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Halo TV Show Trailer Breakdown | Characters, Lore, Easter Eggs

Halo Canon
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We’ve finally gotten our first real look at the Halo TV series, and I’m here to breakdown all the lore, easter eggs, and other references present here! Plus a little story speculation.

0:00 Intro
0:34 Characters
4:55 Locations
8:11 Story Speculation
9:46 Wrap-Up
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Ending music: “John-117” by Teknoaxe

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  1. This show isn't going to be about Master Chief. It will be about him but they are going to focus on characters that people know nothing about and they are going to change the back stories of characters that they have taken from the novels, and completely change them. This show is going to be WOKE AF.

  2. I'm worried paramount will turn it into a political shitfest, I truly Microsoft keeps everything in cannon

  3. it would be pretty cool if they just add this show as a portion of human-covenant history i wouldn't mind but it being a non-canon show is pretty cool just hoping theres alot of fight scenes or explorations

  4. I pray this show won’t fall victim to wokeness. Everything has to have a message now days

  5. I hate being negative I really do but almost nothing makes me excited. But before that, there are 3 things I like. The first is High Charity. The second is Soren (the Spartan who's body rejected the augmentations and I definitely spelt his name wrong), the actor seems like he could play this character really well. The third is the UNSC vehicles.

    I'm just not excited for the show, the child being raised by the Covernant still feels like fanfiction to me and they have really got their work cut out to make it seem like it is not. Chiefs armour (from a few shots we seen it) looks like a cosplay suit which is sad because I've seen cosplay suits that are alot better than this and the one from Fourwood unto Dawn looks better as well. This is weird because the other Spartan suits look good. My main gripe is that the show is not canon, they could have easily made it canon since other than one episode of the anime, everything is canon (books, comics, films extra) and to me is a lazy excuse for characters to act wrong
    I really wanted to like this show but after I heard what it's going to be about I'm not interested. My opinion might change at the end of the season but at the moment, it's not

  6. Lets hope this Alternative-Lore TV series lives up to the hype, and not follow the downfall of recent live-adaptation counterparts

  7. we will find that master chief is a trans gay woman …and they are no male Spartans because of toxic masculinity , so it goes well with the narrative of the day …….and John name is alter ego, him/her gender fluid name is 117

  8. Extremely optimistic about this show. LOVED the trailer, adore the poster – I am HYPED!

  9. Visually, looks great. Not mad about new characters either. Without knowing full direction of the show, I think saying I wish it followed the established lore and novelizations containing Cheif would be accurate. We don't need a new storyline when there is so much of the existing that could be even firther expanded on like was mentioned.

  10. I heard it's gonna be a drama though. I really hope not as this should be a high octane halo action show. Also what a shitty version of Miranda. She looks nothing like the games. Also how could any of this be reach? Chief clearly has infinite armor on

  11. It looks like another sjw show and that always ruins the show remember Ghostbusters

  12. We're race swapping characters for no fucking reason, im out, I dont give a shit about this show anymore

  13. Looks great however I just wish they would have followed established Halo Canon. Tha human raised by Covenant is a interesting concept 🤔


  15. damn why cant they make a story about someone besides master chief??

  16. Why the hell are Jacob and Miranda keys black?? Make different characters for black actors, not changing existing ones entirely!!!🤬

  17. All I’m saying is that they better have the covenant in this I don’t just want see people shooting people my favorite part of halo is the covenant wars if it’s just the human stuff I’m good

  18. Well will halo beat Star Wars because if they do then Disney will buy everything

  19. Kinda disappointed, the fact that it's not canon is pretty disgusting. Looks ok, but that's to be expected, the suits all look plastic and a little cheap, but i guess the budget is setup for a tv production, rather than a blockbuster.

    Overall, it seems kinda meh, Spartans all wearing helmets so the acting will rely on the new characters heavily. Cautious optimism if any.

  20. Hope he has Cortana, if not then lead up to it depending on their timeline established.

  21. They might not think it's a big deal, but I literally just cannot get over the continunuity thing. I don't understand why they had to do it this way when there's so much canon material they could have used.

  22. I have a problem with 2 casting choices in this. Why did they not cast Jen Taylor as Halsey? The actress they cast is almost the same age as Jen Taylor and almost looks just like her. It makes no sense. Jen is an amazing actress. I always wanted to see her portray Halsey and voice Cortana is live action. It makes no sense to me.
    Then there is the black washing of Keyes. As a black person I despise how black people and characters are now treated as just a diversity check list. It's lazy, patronizing and more racist than having no black characters. I hate being told to love a casting just because they are now "my race" to hell with that. We are not a check list. It was disappoint to see one of my favorite halo characters who was always white done like that.
    That's not the kind of diversity black people want. Give us original black character that best represent us or give us none at all.
    We don't want a black James bond, a black superman etc etc.

  23. So white men don't exist in this future. Interesting.

  24. Not cannon? Hard pass for me. I’m not gonna invest my time into a Halo show for none of it to matter in any other lore.

  25. For the love of God, why cant we just have a show based on the actual lore? Also, there are apparently no white males in the future?

  26. Halsey doesnt look like Halsey and whats with Jacob and Miranda Keyes being black? Id hate if they made Johnson a white guy

  27. “This isn’t the halo you know” and a trailer full of wahmens… this doesn’t bode well my friends 😭

  28. I’m excited for Chief to come out as non binary and identify as a pelican…

  29. Halsey looks like the game versions, because of her white hair

  30. I saw I video from a different halo YouTube and they found a Easter egg of a newspaper that said grunt adopted a baby so the kid at 1:48 has an ungoy parent

  31. Did I hear that wrong or did they make the Keyes black? Seems they did a really good job on staying faithful in all the other casting so that kind of leaped out to me as a fair obvious "uh, wait a second"…

  32. It's weird, the iconic MC armor looks like it's cosplay in live action, even at this budget.

  33. I don't like the whole making character black thing I say this as a black person
    But I woul like Amanda to be jealous of the chief relationship with her mother and let her overcome it trough the chief action

  34. No following the Canon is a bad plan do you know fanboys there insane

  35. "Announced in 2013-" Well, when you put it like that, it makes more sense. From the plot details and other stuff we've gotten, this sounds like something that would have been greenlit back then.

    "Chuck the game/book/animation/film canon in the bin and do a loose adaptation" and "use elements and characters from the stories in more predictable ways" and "human raised by the Covenant to hate humans" are the kinds of ideas I could totally see television writers and producers coming up with a decade ago, before the idea of a shared universe became A Thing in pop culture.

  36. 117 ex girlfriend/mother Ai said endless one is event more dangerous than even flood so my question to you is , did forerunner try to use endless one to kill flood ?

  37. Miranda and Jacob Keyes look really…. tanned 🙄🤮 I'll be looking forward to the remake of Black Panther where half of Wakanda is blonde Scandinavians 😁 For dIvErSiTy, of course.

  38. I’m not super concerned if this doesn’t end up lining up with canon, as long as the story and writing is actually good I’ll like it

  39. I love halo, it’s my favorite franchise ever. I feel, though, given everything Hollywood ruins these days that this show has a rather large chance of being big suck

  40. I hope to God they don't hijack the show for political messaging like the wheel of time, star wars, etc.

  41. As cool as this show looks, I really disapprove of the choice of changing Jacob and Miranda Keyes race. It’s not an issue of whether or not their actors can play the role but its like making Sgt Johnson Mexican. It’s not representative of the character at all and it just seems like they’re doing it for race representation’s sake.

  42. The real master chief has blue eyes and blonde hair

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