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Halo TV Shows Plot be Like…

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  1. Well you gotta admit in the show, the covenant can’t be that bad if Reach City still exists :D/ (lmao Reach will be glassed and maybe the show will be like whoa the covenant were bad guys all along…what a twist). I agree this show is garbage.

  2. Tha makes Sense, i like that aproach More to know máster chief better

  3. People that say they like this show and that they’re a fan of halo are liars

    How can you be a fan of the thing your defending when it’s nothing like what your a fan of

    Halo 2022 is shit!

  4. Covenant killed my father and friends. UNSC are the worst!!!!!!!!!! 🤪
    – Halo Tv show writers: we're so creative

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