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Halo TV show – Master Chief REVEALED, inspiration to be taken from Game of Thrones!

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With the Halo TV showfinally kicking into gear, news about it is starting to trickle out more and more which feels surreal after 6 years of waiting lmao. In recent interviews, 343 employees have said that the Halo TV show will take inspiration from Game of Thrones, which I think could end up being one of the best or worst things to happen to Halo’s lore, so today I want to discuss how the show could fracture Halo’s lore, and why that could be one of the best/worst things to happen to Halo…

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  1. Ugh … the shows not even out yet, and here comes the hate. Let it come out, have an opinion then. All this negativity before it’s even out doesn’t help in my opinion.

    Wait, and reserve opinions until it’s out.

    Ohh and in regards to being a branch of Cannon. It doesn’t matter.

    Game of Thrones did find,
    Battlestar Galactica did fine, fantastic almost.

    If Halo did it, and it’s just the TV show … then why not.

  2. How many people are thinking that this will be based around Master Chief's homeworld. Eridanus 2 was in the outer colonies so would not be far out of the realm of Master Chief going to his actual home before it get glassed. I think the big drawback would be running into Emile A239. But this would be a time when Emile is a child so before the UNSC adopted him.

  3. What would have been better is if people compared it to banned of brothers or Pacific, lots of action and the time in between battles had really good character development.

  4. These past few weeks of halo news has made me very erect

  5. They should make a movie or even a game about what it is like to be a low rank that joined the unsc during the battle of reach and show another view of the battle of reach from a Marines point of view

  6. If they show his face Hollywood will burn!

  7. Spielberg knows what he's doing and is no doubt is aware of how seriously fans take halo

  8. I hope they don't use some discount master chief voice and I want Steve downes

  9. Quan ah? That's sounds like some star wars name why not give her a normal name

  10. Oh so we're gonna have a good few seasons but the last one will suck dick

  11. All in all I would love to see the flood in this tv show

  12. As far as retcons go as long as its nothing major and small things I don't care much at all. Biggest concern would be if it conflicts with something big. Though if they set it early enough they can avoid these issues. I'd prefer no face reveal for Chief if possible.

    Lets hope it tells a story of the early stages of the war and gives us the brutal conflicts of Humanity on the back foot. Maybe even showing us some of the Covenant inner workings. Prophet scheming, civilian life amongst the Covenant. Hopefully the Covenant also look good. Grunts for comic relief and Jackals like birds of prey sniping people with Elites roaring and charging behind their Grunt subordinates. Ambitious I know but a great thought. Also the true danger of plasma weapons. This could get gory

    Now to hope it will be in Australia somehow =D

  13. Honestly I’m not interested in a copy and paste adaptation. However, they do have to pay respects as to what is allowed and what isn’t. As in changing someone’s skin tone to appease people who don’t even care that you did it. Just create a character and put them in

  14. I think that they should just make a (fully triple checked for correctness) HD animated series using the voice actors in the Halo games for Halo characters. And if they did it right, I wouldn't care how long it went on. I've been dying for a good Halo movie or TV series.

  15. Steve Downes better voice Chief,If not then this show can go fuck itself.

  16. "even though it has been done a few times before"
    I can remember one time Chief's face was actually seen…
    and it caused simultaneous hype and outrage

  17. Wouldn't you like to see the flood in the TV show even though we might not

  18. I mean, The Fall of Reach and Halo: Reach conflict.
    I just hope they don't make it cliche and dumb. Introducing Quan Ah already makes me uneasy. They're trying to introduce a "relatable" character. ffs. John is plenty relatable. He has depth. We don't need to see his face to see his struggles. He'd actually have more appeal that way. Introducing someone else is pure fucking laziness. What also disturbs me is that she's cast before Cortana. WTF. Priorities ppl. ffs. I swear this'll be my next trigger word. I'll inescapably rant like I do whenever I think of fucking DC and Zack fuckinggoddman Synder. :middle finger emote:
    The way they could've safely made this canon was to simply cover the human rebellions before the Human-Covenant War. They also wouldn't have to spend as much on the Covenant and could put the money toward other things like better quality CG or something. Selling Covenant with a TV budget is a tough sell.
    The canon shouldn't be the issue here. If it does suck, well then it's not muddying up anything, but the fact they don't have the confidence to proclaim it's canon ahead of time shows uneasiness. It's not hard to pick up on. These are the same people that had the perfect John story for Halo 5 and fucked it up by telling it from Osiris' perspective. If they hadn't released Halo 4 I'd've said they were shit storytellers and should give up on the craft. But still, we have Halo 5. The best story we can never enjoy. Just… still, so many years later and I'm still just fucking… fuck that campaign. Feel sorry for Osiris too. They'll never be well-received because of that game. 343 isn't confident. That's the problem. People would rather jump ship from Halo now than to get their hopes up and see it fall further.

  19. Bungies Halo:Reach numbed me to all retcons in halo.

    as to minor ret cons these can happen even if the story takes place in an unfilled gap. I mean even the books do this. In fall of reach chief is referred to as master chief when the Spartans get their armor and then in silent strike he is promoted to master chief well after they had been operating in the armor. (both are just nonsensical for him to be promoted that high that soon but at least SS addressed that)

  20. Who else thinks Chris evens would also make a fantastic master chief

  21. Right, because Master Chief totally participates in political intrigue, which is game of thrones angle…

  22. On one hand, I'm completely open to a side-story of "What if?" as far as changing the canon goes. So long as the current canon remains intact, It'd be ludicrous for anyone to be upset over changes in an adaptation. Alternate Universe/Timeline stories are fun, and deserve to be explored.

    On the other hand, given what happened with Game of Thrones, the comparison makes me more than a little nervous. Hopefully by saying this show is the "Answer to Game of Thrones" they mean "We'll make sure it stays good throughout its runtime and ends on a quality note."

  23. I'd rather it be canon and I'd be ok with a few minor retcons.

  24. The show should show Depict more of how the world was in danger and how the UNSC had to device chief and not those John snow was my father bs and all those reminisces. It will be disgusting.

  25. Inspiration from Game of Thrones? Thats funny cause i dont remember them blackwashing major characters

  26. Pablo Shreiber? He also narrates the American Psycho audiobook

  27. I'd be so pissed if they show the face of the chief

  28. I think the best case would be to not make it about Chief. Make it a spartan we haven't heard about before. That seems the best way to make sure it doesnt hurt the existing canon. Like maybe have it end at Reach and the main characters Spartan team be one of the teams you see dead on the last level.

  29. I dont want to see chiefs face. I didnt even want to see his eyes.

  30. late to the "Show" on this video. But Definitely keep it Cannon. Or at least as close as you can get. If there is ever a movie then I would like to see the show, game, and movie all coincide. If star trek and star wars can do it then so can Halo.

  31. “The past 6 years”
    Hol up… 6?
    A glimmer of hope appears at the end of the corridor

  32. Why not just have them animate it, the blur cinematics are so good in halo wars 2, but imagine about 10 hours of that…

    sooooooooo good!

  33. It should be heavily following the proper Halo lore. You have something established that’s legendary and iconic.. all you do if you switch things up is piss off longtime fans. Now im not saying the story cant be original, but it needs to be written to fit properly in its time in the war. Much like how Halo Wars had a story involving the covenant war that did not interfere with the mainline story. Same for ODST.. it just takes good writing.

  34. I infact love halo forward unto dawn (please don’t take any offence, it’s just my opinion like I would play any halo game and watch any movie)

  35. This shit will never come out cause of covid

  36. Are you saying halo 5 bad possible that's scary

  37. I could see vin diesel as master chief more than Pablo

  38. THE HALO TV SHOW IS FINALLY HAPPENING AND FOR REAL THIS TIME! Are you hyped for it? Or are you worried? Lemme hear it! Hope y'all enjoy <3

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