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Halo TV Show Update and Pictures 2021 Release

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I hope you all enjoy this news update on the halo 2021 Tv show from 343 industries. Tell me what you all think about halo tv shows and live action versions! Do you like them or do you think they could be done alot better?

– Kiv


  1. You must not ever played a halo game cuz elites have always had four fingers or apandages. And as far as I know thats not 3 fingers thats 4. The last halo game I played was 5 years ago and I still remember they had 4 fingers. How the heck do you expect an elite to hold an energy sword with only 2 fingers? What species can survive on only 2 fingers?

  2. The Halo show is not canon to the game timeline. The show is just adapting the lore from games, books, comics et cetera to create an unconnected story with its own continuity. Characters like John 117, Cortana, Jacob Keyes and Catherine Halsey are already confirmed to be appearing in the series. Also in Halo legends Cortana wasn’t played by Jen Taylor though Her replacement Shelly Carlene-Black did a very good job imitating Jen.

  3. They don’t really seem to care about the established canon with this one so I wouldn’t be surprised if the elites had wrong number of fingers.

  4. Loved the live action ad campaigns and Forward Unto Dawn. Yeah Forward was a little awkward, but at least it showed a relationship between Lasky and Chief prior to meeting in Halo 4. Could have been fleshed out a little more in the game, but whatever.

  5. Why do I feel like the only person who is excited for this?

  6. I do not play Halo, I just recently watched the cutscene movies, and totally fell in love with Master Chief, Fred and of course Cortana. After reading that Fred, Kelly and Linda would be replaced with NEW spartans, FORGET IT, I wouldn't watch the new show if it SAVED MY LIFE !

  7. Can confirm Elites have 4 fingers, took a look at my elite warlord action figure and it's the right shape and size.

  8. This show is going to suck. %99 drama and %1 Fighting but we'll never see the aliens Halo TV show will suck I would rather have a Halo Legends like tv show

  9. forward unto dawn was honestly terrible same with nightfall. massively disappointing

  10. The live action short ones were awesome, loved the odst ones and the spartan makin

  11. What I want from Halo TV series is mystery, heroism, hope & courage.

  12. This show is gonna be hot garbage i hope its boycotted by the halo community

  13. Thumbs are not fingers, I dont know why but appearently that's true so.

  14. Elites have 4, I know this because the energy sword is ergonomically made for them, and I always wondered how MC holds it because it would be pretty uncomfortable to wield it

  15. I'm gonna flex and say I think your right its a jackal. Pretty sure its not a profit.

  16. Definitely an elite hand, jackals have 3 fingers, if you just google “halo elite hand” you will see it’s almost a perfect match

  17. Wow the battle rifles actually don’t look that bad. I wish everything was bungie’s model and I’m happy when I saw the battle rifles there half halo 2, 3 or infinites model but mostly I think it’s halo 2’s battle rifle model that I’m so happy

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