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Halo TV show NEWS – MAJOR Lore Problems, new characters, Spartans, Keyes + Miranda, and more…

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Recently, some Halo TV show news got released, and to say the Halo community has been in turmoil since is the understatement of the century lol. The news was controversial in many ways, so today, along with covering some older news about the casting of some new Spartans, I want to cover it all and give my 2 cents…

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  1. Ugh I really wanted to see the real blue team in action especially seeing freds hand to hand

  2. But why, why do you have to change the lore I know it's not gonna be canon
    That's why I'm gonna stick to Halo Game lore.

  3. Maybe the covenant raised a human because they needed one to start the great journey, and having one alive and willing to help them after they exterminate the rest of humanity would be really helpful.

  4. I can write better fanfic prolly and i'm not even an experienced writer or anything.

  5. I normally wouldn't mind the changing of ethnicities of characters. However, I dont like it when it's for Halo, a series that takes lore very serious, even to the slightest detail. And I get it's a series that's set in a new Halo universe, but they said they would respect lore.

  6. I love Halo too much to watch the show..
    9:26 Mowgli who?

  7. @HiddenXperia So you'd be down with them changing 2 characters to be British because that would make you kinda proud…y wouldn't that be the same for the brothers and sistahs who play Halo. I mean it would be something different if they changed them in the game, but it's a TV show. I assuming Microsoft ok'd the changes or gave them the power to do what ever they wanted.

  8. I'm a long time halo fan and I'll be brief. I'm pissed off.

  9. If you turn off your TV you won't have to see the scawy black people little boy

  10. OMFG.
    I can not believe 343 would agree with this. 343 has rewritten some lore,Canon,dates,characters sizes of things. But this is just a blatant disregard to all history, lore, fans respect and intelligence. This is why movies and TV shows made from games or books most of the time don't work because they totally rewrite the story. This sux and 343 should of stepped in and said NO NO NO.. I was hoping for a great show. And low and behold I am disgusted and not happy with it before its even finished being made. I won't be watching this and giving them the one bit of a view.
    Disgusting and disrespectful
    Showtime and 343.

  11. Maybe the worst story concept and cast ever made (expect Cortana és John-117). This series will suck! I hope they will change almost everything.

  12. Yet keeps recommending this vid all the time over the last years

  13. Honestly what I’d love to see them do is have a show about a team a marines crash landed on one of the halo rings sort of like the tv show LOST and trying to survive the onslaught of the covalent and trying to send in back up while also finding a Spartan in cryogenics that may uncover mysteries of the halo ring

  14. I didn't even know who the mom if maranda was until now damn

  15. Here’s how to make the covenant-raised human thing good:

    What if an individual in the covenant found out the truth for themselves about the great lie after finding this child. The individual would then start their own rebellion as to protect their adopted child.

    I don’t think it’s the case but that would be interesting.

  16. The human Covie is literally just a self insert OC. I've seen so many "human dissenters" just like this. Jfc

  17. I just can't wait to hear how they DARE to explain Makee. If it's a wider Covenant initiative to capture orphan humans, that would just never happen and the Prophets would never approve it. If it's a rouge group or individual, who would risk it or even be able to do it. Brutes would just eat her and Grunts are too subservient and simple to be able to do it. The only ones who could even possibly do it would be a pirate Jackal, but they would most likely just eat her or keep her as a pet, or (and in the context of her role this is the most likely option) an Elite. But then why would an Elite risk his life, his clan, and most importantly his HONOR, just to raise and protect one human girl. What a shitshow.

  18. Their ethnicity has nothing to do with their characters. Being Caucasian isn’t what made them great characters. They got good actors that’s all that matters. Doesn’t mean the show will be good or bad, but this is such a silly argument. They’re not like black Panther or anything where it’s integral to the dna of the character. They can be any race.

    I’m glad the show isn’t a part of the canon and is doing it’s own universe. It’s an adaptation it should its own thing. I don’t want them to tell the same exact story or be restricted. Take inspiration, influence, etc. & write a new story. This show has taken such a long time to get off the ground because they care, they don’t want to rush it. I don’t know if it’ll be great could be crap, but they’re taking their time for a reason. And I’ll be open minded, I just want a good show period. How different or similar it is to the games doesn’t matter. They can rearrange characters and plots however they want, this is an adaptation. At Marvel, Feige takes things from the comics and does his own thing. Civil War is nothing like the comics & it’s still great. Don’t judge until you see

  19. The thing about the actors for the Keys, their faces EXACTLY MATCH

  20. Who else thinks we need a few oni “Suicides” for the people making decisions for this show.

  21. I’ll ignore this for the sake of my good halo game memories.

  22. When I hear a human girl getting adopted from the covenant: “spits coffee out” WAIT WHAT WTF?!?!??????!!!?!!??

  23. One way they could do the human raised by the covenant is that she could be like a human that was raised so she could activate the rings?

  24. If this level of logic I fear they might make buck into a young Indian girl or a fucking car window LOL 😂

  25. I would have casted Neal McDonough as Captain Keyes

  26. I could see vin diesel as master chief honestly

  27. It would be cool if Sylvester Stallone plays captain lord hood

  28. Watch it be a brute who adopts the human, watch them make the brutes the gentle giants and the elites the savages because “oh the brutes look like Wookiee’s!”

  29. THIS is why we nerds need to gatekeep our beloved franchises. Too often do franchises get used as a vehicle to drive political opinions and agendas their communities largely do not align with. No longer do we have lore expanding adaptations, now we are stuck with lore breaking, established character retconning, and horribly written storylines desperately hanging on to usually well done but unfortunately wasted visual effects. Too many times have these attempts to be inclusive by these adaptations ended up making fans of the IPs feel alienated and unheard. I fear this series will prove no different. The shows producer claiming "it wont please everyone" says that they know theyre breaking things but they dont care. Glad they made it non canon, thats a start to making up for the lore breakage but unfortunately it just means this show will bear no weight and therefore have no meaning. Making this show is now pointless aside from it just being "hey we made that live action halo thing we were talking about 8 years ago".

  30. Just like with black panther the only reason they made the keys black is so that racist crybabies with dark skin feel special and stop throwing fits. I sware yall make Johnson white and I will shit on the front steps of yalls studio. And keys and halsey married? What the f

  31. This is going to be shit so bad and I'm honestly insulted.

  32. They're only doing it to coddle to racist black folk who only care weather or not their are main black characters.

    If there was a white panther suddenly wrote into black panther their would be race riots by black folk within the first showing. Smh stop doing things to coddle racists.

  33. These people need to dig into the lore a little further they’ve changed the ethnicity of Miranda Keyes but left Halsey and Cortana alone which contradicts the fact Halsey is Miranda Keyes mother. That’s what you call a shaking my damn had moment right there!!!!

  34. It’s not canon, once they start changing the ethnicities and backgrounds of characters that we’ve seen ONSCREEN it no longer is canon, whether the producers claim it is or not.

  35. 2 years later and to be honest…I’m glad they are rebooting everything. This could be the start of something really great. Maybe this new non-canon “canon” is what we need. Can’t wait for this show. Also you should review those new teasers that came out bro

  36. I dont get it guys, i dont mind either way but how did the pigment of their skin have anything to do with cannon breaking? Its fictional characters?

  37. Reading this I can see the rainbow pixie cuts and nasty Bo of the liberals murdering Halo lore with their political agenda.

  38. I just…. i don't know anymore. If this is true… I'm fucking done…

  39. Its worse than a fanfiction. Cause at least the fanfiction try to stick to the lore half the time…

  40. Ive wanted a halo tv show/ movie ever since i was a kid playing the original combat evolved. But now that woke politics and sjw sensibilities have invaded every single personal space that meant something for me, that dream has been ruined.

  41. Remember to be respectful with yo opinions lads and ladettes (is that even a word? idk lmao). Spicy lore video coming later this week!

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