Halo TV Show Leaked Images Confirms Prophets! Halo TV Show Trailer Reveal E3 2021? Halo News - gametvseries.com

Halo TV Show Leaked Images Confirms Prophets! Halo TV Show Trailer Reveal E3 2021? Halo News

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Halo TV Show Leaked Images Confirms Prophets! Halo TV Show Trailer Reveal E3 2021? Halo News
This Halo news video we talk about the recent halo tv show show leaked images. these halo infinite leaked screenshots show many new part of the halo tv show leak. this halo tv show leak comes very close to the halo infinite e3 2021 presentation. to me this makes me think with these halo tv show leaked images that we’ll have a halo tv show reveal trailer. halo tv show trailer would actually fit well with the xbox e3 2021 showcase as the halo infinite reveal will be part and halo tv show announcement would be great for a halo tv show trailer reveal.

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  1. In regards to the discovery of the flood when did the covenant discover them? Maybe the screen shot is from their pov not the UNSC's

  2. Imma be honest. If it's not canon I'm not gonna care. The writers have decided to use the most important characters in halo to tell a story that doesn't fit the timeline of the games so the show has been relegated to non-canon/AU and thus made their story irrelevant.

    Given some of the plot points that have been leaked it seems as though the writers wanted to make a specific story but just simply didn't have a setting for it.

  3. With the show not being canon, does that mean that Riz-028, Kai-125, and Vannak-134 won't be canon? Or will just the plot and story of the show not be canon? I really hope that the new Spartan-IIs will still somewhat be considered canon, just as individuals.

  4. The lore is quite strict so I can see why they’d choose not to make it full on canon. Just because it’s not canon doesn’t mean it won’t take certain details from the lore we’re familiar with too. I just want more halo. I’d assume the asteroid/comet pictures are from that part in the books where chief takes out a rogue space pirate. 🤙

  5. Wait this show isn’t going to be canon? That makes me sad

  6. The images can still be found via Google for anyone wondering. Looks pretty cool, imo. Except for Master Chief's visor… I don't understand why they make it so awkwardly huge. I feel like it has grown for Infinite/the show. Haha.

  7. Kevin there is just so many news about Halo this week, it's unbelievable.

  8. I mean, MK IV platform it’s a mess as far of visuals, my guess is that it’s a variation on the Package/FuD armor for chief. Remember when they gave Fred and Kelly noble team armor for FuD?

  9. Even with the leaps in lighting and technology available to this team making the show, this looks more CGI then live action.

    For all we know, this could be a leaked Infinite trailer.

    Im actually excited for this. As someone who is open to different interpretations of something, I don’t mind that this non canon and has people of colour in it.

    The one thing I’m concerned about, the one thing I hope they don’t overuse, is that they show MCs face too often…hopefully it will be like Mandalorian in that regard…showing his face once every season.

  10. I see it more like a "not bad" type of thing. Just like the MCU, they draw inspiration from the comics and changes need to be made in order for the audience to enjoy it more. If it means changing lore for the Halo audience to enjoy more then Im all for it.

  11. I read on a website that the Halo tv show will contain woke politics.

  12. I took a look at the IMDB page, between them I found Lord Hood, Stacker and Mendez, really cool, specially Mendez

  13. Even if they decide to drop the Xbox one support for halo infinite and not everyone is able to get the series X/S or pc which would be a huge bummer
    At least the halo tv show is another thing to be exited about in the halo community I think it’s going to be awesome and I’m hoping they keep up with it for years to come

  14. Fuck that ” for continuity sake”bullshit. They should stop doing that with Chief’s armor. It’s stupid.

  15. I'm on the fence about it. I'm not excited about the shameless race swapping of Captain Jacob and Miranda Keyes, or the complete change of lore.. But since it's not canon, Idk, maybe I'll check it out.

  16. The big Kevinkoolx TV Show is right around the corner!

  17. I think it's a continuation of forward unto dawn, that halo movie was short but it was good

  18. Yo Soren is in this? That’s interesting he’s was in short story and then never seen again

  19. Lmao you see people in the comments complaining about “woke halo”…for real? You’re gonna get mad cuz they made captain Keyes a black guy? As long as he acts like captain Keyes and is true to the character’s attitude and spirit, who cares!

  20. The amount of negativity in this comment section about the show really lets my hopes down knowing that the series will flop just because of people like this in the fan base

  21. Ok fuck this. Where can I go to see the images?

  22. Excited about everything going on with Halo! Looked up young and teen John actors, at least they're pretty accurate. 😀 Sunday will be filled with all the details, see you on twitch bro! (I'm "mikkomerikivi" there)

  23. Could the asteroids be “The Rubble” as featured in the book “The Cole Protocol”?

  24. RIP to every other show out there….Halo is COMING

  25. If these are real, I like some of the images. The prophet looks weird. The picture that seems to have astroids looks like The Rubble from The Cole Protocol. Which is exciting.

  26. They are certainly going into John's backstory. I hope they pull a lot of influence from The Fall of Reach book

  27. I'm calling it now: If this show is mega successful, Microsoft will make it canon.

  28. If the string of asteroids and Captian Keyes are in this… my guess is the rebel colony from The Cole Protocol in which the Arbiter makes his first appearince in the book series.

  29. Check out the new Halo CE Funko POP that’s on pre order at GameStop. Maybe it’s a further sign that we could get a faithful CE Mk V redesign in Infinite, like what we saw on the 20 Years Of Halo artwork!

  30. Love your channel Kevin keep up the hustle king 🤴

  31. Technically, while humanity as a whole didn't know about the flood till CE, Humans of the modern era did come in contact with the Flood before that during Halo Wars, but the Spirit of Fire was lost before they could relay that information to the rest of the UNSC.

  32. There is a character listed as 'kaidon'!! Would be cool to have elite characters.

  33. Should have just used the mark iv its the best looking armor

  34. A new prophet? Damn now I want to see Chief vs the new prophet

  35. Actually the Flood were encountered by humanity before Halo CE. In Halo Wars 1 the Spirit of Fire encounter the Flood on Shield World 0459.

  36. As long as the show gets dark (and also, I kinda dig the Prophet’s appearance), I’m fine with it since we are in ONI’s hands

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  38. Oh cool its seems to be an crossover, cause they obviosly visiting "Nowhere" from Guardians of The Gaylaxy ‎😃

  39. Wait, are Truth and Regret voiced by the original VAs?

  40. No… I really hope that even when we see young John, his face is hidden, by either something, or we only see him from the back. They never should've showed us his eyes in Halo 4, and they should never show his face in this TV show, even if it isn't canon, it just ruins his character and the vibe he gives

  41. I still don't believe the leaked images think about it anyone who's made this tv show is gonna make sure they don't show any of the show specially if they want to keep their im skeptical is all im saying

  42. Those leaks of the rock clusters from the show, Could those cluster of rocks be something similar to the star roads that the primordial/precursors made? In the forerunner trilogy silentium there was something described that fit this description when the life shaper was on an ancient world with ancient forerunner ancestors who were without technology and there were thousands of ships abandoned in this system.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about???

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