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Halo TV Series – We Hope Neill Blomkamp Really is Directing Halo – IGN Conversations

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Jim Vejvoda and Roth Cornet chat about the rumor that District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp is taking on the Xbox television series.


  1. IGN, I love these kinds of videos. I love the casualness and fluidity. Please, stay away from the clique Monster drinking, testosterone filled gamer feel. And to these two, I'd only suggest to have a bit more fun with these kinds of videos. Play with comedy a bit. If the audience sees that you're having fun, the audience will follow you wherever you go.

  2. Star trek Star Wars move over Halo is the new sheriff in town

  3. Biggest do we need chief on the big screen or tv series I love halo and chief therefore do we need chief alone in a movie adapation or could we have a new hero just for the tv or movie screen and keep chief just for the games and its halo there isnt any budget.

  4. I think they do need some great actors and characters, obviously Master Chief, but they need good actors to play Cortana and maybe add on to the Halo universe with new, great characters, unlike what Agents of Shield did in my opinion.

  5. I'm way more jazzed on a Halo tv show than a movie.

  6. they shouldn't do a halo movie. It would be good but video game never do good.

  7. Nice to see Sony fanboys aren't bashing xbox games.

  8. 12 marvel comics
    bout a dozen games
    legos, toys.
    live action series
    About 20 books
    And I still need more!

  9. I'm hoping it will be like forward unto dawn but with better fx

  10. i couldn't give a stiff shit if its real action. Just give us CGI like in the cutscenes that's fine iwith me!!

  11. I barely watch halo i prefer to read the books and play the game if this happens i will be so glad

  12. Wait so you have to have an Xbox One to watch the show?

  13. forward unto dawn was good. loved it. I think as far as tv goes the syfy channel would be the logical choice but if they're going for a more adult audience then they should try to have it on hbo. game of thrones and boardwalk empire are their only hits left, with true blood ending this year, hbo could try something different and introduce the halo universe to a wider audience.

  14. Hope its true. No one better to be the pilot than a man who is actually a gamer and loves the Halo universe

  15. MR Spielberg take my money already I am waiting for my halo TV show

  16. No TV series, make a fucking movie, shit on TV is censored.

  17. How much did SONY pay you to leave that slogan there for 15 seconds?

  18. Why not Steven Spielberg, he did it before… and he's better!

  19. That sony ad at the beginning. And no one is complaining

  20. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn i thought was not watchable. terrible actors, cheap costumes, and bad effects. No where near as good as the in game story and cutscenes. 

  21. This video is brought to u by sony dose any 1 see what wrong with this

  22. My only hope is that it isn't made with FOX. Remember Firefly, Fringe, Lie to Me*, Terra Nova? All great series brought to a close long before their time, whilst mediocre and unintelligent shit gets constantly renewed (yes I'm looking at you glee).

  23. Sony sponsors ign? Shocking it doesn't bleed through in everything they do at all

  24. Who isnt a halo fan (except for my dad )lol

  25. Well if this rumor is true, best to luck of the makers for making a TV series after my number 1 favorite video game of all time. 🙂

  26. I don't know about everybody else, but to me Roth is geek hotness !

  27. i hope if they start the show from the beginning when john gets abducted and end it at halo 3 or continue it to halo 4

  28. I for one don't actually like the games BUT love the stories and loved Forward Unto Dawn. I'd see this.

  29. The only thing I want from all that is a good Halo TV show. A really good one that would be AMAZING.

  30. I hope he does the whole series than pilot episode.I love D9 and Elysium and think he could pull it off.And like someone else mentioned, I wouldn't mind it being entirely CGI as that looks badass.

  31. FINALY some news about the Halo TV show, its been dead silent since the announcement at last years E3. does anyone know how much longer until they start the show?

  32. such an ironic beginning to a video about a microsoft production

  33. i would like to see animated series like the cutscenes of halo wars or halo 4. i don't care about live action

  34. I bet they'll pull off another agents of shield, because master chief is basically captain America just like in the movies. Instead we'll see Odst and marines vs covenant. How cool will that be!

  35. I wonder if we are going to start seeing a lot more integrated media like this. First there was the TV show and video game defiance Kevin spacey in cod and now a halo TV series. Cant wait to see how this pans out really hope it all works out.

  36. I always thought Halo mythology was way to big for a movie. Though a movie can be done. But a T.V series would explain the whole mythology and do it justice. Its an awesome Sci Fi saga. One of the best. I think the world would love it. What I would like to know is what are they doing the series on. From halo 4 on wards or right from the start, when the spartan 2 were children?…. Didn't Neil Blomkamp make that halo 3 live action short film. The ones with the ODST's????

  37. Don't let Ridley Scott touch this series. District 9 sucked, Elysium not much better. I mean at least he didn't get turned into an Alien.

  38. Lol "Halo" video brought to you by "Sony"… hahahaha

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