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HALO TV SHOW!!! | Halo TV Series Trailer Reactions | Game Awards 2021

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A Halo TV Show is finally coming! Master Chief looks better than ever! Check out our reactions to the reveal trailer from the Game Awards 2021 right here!

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  1. I got all the crippling disorders just seeing the thumbnail pop up.

  2. I hope they kind of treat master chief like the mandolorian in a way. I know they are completely different characters. But I hope its about master chief and not a bunch of sjw side stories that take away from the mc.

  3. Well they only have 500 subs. So not much of an achievement

  4. Oh yea Mr. "I'm first place"? Well guess what! I'm 3rd! now I have no clue why this helps me but ig it just does. P.s. you just got a new sub 🙂

  5. I want to jump in on this numbers bandwagon, fourth! Also, I like your content, keep up the great work

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