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Halo TV Show Update Captain Keyes Casted and People are MAD?!? Halo News Update

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Halo TV Show Update Captain Keyes Casted and People are MAD?!? Halo News Update on the Halo TV show. Captain Keyes is black and it has some people in an uproar about it. Personally I feel that Captain Keyes is black is an issue non-issue. The Halo TV series looks to be awesome in my opinion and some minor changes to characters is probably necessary to be able to tell the best story they can.


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  1. I just don't get how a franchise like Halo, with a fanbase like halo…. does this? It's just catering to an audience that wont watch it anyway…. its like I made a new Challenger GT and marketed it to soccer moms… whatever right? Another game adaptation down the shiter. We should be used to this by now. I mean if you magically woke up one morning and found out that an asian friend of ures was suddenly mexican… youd be like wtf?

  2. I usually see this kind of thing as an indicator for whats going to be going into the show. Focusing more on being PC than being good. I want to watch this kind of stuff to try and get away from reality not have people try to cram real world problems into the story.

  3. It's social justice warriors gone wrong. This is the ultimate blackface and they don't even realise it by trying to be diverse and inclusive 😒 the game is already diverse and they've just alienated everyone that isn't an idiot from their show. I think we can expect something along the lines of the new doctor who episodes.

  4. the new Keyes is a good actor, iv seen some of his other stuff and he rarely disappoints, but he would have made a much better Johnson.
    the new Miranda i think looks close enough to the original to have the part in my book, but thats just me.
    given race isn't a huge factor for halo characters, the only thing that really matters is can you recognise them across the media platforms, and in Jacob Keyes's case, you cant.
    id raise the same point if the captain was overweight, female, ginger, young, or gay because captain Keyes is established to be none of these things.
    if the shows genuinely good then ill forgive it, but deliberately selecting someone for diversity sake is usually a HUGE warning sign as its showing they are prioritizing the wrong things.

  5. This is textbook definition forced diversity.
    Honestly, at this point, anyone defending the cast of Keyes are just woke SJWs.
    This is completely against the lore.

  6. RDj played a black guy in tropic thunder, they might as well cast him as Johnson.

  7. I don't like characters being gender bent and race bent UNLESS if any of the other actors legitimately cannot capture the feel of the characters.

  8. Just cast an actor that fits the roll its not hard it dosnt matter how good the actor is if they dont fit the role dont cast them if someone is playing a already existing character they need to look as close to that character are possible if the character is originally white cast a white actor if the character is black cast a black actor if there asian cast a asian if there blue then paint there fucking skin blue if they not the same race as the character there playing then there not fit for the part and if you have a character thats not fit for the part playing that part it dosnt matter how good an actor they are the whole show will got to shit because you fucked up continuity if you want a show to succeed then dont fuck with continuity these type of shows are for the fans even if your trying not to make it for the fans its always that the fans who will watch it there your target audience if you dont make them happy then noone will watch your show

  9. 10/10 pandering
    if infinite sucks halo is doomed and Microsoft will take a huge hit
    why cant fucking SJWs leave anything be?

  10. er, Dr. Miranda Keyes? I mean sure Captain Keyes being black is…a little odd, but Miranda being a doctor just sounds ridiculous.

  11. Ah yes everyone remembers black keyes and miranda from halo ce

  12. The comparison of Keyes and Fury isn't really the best example. The movies are a separate universe from the comics, and characters can be a different race from their comic counterparts. Halo never really showed the existence of a multiverse, so if it's the same universe, then the race needs to be same or at least close. If they do say the show doesn't exist in the game's universe, then I am all for it.

  13. And they've cast a Russian/Eastern European character, Admiral Margaret Parangosky with an Indian actress… Shabana Azmi

  14. You know everyone's complaining about race is literally panting half the halo fanbase as a bunch of racist

  15. Oh I'm strongly against this. Sick of SJWs infecting our IPs & communities.
    That guy can easily play as Johnson but nope…

  16. Honestly I'm ok with Linda. She looks like Linda. Same hair and face.

  17. Idk why people care so much but I think they’ll do a amazing job😃

  18. "A minority is unhappy."
    * checks like/dislike ratio on this video

    Goes to hidden experia's video
    * checks like/dislike ratio


  19. It's a stupid decision TBH. Whether or not it's forced diversity (forgive me for being jaded about the intentions of a corporation that doesn't care about anything but money) it's about integrity to the character. I have no doubts about the talent of the actors, but it shows a lack of respect for the legacy of the characters.

    There's no good reason to race bend characters in halo. We're talking about a franchise that is established with an extremely diverse set of characters across the novels. You want diversity? Fine. Include interesting characters that are written for their race. There is plenty of room for them in a TV series that's supposed to be set during the Fall of Reach novel.

    But that's the issue, rather than taking the time to create interesting characters that could add diversity, AND contribute something extra to the story, they're taking the route we've seen taken by dozens of other movies and TV shows… they take existing characters that are beloved by the fandom, race bended so the studio can virtue signal, and (based on the track record of Hollywood as a whole) put no effort into writing an interesting character. Then, when the fans call out the nonsensical race change and lazy writing, they just pull the racism card to virtue signal some more. It's become a trope at this point.

    It's not Keyes being black that's inherently the issue, it's what race/gender bending signals that makes it an issue. If we had a lot of movies and TV shows that race bended characters that were well written, focused entirely on storytelling, and didn't shove it down our throats at every turn to virtue signal, nobody would care. The problem is that we can point to dozens of franchises that we've seen this happen with that have absolutely sucked.

    Sure, maybe this is the series that breaks the mold, and falls in the category of productions that does it right, but history tells us it's far more likely that it'll turn out to be yet another example of wokeness taking priority over the story.

  20. To be honest me growing up with halo and the books, I am not all for it with the race change. However, I am not against giving the people a try. I mean it depends how he plays keys. So I will be judging his performance not who he is. So either way I wish him the best. Be interesting to see an alternate universe. 🙏🏼

  21. What else make John a gay black transgender?

  22. This is the most retarded response I've ever seen.

  23. Let me make a Proud family movie adaptation with the proud family being white and see how people act then.. Fucking bullshit

  24. Fuck the new fans. If they arent a fan of Halo by now they never will, be such a ridiculous idea. The IP has been a thing almost as long as the Human-covenant war itself wtf!!

  25. I really hope they change this problem and fix this

  26. No blacks should be replacing captain KEEYS and Miranda KEEYS 🤢🤮 it’s not historically accurate cannon 😡

  27. My main issue is, and this goes for basically every time this happens in film/TV, is that the only reason they're doing it is to tick off a requirement. They're not blackwashing for any reason other than to meet some BS diversity quota, that in itself is awful. As somebody that's been playing Halo since I was 12, it's also very annoying that the continuity has been totally destroyed.
    It's just annoying that it's always the West that's told we need to be more diverse in every aspect of our life, meanwhile in Bollywood the ratio of Indian cast to non-indian cast is laughable, same with Japanese cinema, Chinese cinema, so on and so forth. Yet nobody ever talks about that, but if it's white film and TV then we're obliged to change everything to accommodate ethnic minorities

  28. Controversial opinion. They should cast people who look like the games.

  29. ok if robert downey jr is going to play Sargent Johnson, then he has to be the character he played in tropic thunder. When he turned himself black, I believed he was this other character. He's the only white man that can be a black man but it has to be that character

  30. Race swapping only works one way….. I mean for crying out loud SGT Johnson was black and loved, and if they said they were making him white fans would flip!.

    They just couldn't help adding agenda's into this could they… I mean bloody hell halo games are still coming out and they have already done something without care of the material, so that is a sign the series might be dog shit.

  31. Thr race change is irritating but not really the biggest problem, my issues are with stuff like Miranda being a doctor instead of the bad ass commander she was supposed to be (that's stupid) and the covenant taking in a human and raising them in the covenant, I could understand a covenant defective taking a kid but no full blown covenant would take in a human, the a species that considers humans heretics, so that's really dumb to

  32. So they blackwash captain keyes and completely leave out the 2nd baddest mf in halo sergeant johnson.. Make it make sense

  33. People saying “As long as he plays keys well”. Are part of the problem keys is white plain and simple. They said they were going to stay true to the lore and they didn’t it doesn’t matter how well he plays him what matters is keeping characters consistent. Is 343 going to go back and change keys to a black man in the games? Probably not. Why couldn’t they just make new characters instead of changing the race of solidified characters that play major roles in the lore. I don’t think this has anything to do with how the two actors act I believe this is a “woke” political move.

  34. I mean i knew this show was non canon is the mentionof requim in the poster reqeium was not discovered by the unsc untill the infinity finds chief on the planet requium and thats when chief discovers the diedact so the lore issues are what make me annoyed the most


  36. The bigots are getting mad a black character is been featured, typical white supremacist.

  37. I have very low expectations for the show it’s just not going to be what I was hoping for unfortunately. Is Johnson going to be white, is Masterchef going to be indian. Continuity changes bother me

  38. I love your points! I'm going into the show for the visuals and hoping that it's not so hideous to the average Halo fan that it's not bearable. If everyone plays their characters well i'll be ok with it. If they are clearly just bumbling around with story and using Halo to prop up views then i'm going to be insanely irritated but hey i just won't watch. Let the views and money paramount gets from us be the voice.

  39. I really don't see the point in making this as non-canon as they are. The Halo lore is deep and plentiful, making Miranda a doctor is a small to medium change, but how many of those changes are there? If it adds up enough to hinder the show's potential I will be extremely dissapointed.

  40. Captain keys has already appeared in game and In the Fall of Reach as a white guy this is cannon breaking. And I heard they have a white actor for SGT Johnson??? I want him to be black and have a lot of personality like our beloved SGT Johnson I'm okay with the girl playing CMDR Maranda Keys because you can work on making her look more like the on in say H2A in the makeup room.

  41. This information was in 2019 but just learned about it. You don't change characters, they fucked it up with changing the keys.

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