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High Charity In Halo TV Series Vs High Charity In Halo 2

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Only a small comparison as we havnt seen much of high charity in the tv show !

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  1. I like the organic look on the tv series.

  2. They nailed the look of The High Charity!

  3. I think the least of this show's problems are visually speaking. The biggest issues are story direction and writing.

  4. …….Halo had a TV series?………LETSSSS GOOOOOOO

  5. It does look a bit more like an actual city in the show, 0:42 looks a bit sterile compared to what you can see in 0:16

  6. Do they show the Inner Sanctum of the Hierarchs? We saw it in Halo 2 and First Strike described it as being ornamented with the fused glass of the various worlds the Covenant had conquered.

  7. i actually like how it looks.
    although that white hallway section is a little off-putting.
    sad how we can't actually see that city part

  8. I think the overall shape of High Charity from the Prophet's perspective was influenced by their homeworld being guarded/orbited for millenia by a Forerunner fortress ship whose description matches HC pretty closely-
    A forward hemisphere and long spinal with hundreds of tailed arrays.

  9. Wasnt high charity destroyed in halo 2 by the flood?

  10. I think the Monolithic look fits the Forerunners, the organic design makes it look generic honestly..

  11. Anniversary is not the original, not good comparison, you showed H2A but no H2.

  12. I’ve always noticed that High Charity looks like a giant mushroom in outer space.

  13. i prefer the halo 2 version but this is fine too

  14. Now when I first saw High Charity, I loved the exterior appearance in the TV series, honestly looks like what a Holy City would look like, illuminated like that of a place of holy worship, now from the interior we were able to see, the city in the background looks like it does in Halo 2, I think the hallway where Mercy and Sangheili guards were walking through was just that area for the main room for that scene where we see the human character. I think we will see more familiarity interiors with more scenes inside High Charity in future episodes.

  15. Out of curiosity, why didn't you compare it with the Halo 2 Remaster version?

  16. Me: Mom can we get [High Charity]?
    Mom: We have [High Charity] at home.
    [High Charity at home.]
    Jokes aside it does look pretty good

  17. In the show, the smoother surface of the ship makes it less obvious that it was made initially from the moon of the home world of the San'shyuum, which they fled from as their star died.

    The scale of the upper city is clearly inferior. It's visually more comprehensible that way, making it closer visually to a regular human city, but it sets back the immeasurable grandeur of High-Charity that we had in Halo 2.

    Overall, it's a watered down experience to make it more intellectually manageable for normies.

    In short: that's lazy work.

  18. I hope there'll be more character to the Covenant in the tv series.
    I'd like to see the grunts, Lekgolo, Brutes, Kigyar, and their Hive abominations

  19. Damn, that music always gets me in the feels.

  20. It kinda irks me that they say "Covenant Command" and not "Covenant Holy City" like in the game. The Covenant is centered around their religion so it's kinda important. Idk maybe I'm nitpicking

  21. why did they decided to make the corridors white in the show for mercy’s chamber? wow

  22. This show is disgusting and an insult to Halo.

  23. some of the CGI is pretty good (Prophet of Truth), some is bad (high motion CGI like the spartants jumping). my primary issues are with casting and character roles. miranda keyes simply needs a better actor. drastically changing her story and role is going to make her hard enough to like without bad acting. parangoskys actor should make you fear for the life of everyone in the room with her. I still can't decide if this character's deficit is the actors fault, the writers, or both. I was really looking forward to seeing some parangosky wrath, but she seems to be a pushover so far. she's not even remotely intimidating. at least the people who know who she is should be very visibly afraid when speaking with her. (Halsey excluded) not presenting parangosky as a cold 90+ year old woman was a mistake. when you see an admiral at that age, any logical person would recognize the only way noone has taken the admiral's place yet, and be rightfully afraid of them.

  24. Wishing they just used blur for majority of the cutscenes of locations and stuff, they do amazing shit in regards of CGI.

  25. It's almost the same but it's all the small changes that itl me. Calling it "covenant command", how small the actual city looks in comparison to halo 2's version, whatever the hell that white stuff is on the inside. It's okay I guess

  26. It looks pretty good except for all the white but of course they then had to ruin the moment with a human being in the Covenant and seemingly being as high as rank if not higher than a fucking prophet.

    I'm pretty sure they did this thinking they were being clever and realistic, as though the games could have never thought of such an idea. The problem being of course the entire reason the Covenant is eradicating humanity is because the current prophets learned the Covenant races are not the ones meant to reclaim Forerunner technology; humans are. Which completely undermines the Covenant religion and would threaten their position if that information got out. In the show it almost seems as though they don't know Humanity are the reclaimers. Which again undermines the entire Halo universe. They don't need to follow the game's plotline beat for beat but holy shit don't change how the entire universe is set up. It's not Halo at that point.

  27. Still a goddamn travesty the music in the show is so damn generic. Like, what on earth were they thinking when they were listening to Halo's divine soundtrack and thought "You know what'd make this better? If we changed it into indistinguishable generic Hollywood action music, that's what!"

  28. Blur done a great job, sad to see that the first episode of the show is already worrying, Blur coulda done the cgi so much better and shit a whole show of just blur animation would be better from what we've seen so far

  29. I think we wre lied to when that article came out saying the writers never played the games.

  30. I still don’t understand why the put a human in the covenant.

  31. I love how bitchy video game fans get with their film adaptations, this is probably one of the best adaptations and I hope it doesn’t fail

  32. This is amazing. Building a film set out in space. Remarkable

  33. Damn that background song put tears in my eyes

  34. everyone be like "it's missing core things like BASIC COLOR SCHEMES but its still good".

    This is literally a perfect example of how people can be dumb but not realize it. Stop giving Paramount any credit for stealing a franchise you liked and getting hypnotized simply by name in the title. You are the person letting everything go to shit by having such low standards.

  35. Love you have to ass music to make it seem cooler

  36. Covenant are definitely not ones to listen to the leadership or take orders from a human. One of the many reasons i dont see this show going past season 1.

  37. You just can’t mess with Bungies vision. All of their material looks just too perfect

  38. you should've used some shots from the beginning of halo 2

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