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Halo TV Show is Still Bad

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This is the greatest season 2 improvement of All Time
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  1. This article was written by the openly racist and misandrist Alyssa Mercante.

    "hi! you can't be racist against white people! thanks for tuning in!"
    -Alyssa Mercante Mar 6, 2024

    "all men are enemies" is tattooed on her body.

  2. 'written by Alyssa Mercante' yeah no shit? that ✅️ out. she's the type of writer that has plummeted public opinion for video game journalism. she's the type of writer that we associate with the avg Kotaku article.

  3. "youll own nothing and like it" was fully intended to include our heroes, our stories, and our myths and fiction. Our heroes will slowly be strangled in their cradles until the point when we have ZERO positive role models in fiction.

  4. Anything from the following list:
    PC Gamer
    I'd avoid entirely. Just pretend they do not exist at all, don't give them even a single click.

  5. I cant wait for Atriox to come into season 3 and immediately be ruined via railing an elite from the side and it turns out his nut is the cure to the flood.

  6. Im not sure if i agree that a 1 to 1 is pointless. I think that a retelling of a good story in an enteriely different media is interesting. The halo 1 story told completely in a cinematic way sounds awesome. They could have hit all the major points of the actual story, and fill in some information gaps to wrap the story up neatly. Start with an intro to reach, what happened, and why. Move to pillar of autumn and cheif waking. Continue the story as written, but fill it oit for the media. Soany stories could be told withen then main story. Give us Sgt. Johnson, Ramirez, and the marines. Saying its pointless is kind of shrugging off the potential of the media change.

  7. I have heard of Halo but I have never played it or watched anything about it. You can call me a bot if you want but I enjoyed both seasons. Maybe I wouldn't if I had previous experience. I also don't understand the argument of "characters do stupid shit" when a good amount of people in real life are literally the dumbest and do the most retarded shit ever when confronted with an obstacle, like thats normal…

  8. We need behind the scenes of the bbno$ song! I was not expecting that collab

  9. Kotaku isn't journalism. It's opinionated, low-brow egotism that gets paid for mashing away at their keyboards all day.

  10. Yeah kotaku is too far gone. Just a rage bait factory with no actual journalistic balls.

  11. Kotaku is trash?! really?! damn… i mean, they've been absolute bottom of the barrel trash for over a decade now, so why the surprise? in other 'news', water is wet!

  12. The way they made master chief a beta male is insane takes away the demon lore

  13. Ark: The Animated Series actually adapted a video game into a TV show better than anybody expected.

  14. The writer is just a paid troll. One of the many idiots taking part in the SBI bs going on.

  15. That woman leading 343 is nothing but a clueless DEI hire, she is heavily involved in this show

  16. You know who needs to make a halo movie? Villeneuve

  17. I thought when cortana controlled master chief that she embodied chief the most 😂

  18. The author of that piece is Alyssa Mercante. READ NOTHING written by HER.

  19. As someone who's never touched one of the Halo games i agree with the sentiment "it's watchable". 6, maybe 7 out of 10 on a good day. I like sci fi, i like Pablo Schreiber and i like Kate Kennedy and, seemingly most importantly, i didn't have a clue what Halo is all about, so besides the weird pacing (especially the fact that not a lot happend in S1 and then all of it seemed to happen in S2) and the plot holes, i didn't hate it.

  20. Praising that garbage is why you dont get good things , some yall will eat shit , and some of us will never.

  21. It's a DEI (Didn't Earn It) show, are you really surprised it's trash?

  22. Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot. just avoid these garbage companies

  23. I don’t understand the people that defend this show and shit on the fans

  24. Kotaku is what happens when the unemployable get free money handed to them and are shielded from the consequences of their bad actions.

  25. Sorry, I can't agree.

    Master Chief is meant to be an enigma, a faceless juggernaut of the Covenant's destruction.

    This dumpster fire of Halo makes Chief too emotional and volatile, and the moment he takes off his helmet and you see his face, that's not the Chief anymore.

    It's more than evident that the studio doesn't care IMO. Their comments about not even knowing anything about the Halo books or games to me sealed their fate.

  26. They needed a henry cavil defending the lore during shooting.

  27. You mean to say that a former sex worker, plagued by mental issues, wrote an out-of-touch, weird/cringe article praising a mediocre-at-best, or outright bad/cringy show, and people are surprised? I'm more surprised by the fact that she was hired to be an editor, or even that someone hired her for something at all. Her place is in a psych ward.

  28. Bro its not a good Halo show, but its a great show by itself

  29. Be careful. You just criticized Alyssa Mercante so she'll probably try to cancel you now lol

  30. Imagine coming up to a chef and saying "your food is… edible"

  31. The author checks out…shes notoriously terrible.

  32. I think Master Cheeks is the only good thing about the show. With all the pointless panning shots over women's asses, men deserve some bottom appreciation too.

  33. Episode 1- A
    Episode2- B-
    Episode 3- C-
    Episode 5 to 6- D-
    Episode 7- B-
    Episode 8- A

  34. no fucking way he thinks they did justice to the flood?!??!

  35. I thought season 2 was a lot of fun, and did stick the landing. The last couple episodes were great, pumped my fist at quite a few moments. This show took way too long to get good, but I’m actively excited now to see a third season.

  36. I definitely hate that they not only unmasked him but they made him generic Hollywood prettyboy

  37. i mean, halo is a trash franchise all around imo. not surprised the shows sucks.

  38. "By Alyssa Mercante". You shouldn't need to continue reading after that to know it's a bad take.

  39. i havnt watched the finale yet, what do you mean they did good with the flood?? there is no flood

  40. No way season 2 is getting good reviews

  41. Oh man, your alt-right extremism is showing. /s

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