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HALO TV Show Is Starting To Sound BAD

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HALO TV Show Is Starting To Sound BAD

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per boundingintocomics – Upcoming Halo TV Show May Be Politics Heavy And “Won’t Please Everyone” Says Producer. Recently, IGN held an interview between Deborah Snyder and Kiki Wolfkill, where Wolfkill shed some light on the new Halo TV series.

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  1. The only "politics" that should be in this Halo series should be like "in-world", between Humanity and the Covenant. The fact the showrunner has even said this i do find very alarming i'm just put off now.

  2. Another show to skip on. Good to know. To think, people around me wonder why I have never bought any streaming memberships in my life… shit like this is the answer. I would rather not pay them money to watch good franchises get demolished when I can watch older, yet to be destroyed ones completely free.

  3. Just don't make Nightfall again man, that was an extremely disappointing piece of halo media

  4. Why do they insist on destroying everything we like and love, Why ? whats wrong with these people ?
    create your own stuff instead of destroying our established franchises. if you cant do it as is, dont do it at all !

  5. Trek is the perfect example. Lauded and revered for 50 years and now, in a few short years, reduced to nothing more than a laughing stock.

  6. Placing my bets now. The show is going to be about how the oppressive USNC is destroying the environment with capitalism, and how the Covenant isn't actually evil, but is just misunderstood because Humans are too bigoted and close-minded to become friends with aliens.

  7. In this time of Woke and Cancel Culture, Agenda Politics, and all the other Stupidity coming out of the Morons in Hollyweird… YES, we should be worried!

  8. Why after 20 years can we not get a show or movie with the MC as the main alongside Cortana etc. Nah let's keep doing new characters… Caused it worked so well in Halo 5

  9. Any show w leads of teens , 20 sumthings drama type, whamen, wokeness stuff is and has been shitt for ever and always fails loses money but they keep doing it bcuz they wanna feel right or get merit badges for politics

  10. Halo is one of my favourite franchises and as a fan I find it real heart breaking to see the continuous down fall. If they're going to make it super woke with politics then I'll just stick to the games. Woke culture sucks.

  11. When will these spineless dolts realize that ACTIVISTS AREN'T CONSUMERS? When will they learn that people tend to watch TV/movies for ENTERTAINMENT and as a way to take a break from the real world. This woke insanity is everywhere, the more it gets put into entertainment, the more it's going to drive people away.

    Don't worry, though. They'll just label the upset fans as "right wingers".

  12. When the higher ups bring up "political heavy" in this day and age, yeah people should be concerned. Is politics bad? No, not when it fits within the universe (as noted with the Expanse). However when Hollyweird mentions politics, it's generally shoehorned politics, not something that really blends in with the content that's being made.

    The Halo TV series can have its fair share of politics if the politics found in it are based on the conflicts with UNSC, Insurrectionists and the Covenant as those make sense. The Covenant themselves have plenty of politics going on in the background, especially with how they treat the various races and that the Prophets are assholes. You can also have the politics regarding the conflict between the UNSC and Insurrectionists, then the UNSC and the Covenant. Depending on what all within the universe the series is suppose to cover, the politics that occurs between the UNSC and Covenant after the war.

    However, since this is Hollyweird, odds are it's going to try and inject modern day politics which have very little (if any at all) to do with the Halo series. So yeah, fans of Halo are going to have plenty to be wary about when they mention politics. But who knows, maybe they're just warning viewers ahead of time that it's not going to be all pew pew and wort wort like the games. (Not holding my breath though)

  13. I fear that what happened to the resident evil movies will happen to the halo series. Took an amazing gaming platform and made it incredibly corny and hard to watch movies of the series.

  14. Won’t be getting my hopes up for this. Halo would just be so much better suited as a trilogy of blockbuster films. I’d honestly rather have a generic JJ Abrams style film over what this is sounding like as it would be far truer to the feeling of the games.

  15. Please don't go woke; it's going to go woke, isn't it?

  16. At this point a Halo series in general seems too little, too late. The Halo ype has been over for a long time.

  17. Current politics wouldn't even make sense for the world. The entire world is supposed to be focused on the common goal of human race survival.

  18. Why can't we just get mandalorian of halo universe?
    Action focused, canon TV show focused on story unrelated to MC
    Is it rly that hard?
    Halo ahs so much potential, and it's just ridiculous we never got actual halo movie/TV show

  19. Of course it's politics heavy it's about the insserection wtf. What do you think halo in halo is based on?

  20. "I'm a centrist"

    'Dems fightin' words these days.😂

  21. If it's a drop in the bucket to the quality of the books, then we're in for an awesome ride. The kilo 5 trogy is my favourite so far!

  22. I lean left but I’m really fucking tired of politics being in shows and movies, I watch these things to forget about the problems of the world but these fuckers keep salting the wound, Jesus Christ there is no escape from the shit going on in the world

  23. Man… Halo TV show has been "in the making" for as long as I can remember. And the last of us show is going to start production this june..

  24. I see the woke disease has infected Halo too. God damn these SJWs are like Flood carrier forms only not as attractive.

  25. A lot of negative input and it hasn’t even come out yet.

  26. I really hope they just mean they’re going to touch on the insurrection and not on gays in space.

  27. Every political film is partisan, Star Trek and Star Wars is left wing.

  28. there are alot of politics in halo like the fact that Spartans where hated by most odst or the fact that halsey had a really bad relationship with the guy who made spartans 3 i forgot his name

  29. The show not being canon already told me it was going to be bad.

    Making a halo show/movie shouldn’t be this hard. They could continue Spartan ops, retell the books/comics, or my personal favorite idea is a band of brothers style show with odsts/marines

  30. Is there any way of getting in touch with the people making this show?

  31. I hope they focus on the obi politics lol

  32. I think that a halo series will be good we just need to wait we can’t criticize a book by its cover

  33. Wouldn’t be surprised if the arbiter is trans, cortanas a feminist, master chief is out for Asian rights and 343 guilty spark self identifies as a butt plug.

  34. Yeah, let's just not learn from the Star Wars Prequels.

  35. Masterchief is going to be a black transracial, transgender, non binary feminist

  36. Halo is one of the few good sci fi franchises left. We have been waiting for a good live action Halo show for such a long time. But i am very concerned that this is going to be garbage. I hope I'm wrong but so long as they insist of on inserting modern day politics into this, it is going to fail. Fans, and people in general, are tired of this nonsense.

  37. Master chief will identify as an AI so he can finally bang Cortana

  38. after watching the video and browsing the comments i feel most of the people here are delusional. the comment never mentions partisan politics, it also never mentioned a relation to modern day politics. It could very simply be as stated at about 4min in they want it to be more like game of thrones. What they mean by politics could simply be interactions between the military and civilian leadership (such as hinted at 5min). If i understand the lore correctly after suffering losses to the covenant the UNSC shifted to more of a Military Junta out of necessity. It could be a showcase of that process and the friction that would cause with civilians, it is after all the abandonment of democracy. From the halo UNSC wiki page:

    "The dire circumstances of the Covenant conflict allowed the UNSC to override civilian rule and establish itself as humanity's primary government. Although the Unified Earth Government was more open to step down, the CAA, the arm of the UEG ruling over the colonies, resisted the UNSC's rise to power, and was thus stripped of its power.[1] By the middle to late stages of the war, the government of humanity could be more accurately described as an, "emergency military" government."

    I am personally elated that they are approaching this from other perspectives than just Spartans, if you want to follow 117's story just play the games.

    "The Covenant, fighting a war of extermination, did not need to commit to full ground invasions except in special circumstances. Covenant ships needed only to destroy human space-borne defenses, then reduce the planet's surface to glass with orbital plasma bombardments." would imply that the Spartans 'should' have had a relatively small impact on the overall war. the heroics of the Spartans are well established, i want to see the unsung hero's. Like Preston Cole and what lead to the "Cole Protocol" that undoubtedly bought years of time for the UNSC. 59% (or 23 billion) of humanity is killed in the war even with the cole protocol and the games really don't capture that level of loss very well.

  39. I thought it would be about halo politics like the prophets and stuff

  40. Why can’t we just leave politics out of the entertainment industry?!

  41. I just want to see a super soldier beat the hell out of some aliens who want to kill everything

    And maybe some fungus

  42. 2:55 huge lie right here. Clearly whoever this is didn't play the games. Nearly half of the original games have you play as characters who aren't the chief (halo 2, odst, and reach.)

  43. When the director is warning the show "won't please everyone"….. that's not good sign for fans.

  44. In general women aren't as creative as men. The show really needs a male director working with them.

  45. Lets not create a product that the people we sell products to want, we're going to sell a product that no one is asking for and when it fails we're going to blame our customer's.

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