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Halo TV Show Season 2 News

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Halo TV Series Season 2 Production Started
Master Chief and the other Spartans continuing their Fight against the covenant in Fall 2023


  1. This show is a dumpster fire. Master cheeks had to commit pseudo suicide and have cortana pretty much puppeteer his body and suit to be the super soldier he was kidnapped and trained from 6 yrs old to become. They fucked this up so hard

  2. It still hurts to think that they didn't go with the original story.

  3. God I wish this got cancelled after the first season

  4. Only way they save this is a hard reboot where they follow canon, don’t show Chief’s face and get someone close enough to Steve Downes and or just Steve Downes to dub Chief.

  5. TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PLAYED THE ACTUAL GAME :i would like ya to understand that for someone who havent play the game this series may be enjoyable, dont just goo aa this is rubbish just because its not similar to the actual game its normal that there are gona be changes (ok there are more than should but OK).What i want to say is that the series is a series and the game is a game, different thinks.

  6. Oh s*** here we go again
    I don't know how they are going to f*** it up again but well since 343 took over they managed to show us how to destroy a franchise

  7. I have never played Halo since I’m a PlayStation player. But 1 thing I know is that tv shows based on video games are never like the video games.

    I say let’s see what season 2 brings.🤷

  8. i am sick to see mastercheek. plz don't do it again. the ending of halo season 1 give me some hope to see our beloved MasterChief.

  9. I want to see how they will implement the fall of reach

  10. I don't know what to say about the season 2 after what they have done in season 1

  11. From the image, and from what I've seen,
    Warning: Possible hot take

    The Actors seem to be more into the Halo show than the writers. But thats what I've seen. I'm willing to have a peaceful discussion.

  12. Is it Master Chief or Cortana we would be seeing?

  13. Nope, don't care. Should be canceled before they ruin the legendarium further

  14. And all the single moms in the show are even more angry this season. Less Master Chief and more women talking stuff is the juice.

  15. Season 2 will most likely flop fall 2023

  16. Eeeewwww! Why!? The show flopped harder than Ron Jeremy's nuts during a shoot

  17. It's obvious they don't care, 343 dosnt care and will continue to promote this terrible sci-fi with halo slapped on it.

  18. Bonnie Ross being fired help the situation?

  19. I'll be honest with you I'm not looking forward to S2 of the halo tv show after all the disappointment of S1 and Kwan Ha ruining halo. you can go to EBR or the Act Man channel where they explained why halo tv show is garbage.

  20. I think the show was actually alright. Drop Kwan/her storyline and focus on the Covenant War and work towards the Flood and the use of the rings. Then I'm good with the show and even the deviation from the main storyline. The MCU is not hundred percent faithfull to the comics. Never has been. The Ultimates universe was also a separate universe so this wouldn't be unprecedented.

  21. Season 1 at least did some things right, still plenty of wrongs. I hope season 2 had time to correct the mistakes, if it's about the same or even worst then I won't even bother to watch season 3

  22. How about N

    Well I'm here for some fight scenes

  23. “You can expect all the weapons and vehicles in the show”
    “Well where are they in the game?”

  24. Idk what to say about it still not happy with the fact they change the whole halo thing from season 1 so idk

  25. I’m not expecting anything good to come from the new season like I
    Don’t expect infinite to get better

  26. Yep, keep it coming… I fucking love bad news… LOVE IT… WOOOOOOO!!!

    I'm gonna fucking kill myself.

  27. Ah yes season two of the show that took the valuable characteristics of master chief and promoted to the dreaded title "master cheeks" a new person who came from a very favorited character

    Definitely excited to see what other terrible things they may POSSIBLY do just so I can watch a bunch of videos explaining how rubbish it might be

  28. i'm gonna watch this not gonna lie but god damn keep chiefs helmet on fucccc

  29. I'm excited! I can't wait for the spartans keep showing their faces unlike the games

  30. I don’t trust this anymore


    – FORGET Bonnie’s legacy/her 11 year terrible games (Like how she literally and purposely screwed over bungie/original fans legacy/turned off the BUNGIE 360 titles but left their horrible 360 halo 4 game alive….we need to do that same affect but just to Bonnie’s legacy so we can put halo back on the right track where bungie left off at.

    – Make a real halo 4 (a real sequel to halo 3)

    – Make real halo game

    – Delete MCC and replace it entirely with a new collection and just call it HALO COLLECTION. This new collection will start with a “Halo 3 anniversary” okay…forget Bonnie’s H1A and Halo 2A (they’re just copy and paste halo reach stuff with overly detailed walls and ruined atmosphere. Also the current MCC is filled with nastiest looking armor ever….MCC needs to go.

    It’s very important for them to start over with halo 4 since Bonnie’s halo 4 (intentionally) kicked away all of the already established bungie fans and literally made halo ugly (on purpose).

    These new people can win back the original fan base if they start with halo 4 and make a real halo 4. FIRST IMPRESSION IS VERY IMPORTANT. These new people can have a chance to win back the original fanbase (including me) if they do a hard restart aka getting rid of EVERYTHING Bonnie’s 343i did. They need to do that. That would be the ultimate REAL HALO COMEBACK.

  32. Hopefully they took the hint and will make season 2 more like Halo than season 1 was…

  33. They have to make the series from scratch not even name this season 2 to work…and stay close to the lore we don't a woke grindge story again with those bad haircuts.

  34. Season 1 nobody didn’t like it even I didn’t but season 2 fuck it Ig I watch since I don’t got nothing else to watch but they need to put ODST’S in it !!!!!!

  35. I want to see the flood in season 2. Kwan can become a flood combat form and Mahkee can become part of the Proto-Gravemind.

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