping kids and testing gene therapy on them to make Super Soldiers…and ..and… the first Halo Ring they land on…how mysterious…that's what got me hooked in the first place.

  30. Bro they need to start, and finish this damn show. It’s been announced, and talked about for so long this is ridiculous it better be at least good in production quality. Give me a decent story cool if that’s all you got fine, but damn technology has gotten so far in visual quality.

  31. Hahahahahaha! Yes! People in general are dumb and think a director of a tv show is like a movie. Like some shows have a different director for Each episode. I just wanna see a good quality Halo live action something, be it a film or show, in my lifetime.

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