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Halo TV Show Chief in Halo Infinite… Kind of

Opulent Halo
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This is “Halo TV Show Chief in Halo Infinite… Kind of”

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  1. Master Chad can't hold a candle to Master Chief. Period

  2. A really cool campaign update would be making certain armor cores and modifications compatible with campaign. It can clearly already be modded in and doesn't cause any issues with lighting or textures or anything.
    Just restrict it to ones that Chief has worn before. If they add a Gen III core, which they certainly will, make that and its modifications available to wear in campaign. Same with if they add previous cores that Chief has worn. GI MIV, MV, and MVI. As well as the Halo 4 armor if they ever add that.
    I think it'd be cool and it doesn't seem like it'd be too complicated. The hardest part would probably be just keeping people from glitching their other cores into campaign, but that's not even that bad is it? Only for immersion on the first playthrough really.

  3. Why is he wearing his helmet? Wheres the screaming at?

  4. wtf was this video?

    Was literally just a Halo Infinite cutscene with no editing whatsoever

    How the fuckis this related to the TV show at all. What a cheap video with a clickbait title

  5. Dude just took a halo infinte cutscene and clickbaited it to the trash halo TV show

  6. This isn't his tv show armor. More like similar color, but emphasis on similar, not same

  7. Always loved when some of chief's armors actually had his number on the chest!

  8. i noticed it cuts away after he lands because i assume he strips after landing in the banished ship because that's a full minute of him in the armor, which is too much for him


    i can now die in peace, and subscribe of course

  10. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE?? Try one where he’s wearing mark vii body with this helmet? It would look more like chiefs classic slim mark vi

  11. It Should be add Silver Team Logo on his armor it would be cool🔥

  12. Not accurate at all. the airlock would depressurize and he'd have already taken all of his armor off and died instantly.

  13. Can you do Halo Legends chief in infinite? I loved the halo legends chief armor and it was so cool that forward unto dawn made a live action suit of that armor! Just asking man and I love seeing infinite cutscenes with different armor giving me huge reach vibes and halo infinite needed more like this

  14. Eh, no ass so it's not really too accurate.

    But for real you did a real good job!

  15. Funny, I did not see Chief in the Show, maybe I miss the episode where he appears. Is there any episode after episode 9?

  16. Not accurate Master Cheeks is supposed to be naked.

  17. Games master chief would whoop halo tv show master chief’s ass

  18. Nah, TV show Cheeks would be completely naked and we'd see his face lol

  19. this aint the tv show master chief.. he has his helmet on

  20. You should have edited him screwing Makee somewhere in the cutscene just to maximize the show vibe.

  21. Not realistic..his cheeks aren't visible

  22. Lands on the banished ship
    Cheeks: "Oh finally, oxygen. Looks like I don't need this anymore!"
    Strips off the armor until he's buck naked
    Cheeks: "Ahhh that's better. Now where's an alien POW that I can bone?"

  23. want elite cores why can't we play as a jackal or a grunt or a brute ? The guns all do the same base damage PC players already have health and damage buffs who wants these armour cores? Certainly not any true halo fans that's why I see the same PC player's in the same lobbies every night so why not put all the old awesome cores in the game so we could choose to work on a covenant battle pass if we complete it before the season ends then we can work on a Spartan battle pass and have a brute and a jackal and grunt pass have the jackal and grunt pass bundled together because they have a lot less customised gear have the elite and brute pass bundled together and the three main Sparta cores I want an option in case I don't like a specific core

  24. I thought after he got on the banished ship he would take his helmet off

  25. Can you mod a 3D model of Pablo Schreiber's face for a more accurate "Halo TV series" version?

  26. Good now make him clapping the shit out of the dead marines and covenant.

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