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Halo TV Show | Master Chief Vs Var Gatanai

Thel Ri
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  1. the script was there….. all they had to do was make it live action……

  2. Grunt Roar Grunt Grunt Grunt Roar?! This looks like a 15 year old scripted it 💯 Glad to see I was correct in NOT paying for another subscription app 😂

  3. I think the camera man about had a stroke, Jesus Christ that was some terrible film work who’s idiot decision was that I’m dizzy just from watching

  4. Finally an inspired game show where characters knows how to fight without without weapons.

    And the way they moved, the dynamic, really felt like the video game

    Well done

  5. “I know what he said” now that’s the master chief

  6. thye made pretty disturbing looking biologically disgusting..creaters with honour..!

  7. The CGI is this show is so bad😅 compared to the mandalorian its a complete joke.

  8. The H2A cutscenes looked better than this.

  9. makiee is johns sister yo

  10. I like his armor design. Pyrocynical is also great in his role as Makee!

  11. Master Chief with the grappling hook like "Get Over Here!"

  12. Fuck this dogshit show and the fact that this scene even exists, but this fight is kinda sick ngl

  13. Chief armor its to dark but the CGI its awesome

  14. so they kill the silver team and next season Master Chief have a new team which is the Blue team

  15. This shit looks like it was made on YouTube.

  16. She really knows what she doing.🔥👌

  17. ive seen fan projects on youtube better than this show.

  18. "What is a soldier when he can no longer fight"? NGL I actually shed a tear at the line, just like when Cortana asked Chief to figure out which one of us is the human and the machine after all this is over with

  19. If only this show was lore accurate. This scene is pretty good, unfortunately the series is severely lacking. We could have had stories that followed events that have never been shown in the games, like the Harvest Campaign. Or follow characters like Admiral Cole, young Captain Keyes, Colonel Ackerson, Spartan Black Team, Spartan Grey Team and Kurt. I feel like a Halo show with a similar style to The Clone Wars could have worked. Episodes could feature different stories following different characters, both Human and Covenant. I wouldn't mind seeing an episode about ONI intrigue, or one about Atriox and his rise to power. Or maybe one about an ODST squad or Insurrectionists. The possibilities are endless (For those that played Halo: Infinite, no pun intended).

  20. that blonde bitch every time the camera switches to her: 👁👄👁

    very good actor

  21. Punching that Spartan Armor…. Arby must have some mad punching power and numbness.

  22. After he got beat up and got back up, he seemed to become super good or something. At first, he couldn't land a single shot, but the second time, he was dominating. did he like download a new patch or something ?

  23. 1:09 There is something you dont know, Demon….I am not left handed

  24. Makee standing there like she need a popcorn

  25. Bro they just keep making elites look worse and worse RIP halo 3 elites..
    best looking mfs ever in the entire series..
    This arbiter looks disgusting.
    Instead of making a show they should fix their dog sh** game.

  26. this show is so questionable that i really wonder if the stuttering throughout the video is due to poor upload or the filming of the show itself

  27. Oh yean, use the grapple hook AFTER your butt is kicked, for maximum epic comeback, of course.

    This shit is dumb.

  28. At first, I was like, "Wow, an interesting take on half jaw." But then they killed him. Imagine that, a genuinely interesting character with real motivations. This version of half jaw having been spared by the chief helping Thel to regain his lost honor.

  29. I feel like the arbiter at the end.. just kill me already, I'm done. lol

  30. The arbiter driving his fists at full force into Mjolnir armour 😭 he must’ve had some mad adrenaline rush, would’ve been cool if it showed his broken hands after

  31. and then he became superman 4: the quest for peace

  32. Arbiter says he won’t spare Chief. Literally spares him.

    Chief pummels Arbiter and his fists make no noise at all. Motherfucker it should sound like thunder.

    Also lady, never occurred to you to try and stop the fight. For some fucking reason they’re both on your side so maybe try?

  33. show sucks idk how it even got a 2nd season is beyond me

  34. Why is that woman even part of the story or in the show in the first place?

    Get her tf out of this story!!!

  35. its amazing how a dumb hoor can ruin literally anything

  36. I'm so sick of makee, the lasy makes me cringe so bad

  37. I don't know if its just me or this is really a bs.

    That arbiter is kinda faster than any cannon arbiter.

    And chief's heavy breathing is so annoying, how can a hyper lethal spartan be exhausted in just few swings.

  38. I can't stand how in TV and movies the bad guy always wins the fight, and instead of killing the good guy he lets him recover. It's supposed to make it dramatic, but all it does is remind me that I'm watching something fake with no consequences.

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