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Halo TV show leaked screenshots

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  1. The female Spartan looks like she hasn't got a single coherent thought behind her oddly empty eye's and her pink fringe streak.

  2. The Mandalorian proved you can have a main character that pretty much never shows his face. So glad we’re finally getting some live action Halo

  3. That’s no asteroid belt, that’s the flood😅🔥🔥

  4. Hmmm, I wonder if that's (the asteroids in question) The Rubble. Could totally be showing the development of the Chief from his younger years to now.

  5. the pelicans flying over the city looks so majestic frfr

  6. Asteroid belt is the refugee colony known as The Rubble

  7. Who is making the movie?
    Is it Microsoft?

  8. Honestly I'm still really concerned.

    The character changes we've known about and the whole plot of a covenant adopted human just scream that the writers don't actually care about the franchise and likely haven't done any homework on the franchise.

  9. The Prophet looks like a dried up raisin lol

  10. The prophet almost looks like he's a puppet

  11. You Guys and Gals know these are the reimagined cutscenes for Halo Infinite right come one with the uproar on what the halo community said about the demo last year they decided they needed to do better this is the result…

    …Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah – If Only XD

  12. "When you first saw the Halo TV show were you blinded by its majesty?"
    "paral- wait what?"
    "yes, very much so prophet of truth"

  13. I hope this show is good, be great to see samuel in flashbacks

  14. It looks like we’re getting a good mix of CG and Practical

  15. Halo has sooo much potential to be a great movie franchise, maybe as large as star wars, star trek etc. Lets hope they dont mess it up (story wise). It looks beautiful tho.

  16. Wow this gives me genuine hope for a halo show

  17. 0:15 could very well be The Rubble. it was a station created from multiple interconnected asteroids.

  18. Honestly that last screenshot looked more like chief and spartan palmer

  19. With all the casting/hiring they did which changed established characters for the sake of diversity, I have no faith this TV show will be good at all, regardless if its canon or not.

  20. Is Seargent Johnson still white? I will seriously never understand that decision ever, it makes absolutely 0 sense. It's just so stupid

  21. I really hope the show isn’t based around chief. It won’t be very fun to watch a show knowing there is no real danger for the lead characters. If we focused on a squad of marines and Spartans occasionally pop up for badass moments we’d be better off

  22. The prophet's cg isn't the best but the suits look PRACTICAL, YEAHHH BITCH!!! Just hope the suit's work was to good use tho.

  23. I like that Chief won't be the only Spartan and the overall look is pretty on point but just everything about this show writing wise has me worried. I mean, it's a video game property they never seem to do them justice in live action and even animation.

    All of Halo's non-game projects while they're are some standouts, never broke free from just being for Halo fans. I can't imagine non-fans watching something like Halo Legends or Forward into Dawn. Heck I can't see people just picking up and reading the Original Trilogy of books or god forbid something like the Forerunner Trilogy.

    This could very easily be the gateway for Halo to grab an audience beyond the games. I just hope it doesn't turn out like the Witcher show. Which as someone who's never played the games I enjoyed the show but my friends who know the games/books didn't care for it. I want something that will make me happy and my friends/family who don't really play games happy. So maybe they'll finally understand why I love this series.

    I'll just have to wait for it to come out… if it ever does.

  24. Just remember: it can’t be worse than the doom annihilation movie that came out 2 years ago

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