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Halo TV show (All Master Chief Action scenes)

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  1. The biggest thing i hated about this show as a fan (besides the writing) was the mediocre excuse for Halo music. Season 2 needs a major overhaul

  2. Do the jackals have plasma rifles and energy swords or am i trippin?

  3. Absolutely worst show of all time I have severe ptsd just seeing few episodes, why they can't make it like john wick 4, first episode can set halo reach and non stop 30min noble six takes the whole covenant, picks up weapons get on gauss gun make sure autumn of pillar escapes

  4. The whole series lacks a true villain. Except for the AI, but that will still cause us all stress. We are so stupid.
    (should I write that, the AI might save it for later and then i am dead?)😅

  5. İ think im the only one who actually likes this series

  6. 4:43: how does the ar reload on its own and why can you shoot 3 bullets and it only says you shot one on the display

  7. The animation in this looks worse than galaxy quest

  8. Ok I hate to Say it but someone has too, the action sequences suck ass if this was comic or game version then he would have beat “silver team” to death with no difficulty whatsoever

  9. Why does the cgi in The Last of Us look 10x better than this 🗑️?

  10. People just mad at the show because they think it's supposed to be based on the game but it is not supposed to be . It is its own thing and for what it is it is great.

  11. I genuinely think this TV show should have been more of Halo landfall. Everything from that live-action seems more believable that it's insane it's 10 years old. The ODST suits look way more believable than what they did for the spartans.

  12. The design is flawless with real props and costumes but also CGI but then for some unknown arrogant reason, they decided to not follow the games. 🤷‍♂️

  13. Sorry…. if you get hit in the head once by a punch from that suit your dead.

  14. If you only watch the action scenes you could convince yourself that this was a good show

  15. the best parts are where they make master chief look cgi. the costume looks like plastic and the body proportions are out of place. oh and the grunts ofcourse. long live youtube, it spared me from watching this atrocity of a serie.

  16. I’ve only played the first Halo so i’m in the comments loving the nerds crying… 🤣 ”Oooh the spacedog has the wrong sword or whatever” 😂😂

  17. My favorite scene was when he jumped on top of the banshee ( that entire scene it’s self ( S1 Ep 5

  18. This show was lit🔥 The action scenes, the graphics and all were perfect!

  19. So this is the only content that was good. Wow millions of dollars for 6 minutes of quality.

  20. Was expecting Pedro Pascal as Master Chief… :/

  21. I'm confused is chief dead or something because if he was that was very fucking stupid

  22. When I watched these scenes originally, I thought they were awesome. Coming back to them — they seem super cheap and not-to-par for Halo lol

  23. supposed $10 million per episode and we only get 6 and half minutes of action. Why couldn't they just done a movie instead

  24. The CGI is terrible especially the last action scenes! The video game literally has better graphics! Chief's HUD is blue not orange! They couldn't even get that right! It's clear this show should've focused on a different Spartan altogether like Halo Reach or an ODST member and then they could've teased Master Chief's appearance throughout the first season. He should also never take his helmet off!!!

  25. This is so dumb like most of these fights Chief wouldnt even struggle

  26. Guys it's just the 1st season. They will obviously take on the reviews from the 1st season. Even i agree, the 1st season was not what I wanted. But i Hope season 2 will live up to our expectations. But master chief losing his v card, damm never expected that😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. 6 minutes of action with Master Chief in an entire season truly speaks volumes about just how incredibly shit this show is.

  28. how is this good? 😀 every review say it has bad story and few action scenes, but they claim the action is good…. all the covenants are doing is just stand there and wait their turn to miss an attack. In close combat its painfully obvious, just focus on the one elite that is not fighting, he is just looking and waiting several seconds until his ally is dead and then he tries to attack

  29. them showing his face in the first episode ruined the show. i like to pretend this trash dosent exist

  30. this series is so awesome!! think Im gonna watch again

  31. The only part that was like chief should have been fighting was when cortana was controlling

  32. A lot of money went into this to make it cool, but there's the inconsistencies and inaccuracies of how master chief acts and things like both the jackals being too big and the energy swords being small enough for them to weild, also them using an energy sword in the first place. What a throwaway of resources and time on people that don't even like halo, to make it

  33. Moral of the story: There is such a thing as making your character "Too Human".

  34. The action sequences are really cool
    Can't say the same thing for the story

  35. I always find it funny when Chief throws his pistol at the grunt

  36. Can someone explain why the other Spartans went at chief?

  37. man why did buy this…………………….. i hate everything woke how did i not even look at the cover of the dvd……………….asian women, white women, black man, woked out masterchief, x2 female spartans and another black man. taking this shit back!! 90% of the cast females… tbh note self dont buy anything made from 2020 onwards…..

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