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Halo TV Show Copied Fortnite (ft. @Littlest Snail Gaming)

Hew Moran
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Wait… Fortnite has a new Tv Show called “Halo” on Paramount+ staring Fortnite’s massively famous character Master Chief on Paramount Plus?!? NEW Gaming Video ➽

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  1. Make a video where halo famly meets fortnite kid and they get in too a fight about who made master chife .

  2. Dumb lil thing halo made master chief the first game was in 2001 XD

  3. wait I thought you killed the son back where the son try the halo games. How is he alive

  4. first time watching you in a while and i gotta say the quality of your content has really improved

  5. Subscribe or Fortnite will go back in time and make master chef

  6. Hello, you're probably not gonna see this, but if you do, can you make a vid where the dad bans the kid from playing fortnite, if so, then thanks, love your vids btw.

  7. This is the first time I allowed him to say he’s from fortnite, because the new halo show is… UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. I loved coming into this video not even knowing that master chief was a skin now 🤣🤣

  9. Damn. We will never know what happened to the halo family. And this is the last halo skit. Sorry but you really did fall off…..

  10. I love halo and fortnite and I love the halo TV show btw halo:2001 Fortnite:2017

  11. halo is better than fortnite bc you don't have to worry about people cranking 90s to mars and you have bots to practise with in custom games

  12. kraprats dna sratslawrb tsniaga kcab thgif says:

    I call cap this fake go get a life nerd 343 got halo legally dumb idiot

  13. Can u make a video about Assassin's Creed Fortnite collab?

  14. If someone called me saying that a dad killed their son because he thought master chief was from fortnite I would say “good for him” *hangs up*

  15. I hate that joke so much it makes me mad Fortnite kids are so stupid and I hate how this Fortnite kid thinks Fortnite created master chief

  16. “I keep killing him,” … “The normal things.” Got me 😂🤣

  17. Man there should be a fortnite tv-show i want to learn animation so I would try when I get good at it.

  18. Hew moran and I got a question right halo infinite 1 out of 10

  19. I wanna get a win with ninja Blevins in my fortnite land players know I’m cracked the call me builder me builder man

  20. Chris Space marine-563 BLACK TEMPLAR says:

    My fortnite kid kill count is now in the billions

  21. Either way you can still choose to play no build

  22. the second the interviewer said ' maybe fornite made chief' i was pulling out the (C.E)magnum

  23. I hate you you’re the worst you tuber

  24. YO!, I dont know if I should sub, but I like iT!

  25. They didn't copy fortnite so shut up okay!

  26. "I keep killing him but he always comes back."
    Me:*Intense Fnaf dialog flashbacks

    For those who don't know I'm talking about Scraptrap from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzarea Simulator

  27. the fact that this guy is a grown man and he didn't think about googling when Halo originally came out back in the early 2000s.

  28. This is the best video I've ever seen, no cap

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