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Halo TV Show Might NOT BE HORRIBLE!?

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We got new details on the Halo show on Paramount Plus and it’s mostly positive! Let’s go over all of it! ONLY 2 DAYS REMAIN! YAYAYA!

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  1. I'm really excited for the show. I just wish it was Canon and expanded the already existing universe.

    I wanted to see flashbacks to John-117 and the Spartan-IIs in their prime. See what happened between 2525 to 2552. That's my only gripe.

  2. this is great news and all, but can we congratulate Taq for that excellent background gameplay?

  3. I think we are gonna get some cool action scenes and set pieces, but I’m also expecting the writing to be mediocre. Hopefully it’s gonna be better than most think.

  4. Ever since the first trailer dropped people were way too quick to call this show a failure, I think it looks great Im just waiting for the actual show to come out to form an opinion on it

  5. The fact that some of the bad reviews used sweet tooth and last of us as an example of good content gave me a bit more faith in the tv series.

  6. I want this to succeed so bad but the fact that they didn't look at the games brings is down so much for me. I feel like they are going to miss crucial details or other minor ones as seen through the spartan hud being orange but that budget right now is at least assuring me that it is gonna look cool while Halo kills aliens and doesnt afraid of anything

  7. Although I think the action will serviceable, the story and everything else I feel is going to be garbage. I hope I'm wrong though.

  8. Also there’s a clip that came out today of Schreibers performance as John, and it was really good like he actually felt like Chief in that clip. It gave me a little hope. You can find it on the Paramount + YouTube channel if any one is curious

  9. Cool that they gave it a good review but I don’t listen to any TV or movie reviews that they put out. They gave the Snyder Cut, which is a pretty solid movie, a 3/10. And that’s really the tip of the iceberg they generally give poor reviews to well liked things and great reviews to not so good stuff.

  10. Wow! Well now I’m even more excited for the show!!

  11. I don't see this tv show actually being good, there's a lot of signs that show that it'll be bad as well. Keeping my expectations and hopes really low with this show. Especially with the trailers, and what I've seen so far. This amount of hopium and copium is not doing you any justice, it's what's wrong with this community. It's the reason why the halo community can't have anything good since 343 took over.

  12. People honestly sleep on Forward Unto Dawn. I thought that short film was very good, even tho it was kind of “low budget”.

  13. this actually got me kind of excited….


  15. Budget doesn't equal good.
    I'm still heavily skeptical about it.
    And big budget ??
    Bro the scene where bootleg chief fight of 2 slimdown elite is really bad. And that was a trailer which is design to show what it will be about.

  16. I'm interested, but it's paramount. And I don't have that so….

    Maybe when it's over I'll watch.

  17. Expectations are low just like with infinite. Hearing they didn't look at the game is very concerning since most of the viewers will be halo game fans. I'll give it a chance of course with an open mind

  18. I think it will be a decent show for non halo fans, for us fans it'll likely be below average to average. My dad is pretty hyped for the show and he's nearly 60 and only knows about surface level stuff about chief and the Covenant

  19. Having a high budget doesn't always mean alot like just look at the Disney Star Wars trilogy

  20. I'm keeping expectations very low for this. I just feel like there's too little love and care put into this show from what I've seen, but who knows, maybe I'll be wrong (I hope so)

  21. Will definitely be checking out your weekly episode reviews each week after I finish them!

  22. It’ll be nice seeing them learn the game canon and build their story with it

  23. I’m open-minded about it. Perhaps this series could show the film industry the potential of Halo as a live-action franchise. Seeing a true Halo adaption on the big screen would be LEGENDARY

  24. GameStop is woke at they would shill for anything

  25. I feel sorry for people trying to stay positive about this. Like star wars it'll be bad and then us the fans will be blamed for its poor performance. At least they didn't make it canon I'll give them that.

  26. That's what I'm saying I mean Halo TV Show is just a Day away and I'm so hyped to see my boy Chief in action some good CGI and a new Story for Halo that's isn't lore I mean sure it's not lore so that's a little downfall for sure but at least it's a story we finally get to see

  27. Money doesn't fix writing tho, effects might be good but if the writing is bad, it becomes a hilarious mess

  28. Critic reviews never hold up against fan reviews, just look at the reception the Warcraft movie got. You can throw as much money as you want at it but its still just gonna be moist and unimpactful, riding that weird line where it tries to appeal to casual viewers but appeals to no one

  29. Honestly, this just makes me more impressed by how they can spend $90 million and not get a good script

  30. I hear “we didn’t look at the game” and think that they probably read the books instead…

    Dude, the books make Spartans sound like Spartans. I’m not worried.

  31. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. When their main story grab is Main Character has Amnesia. Yeah writing is going to be top notch for sure

  32. I’m definitely curious. Expecting the shows visuals to be 5-7/10 and the story to be 3-5/10.
    Would’ve far preferred a canon or at least highly inspired by canon narrative. I’m going to watch the first episode and then decide if I want to continue or wait until they all come out.

  33. Noble Prophet of Reach, this has gone on long enough. Make an example of this "Kane" bungler. The Halo community demand it!

  34. Wow, why does that poster in 0:18 look like something straight out of Halo 3?

  35. I watched the first episode and I really liked it man! There were some issues but overall it was great. 'Fans' who are hating it are not fans, they are just fanatics. All they have are preconceived notions and act as gatekeepers.

  36. C'mon, fans are constantly screaming for more blood splatter in the newer Halo games. I dont think the show being 'too graphic' will be an issue

  37. I’m a new viewer and this is my first time seeing your videos….. this was oddly the funniest opening I’ve seen and am currently dying.

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