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Halo TV Series: Why We’ll See Master Chief’s Face | IGN Fan Fest 2022

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We sat down with the cast Paramount+’s Halo TV Series! Meet everyone from Pablo Schreiber, starring as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana, and the rest of the crew as we discuss all things Halo. How will the Halo TV Series be different from the games? Will we see the Warthog in action? Will there be any easter eggs? Let’s find out in our interview with the cast and crew!

The Crew:

Pablo Schreiber – Master Chief
Jen Taylor – Cortana
Natascha McElhone – Dr. Catherine Halsey
Natasha Culzac – Riz-028
Bokeem Woodbine – Soren-066
Kiki Wolfkill – Executive Producer
Steven Kane – Executive Producer
Otto Bathurst – Director

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  1. Don't wanna see his face, he's Helmet is his face

  2. No one wants to see his face. It makes him way more mysterious

  3. A few red flags:
    1. “We’re building this show for a wider audience. For those that maybe aren’t fans.”
    2. Showing Chief’s face is a substantial mistake.
    3. Cortana’s not blue.
    4. This is a silver timeline (so none of this lore/development matters or relates to what we love about the original story).

  4. This is a different canon, so this isn't the same game book canon Chief.

  5. You don't show Master Chief's face it's missing whole the point of the Halo Legacy. Mystery and Hope.

  6. I'm starting to think Microsoft and 343 dont want anything to do with halo anymore. because it seems like both of them are desperately trying to murder it.

  7. Are we gonna see his face? * the guys in the virtual chat with his face

  8. F these purists in the comments this is not the same timeline as the games.

  9. They will ruin it. Id rather see someone elses story and see Chief only as a cameo or something. Chief cant have a face because he is a legend.

  10. 3:59 Is the face reveal question. And to be honest, that's the ONE thing they shouldn't have done, was show his face…in my Angry Videogame Nerf voice "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING"!

  11. Just Google the actor playing Master Chief and bam! Master Chiefs face lol

  12. Todos se quejan… Y acaso no le han visto la cara a Pablo?!? xD

  13. How to tell Halo fans to not watch your tv series without actually saying it, DOA.

  14. Alternate title: why no one wants to see this show

  15. What he looks like in the series better not become cannon 😭 I swear

  16. For all those getting pissed about the helmet issue and the lore being messed up. 343 has stated multiple times that in the novels he removes his helmet and armor quite frequently. He only wears the armor when going into combat( which is when the games take place). Also there a re several descriptions of his face without his helmet. He has reddish-brown hair with blue eyes (accentuated due to his augmentation), a strong jaw and a scar on his left cheek.

  17. Came here to see if theres any independent thinkers.
    None in sight, same chump fans predicting its failure as if they own a crystal ball.

  18. Big get for Pablo. This gives me some hope.

  19. have they learnt nothing from dredd 1995 or boba fett

  20. I've been waiting since 2014, and we are getting red flags now, great

  21. Fk this series. John’s voice is already not… him lol. Its some new pleb that just completely takes me out of the story. If you’re like me (28 years old, grew up with Halo), there simply is no other voice beside Steve Downes’.

    And now we’re gonna see his real face? Lol

  22. All for retconning the show before it even happens? ✋

  23. the whole point of not seeing john 117 face is so we can put ourselves in the suit. Any person of creed, color and race. This is just bad

  24. Holy Christ this is the worst decision ever

  25. Because studios think it's more important to show the face of the actor they've invested money in as their lead than to stay true to the roots of the source material they're adapting. Look at how well that worked out for Judge Dredd (1995). 👍

  26. why is the first time we’re seeing chiefs face in a show and not a game? :/

  27. Can’t wait to watch videos of people reviewing this dumpster fire

  28. With current halo game state is in decline…i could care less with chef face in tv now.

  29. Krista 💋 I WANT SЕХ 🔞 F Uc_k me says:

    Why do we need to see Chiefs face though? It breaks all the mystery about him :/

    The whole appeal with Master Chief is even with John's expanded back story he could still look like absolutely anyone

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