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Hidden Details and Easter Eggs in Halo’s TV Show Trailer

Red Nomster
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I even added a cool little flicker effect to Cortana bro like
Solving Halo’s Oldest Easter Egg:

love you guys, happy hunting. 😀
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  1. I will not sleep until the Tahoe is in the Halo games and blue Cortana is in the Halo tv show
    Love you guys <3 WATCH MY MYSTERY PLAYLIST if you haven't bro what are you doing 🥺

  2. Idk if we should consider the show to be cannon. Chevy tahoes shouldn't exist in that time lol

  3. I think your Halo 3 copy might be scratched, my ending was different

  4. There is also a 2001 chevy trailblazer in the trailer

  5. If you're wondering why there's a human working for the covenant, it's because i believe this silver timeline will have the humans BE the forerunners, like in Bungies original vision. Which is why chief is bio-scanned, gets the vision, gets shown the reclaimer symbol, etc. So in this timeline, the humans aren't the "forerunner's"/precursors chosen like it was described in 343's take in 4-infinite. Here, i think the ancient humans are the forerunners, so the entire hierarchy of the covenant will be threatened. I feel the covenant(the prophets) will realize this, being that the humans are actually their "gods", but to save their covenant they declare humans not so, and wages a war to instead of complete annihilation, to enslave and conquer in the name of their false "great journey", so they can more easily access forerunner tech as well. Also, the goal of this covenant human is basically: fighting a force with internal conflicts is easier than one that's unified. Which is why, a human is put to the task of getting humanity to surrender, instead of opting for complete extinction, and may form a cult-like rebellion for the covenant. just my thoughts

  6. 13th comment: I'm early… Do you think the TV series will change the function of halo ring and the relation between mankind and forerunners?

  7. stop making cortana blue… make her purple!

    joking aside. great video. crazy how much detail you can squeeze out of such a short trailer. And you dig so deep. love it.

  8. The name Dortmund is from a german city in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), some Mjolnir Armor is made in Essen also a city in NRW when i remember it correctly.

  9. Im not too confident in the show being good but im excited to see your videos on it

  10. I have a theory about humans being a part of the Covenant in this "Silver Timeline" that personally makes sense to me.

    In Halo Wars Prof. Anders was abducted to try and activate the Forerunner fleet (I think I cant remember exactly what it was). In halo 2 and 3 we've seen both Keyes and Johnson get abducted in attempt to activate Halo. In Halo 4 both Halsey and Glassman were abducted for similar use by Jul. And after the covenant fell we know the Banished at one time had humans in their ranks, the Keepers of The One Freedom also had humans in their ranks and it benefited both groups due to humans being able to interact and use Forerunner facilities, weapons, and equipment. So my theory in this silver timeline, is that the Covenant at one point truly realized this and indoctrinated a human or group of humans to use as keys in a sense. Would of been a whole lot easier for them to initiate the great journey if they had them in the primary timeline. 🤷‍♂️

    Depending on how the shows released, since you've brought some new light to it, I'll either wait till the very end, set up a trial account and binge watch it or make one the day the episodes drop and judge it then rather then hate on it now.

  11. Damn, Nomster! Great vid once again!!!

  12. "Or maybe it's 343 trying to figure out how to make Cortana blue."
    Wow my boy red nomster is a savage!

  13. Commenting before I watch. Dear gods I hope your video makes this tv show more watchable when it comes. Because Sweet fucking flaming bags of dogshit, that trailer did not fill me with any kind of hope.

  14. I been seeing everyone call that dropship a pelican but I'm almost 100% certain that its a D80 Condor, like the one we see crashed in Infinite.

  15. I’ll need to work my brain hard to separate this ‘Silver timeline’ from 21 years of rich canon lore now. Bloody hell😂

  16. ur my favorite halo channel at the moment. keep it up bro !

  17. I can't believe they made the men in black canon. Can't wait to see Will Smith…
    But in all seriousness, I've been longing for someone to dive into these things.

  18. Agent 4Kmustache must defend the early 2000s Chevy Tahoe!

  19. Just finished a night shift, it’s 7:23am and I’m ready to dive in.

  20. I don think it's DC EDON, as the 'DC' logo can be seen on top of the writing on the wall, it would look awkward to have the logo 2x, one just above the other. Another thing is you can see that the 'DC' logo has the 'horizontal extent' of the 'D' and the 'C' somewhat close to the 'vertical extent', making each side square. Also there's a clear separation from the 2 parts, whereas on the 'XEDON' none of this features are present.

  21. I don't have any faith the show will be particularly good, but I'll still enjoy watching your videos since you still have the best Halo content on youtube

  22. 4:10 it could be grunt in the back of the hog, would make sense as it could be a prisoner or defector

  23. I’m optimistic about the show… I just hope they don’t have chief take his helmet off and show his face… great video bro

  24. Then it turns out DC shoes have paid for a major product placement in the show.

  25. Is it possible that China financed the production because … was there ever a Zheng-He class courier in the Halo series?

  26. Was waiting for your video. All your videos are download by YouTube (the halo ones)

  27. Rn you are one of my top 5 fav halo YouTubers. Keep the vids coming cuz im addicted to them.

  28. I’m super excited about this show. Until it comes out I’m loving winding up toxic idiots and incels online who are butthurt by the inclusion of women and non-white characters. I’m guessing in the future when facing a truly alien threat they wouldn’t care much about 20th century style bigotry.

  29. All these people complaining about making Cortana blue. None of yall are true fans. True Halo fans would demand a purple Cortana. As was her original color scheme.

  30. 4:12 it my be a hunter worm vontrolling the warthog thw with hair mught be that girl that seem to work with the coventant because hunter worms apeared to be with her when she entered the base

  31. Omg This is Fantastic With 4K HDR Color Grading Can You Do This For The Trailer Please Great Job

  32. Changg’gagamo 💪🏽🔥🙏🦇 what a find, the possibilities are endless, here’s hoping they have huge stuff in the works with all these sleuthing opportunities

  33. The music, if they can just fix that, I'll be a happy man.

  34. Please don't ever look at my facebook Nomster. Your eye for detail has me worried you'll decipher the cryptic code within the timeline created by non-sequential posts, and i didn't even put a bloody code in there.

    Another awesome video <3

  35. How the FUCK did you put that together? This in a way is almost more impressive than the other videos. Like wtf

  36. ur vids are too good shame on youtube for not recommending this one I had to come manually watch it

  37. Yes. I remember driving the chevy with the arbiter doing dj riding shotgun and finishing the fight. Good memories!

  38. Dude, your videos are great and always leave me wanting more. +1 Sub

  39. the men in black might be unsc marines wearing black so nobody knows theyre operating on that world why would they be wearing cloaks instead of armor without insignias ill tell u bc it looks cool

  40. Didnt get a notification for this QQ but luckily checked the discord channel just now

  41. Thoughts on the Men in Black;
    They may be local militia/Inssurectionist members, who come to the settlement to help fight off the Covenant attackers who're there to find the Artifact. The Spartans join and all three factions eventually unite under the common goal of asset denying whatever the Covenant are seeking.

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