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Halo TV Show News! 1 VERY Important Thing Halo TV Series and The Walking Dead Have in Common!

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Halo TV Show News! 1 VERY Important Thing Halo TV Series and The Walking Dead Have in Common! In this video we discuss the recent Halo news of the Halo TV show starting production again after their hiatus. The Halo TV series has been rather quiet on Halo News though the Halo Show is currently in production. We’d normally only hear Halo TV show leaks a month or two before the Halo TV Show release date of 2021. Though when in 2021 the Halo TV series release date is still unknown. The Halo TV show budget was revealed and it’s on par with The Walking Dead tv show. The Halo tv series budget matches The Walking Dead budget of around 45 million dollars.

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  2. 0:16That noise…. My anxiety went through the roof… holy f***

  3. The Walking Dead has been my favourite tv show ever (seasons 1 – 8 atleast) if the halo tv show is anything near the same quality, I’d be really happy

  4. I was excited for the tv series until I found out they black washed Captain Jacob and Miranda Keys. And they downgraded Miranda's role as Captain of the In Amber Clad… to some random doctor who specializes in cultural studies.

  5. Not sure comparing Halo to the walking dead is a good thing. Halo needs a lot of specials effects and The walking Dead does a poor job at that. Make up are excellent but you all remember the composited deer… The walking dead is not well polished. Like at all. At least to me. How are they supposed to render great space cities or weird planets with such few money? This news is more worrying than reassuring actually. It needs at least the budget of The Witcher on netflix. Any less will end up on something cheap.

  6. I need only one info, will be able to flight infinite on pc, without owning the game (or will it be like pre order like mcc and flight), Kindly explain this @KevinKoolx

  7. Is the halo tv series even going to have Master Chief in it? I heard the main character is a girl ..

  8. We’ve been waiting for this for over a decade now. Honestly don’t expect this show to be good at all.

  9. It not being canon is a dealbreaker for me. A huge budget can't save a show from creatives who clearly don't respect the lore and the fans who are passionate about the lore.

  10. This is not good news. The budget on the Walking Dead has been an infamous source of conflict and debate since the show first premiered. There have even been lawsuits over it. The budget suffocated season 7-8 in terms of their ‘war’ plot line. Episode count will be a big factor here as well, as walking dead’s budget is stretched across 16 episodes, so if Halo is only 8 episodes or something then that won’t be as bad. But as it stands, the walking dead’s budget is not good company to keep

  11. Comparing Halo to the walking dead series is pretty concerning. If it had budget like the mandalorian with that kind of polish then I will be happy. The aesthetic and “polish” of the walking dead really isn’t that good tbh but hey maybe they prove me wrong. Hope this show ends up great

  12. My thing is that everything in the live action is going to be non canon

  13. I hope the tv show is good enough to raise Halos profile in the world at large and I really hope Infinite is OG. I can't help but be hyped but honestly still sceptical. 343 still gotta show they can do it on so many levels….

  14. Black washed Jacob Keyes and Miranda Keyes, Miranda is now a doctor, one of the characters is a human raised by the covenant to hate humans, it’s non canon, it’s probably going to be trash as it’s being made for the general public and not for Halo fans

  15. I’m very excited for this show and hope to be able to watch it as soon as it comes out and if it was on the halo channel I will have the chance and I think it will because I know the halo 4 forward onto dawn series is supposed to be on there and halo night fall which as a film just sucks

  16. Non-canon and more unnecessary backwashing when Halo is diverse as it is? If anything they need some Asians, Hispanics Indians etc, the Halo universe already has a multitude of black characters. although it shouldnt be looked at as some kind of political checklist like most tv/movies do nowadays. In Halo 1 there are only 5 main characters on humanity's side: Chief, Cortana, Keyes, Johnson and Foehammer. Considering one is an AI I'd say that it was a good balance to begin with, Foehammer could get more screentime to be fair.

  17. Hopefully they cut costs by using things 343 already had like a warthog and costumes. The hard part will be depicting the covenant. They will need to limit their screen time quite a bit and pour as much money into their effects as possible.
    Honestly wish we got a cartoon. OG voice actors, nothing would be to hard to accomplish like with special effects. Imagine a halo tv show that looked like halo 2 anniversary cutscenes. That would be lit.

  18. I’m still thinking we are gonna get at least a teaser in the July event

  19. Honestly the fact that it's not canon sorta makes me not care. More so, it makes me worry a LOT that they might base later games on the show's canon.

  20. Could NOT care less about this show. They're going to butcher it no matter what they do anyways.
    Really, it's just a waste of resources. Pumping money into a project seemingly no one working on it actually cares about doing justice to its fans or source material.
    Dead in the water, as far as I'm concerned.

  21. I’m still not gonna watch it or support it bc the characters are already messed up. No budget can fix that And it’s also non canon? Bro why

  22. The only thing that's going to save this, is the fact that it will have nothing to do with actual story of Halo. It's going to suck but I suppose I'll enjoy what I get. As long as it stays out of the… Cannon. I hate saying cannon..

  23. Money isn’t everything — Game of Thrones season 8 showed this. It had some of the most amazing visuals, music, and acting, but a show without a good story is like a body without a brain.

  24. Got a feeling this shows going to be dumb with stupid corny comedic one liner jokes that no body finds funny. Little cocky 20 yo looking soldiers and just bad acting.

  25. Just put all your time energy into creating a damn movie already work with 343 to get the story right make it a serious movie damn!

  26. should've made an ODST tv series instead of black Captain Keyes

  27. The thing about Halo is that it has so much potential, yet the people handling the show just disrespects the story and characters and the universe that has existed for decades

  28. I mean if it has a good halo feel and story I would watch it, even though its not cannon

  29. Finally. Just hearing the news of this , I’m guessing they aren’t doing marketing for a little while

  30. I loved Forward Unto Dawn but I hope this is even better and deeper

  31. I really hope the producers dont get woke with the show.

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