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Halo TV Show Episode 3 Trailer 3

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New Trailer Halo TV Show Episode 3

Halo tv series episode 3 looks promising judging by the newest trailer

What are your thoughts on these scenes ?


  1. This episode looks awesome. Last episode was pretty slow. Please let Chief wear his helmet more

  2. Why is there trailers for every single episode? I’ve never seen a series do that.

  3. Well… Let's hope the Fallout show will be better than this

  4. I wish people would stop calling this an adaption. This an adaption as it doesn't adapt anything beside slight similarities to 2 books. Halo has been done in live action before so it's not like it's a major change in medium, we had decent original stories in live action like landfall and the halo show should've been this, hell this story CAN work as a original Canon story if it didn't have the classic characters like cheif.

  5. Spartans running at lore accurate speed>>

  6. I just can't take Dave Chappelle as a spartan seriously

  7. Fake Video😡 This is nothing but clips taken from other videos.

  8. I think they are building the fall of Reach. Last episode will be the Pillars of Autumn ship escape to Halo. I hope the Blessed One woman will not be Arbiter's replacement. Silver Team members likely dead at the end of ss1.

  9. If you strip this show of the title of Halo what do you have, forgettable…

  10. think there are true halo fans that love this

  11. Anybody noticed that glob thing at the top left from 0:21 to 0:25? That soldier looks like he’s got a flood parasite for a head

  12. I swear to the lord if the flood show up in this next episode I’m going to be mad. Going way to fast into it

  13. Any more people who wants to say that this show is an Adaptation?

    Because so far, I am not impressed.

    What were the source material for this show? The book? I dunno, I can't see a lot of things being adapted, rather than it being Referenced by.

    It's time to realize it people, who adamantly tries to defend this show.

    This, is not an adaptation. It's a Fan Fiction filled to the brim with nuances and easter egg from their source, and a bunch of poorly made decision by the people behind the script.

    So much work. So little result.

    And no, I am not mocking people that love this show, because you have your own reason to love it. But please, never say that this show is an Adaptation, because the most accurate thing to use in this situation is INSPIRED BY.

  14. Can’t wait for the whole season to be out so I can buy the box set

  15. I think the old fans do massive disservice toward new fans by calling out the show as inaccurate and shit. It's unnecessary to stomp on people that enjoy a story in the setting of Halo just because it isn't "your" story. Let them discover and explore the Halo universe in their own way. Instead of being antagonistic, provide encouragement and guidance. Remember that as a fan, you are a representative of the fandom. I, as a fan, distance myself from the critique, especially since it detracts from the actual story. I agree that they made some questionable decisions, but there's no point in ripping apart everything because we have our expectations subverted. Let the new timeline be it's own thing and see were it takes us together with new fans. I think there's a lot of cool elements in the show especially impressive is the portrayal of the Covenant which is eerie and unsettling since they speak in "foreign" language and operate with no regard for human value, heck the Blessed One is a deformed human with her attire disguising her human form and her warped perception by Covenant brain washing. I can't wait to see where this all goes!

  16. I got paramount plus for a year because of Yellowstone and 1883 so I might as well watch this train wreck.

  17. That covenant ship is a real covenant ship whatever is in like Halo 4 no no that's not a covenant ship that's a covenant shit

  18. Hope episode 3 will be better than the second episode.

  19. I don't like the show, but I don't hate it either. Am I the only one who feels like this ?

  20. There is no oxygen in the back of an open pelican.
    And what's her name is just standing there with no helmet.
    God even IRL Jumpers that high get and oxygen mask.
    And ONI sucked away all Chiefs oxygen in the first episode and almost knocked him out

  21. Somehow the unhelmet master chief look so annoying,

  22. It's feeling less and less like Halo, and more like some B rated generic sci-fi show

  23. Live halo action is all we really care about with this series.

  24. All of the apologists need to get a grip, the show is bad. Its noylt faithful to the source material, and the effects are cheap garbage. Halo deserved so much better than this.

  25. Inb4 the covenant human woman is John's long lost sister.

  26. Ngl don’t even want to watch any of it

  27. Honestly, this show already lost me after the first two episodes. Unless there’s some major “this is awesome” from it, I’m out.

  28. has anyone in the show played the games or read the books somewhere between 2 & 3 or what do they eff up next?.. the, should have just used a new ODST team… and someone who knows how height works…

  29. Amazing, can't wait to see more, stop the torture dude 😆

  30. Not great & not horrible
    But it is disappointing 😒

  31. Looks better than ep 2. Still feels like im watching Hlo instead of Halo though.

  32. How exactly do you know that all of that NEW footage is episode 3?

  33. 1.8 million people have spoken: THIS SHOW SUCKS ASS!

  34. 1.8 million people have spoken: THIS SHOW SUCKS ASS!

  35. 1.8 million people have spoken: THIS SHOW SUCKS ASS!

  36. Anyone involved with this abomination should be genuinely embarrassed and reconsider their life choices.

    People defending it should as well.

  37. Say what you want
    This show is still entertaining
    It's not our halo
    But they even said
    It's not cannon
    Let's just enjoy the ride
    I am

  38. I will say chiefs armor looks dope live action not clunky or cheap looking

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