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High Charity Looks Lore Accurate in the New Halo TV Show

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  1. It look like a shiny penis head with a spine…

  2. Too bad the soundtrack was medicore with the episode, especially the High Charity scenes. I was hoping something similar to the Covenant themes in Halo 2.

  3. That music matches. Too bad it ain’t in the show.

  4. Alien, action they got it but human character garbage

  5. That’s not lore accurate though? We have the cross section of High Charity from the one of the Halo books and it isn’t like this at all.

  6. My mom said it was a giant mushroom and I tried to explain that it was the capital city of the aliens. She just laughed and said it’s a giant fucking space mushroom. I love my mom.

  7. No amount of lore correction on High Charity will fix what they did to Captain and Miranda Keyes.

  8. For everyone having a good time just wait for the landslide that is episode two. Straight downhill.

  9. All Ima say is them prophets Must like the magic 😵‍💫

  10. If you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you
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    Those who receive me, receive the Holy Spirit who changes hearts and makes them new
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    But I’m found when you’re heart is subdued
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  11. For those wondering why tgere wasn't a paramount+/infinite ingane colliboration, it might've been part of season 2 of infinite which iirc was pushed back

  12. It should look lore accurate! Why they thought it was a good idea to make everything else as far from lore accurate as you can get is beyond me. Especially when they have already written well made and loved scripts with the first few books… and then spin offs with contact harvest, the cole protocol, and ghosts of onyx. Hell, do you know how much praise they would get if they made a lore accurate mini series showing gage yevgenny’s story?! Nah, let’s risk a hundred mil by completely redoing the story and the characters in general that millions already loved (this chief is nothing like the actual chief besides the armor). The lack of common sense is amazing.

  13. High charity looks great, the armour looks great, the violence and brutality of the covenant is great, but the writing and narrative direction are really killing my buzz for this show. It’s like you have all the ingredients to make a cake and you use them to try and make spaghetti. I’ll keep watching, hoping it only gets better.

  14. What we are seeing is fans of the game series fight fans of the series. There going to be differences since the game wasn’t the focus and the books were

  15. When you first saw High Charity, were you blinded by its majesty?

  16. With execption of Cortana, everything looks pretty spot on, even if a lot of liberties have taken to the Covenant's design. While it may look like a giant mushroom (which it still did in the game, though it was more metallic) , it does have a feeling of something breathtaking and outwardly to the point human eyes could fascinated by what the Covenant had manage to accomplish in their thousand year reign. Not to mention, it looks the made the San'Shyuum more unsettling, creepy and even more mysterious in their presence. You can easily tell they were elements of Palpatine taken into designing the Prophets.

  17. Surface details. Like stormtroopers in Star Wars and Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout.

    The nitty gritty details people look for are lacking. Like character and story for example.

  18. So to confirm, has the covenant actually got a human leader or not? Because that took me by surprise, as I thought Covenant hated humans, and the only humans to ever be on High Charity were prisoners, if any.

  19. It’s the only lore accurate part of the show, and chiefs armor.

  20. Delta halo suite. The underrated younger brother of the Halo them. Nice

  21. Annnnd there's a woman in it acting all high and might yasss queennn……

  22. R3C0N NAT10N [Richard "Revan" Kazuto] says:

    Channels my inner Director Krennic: Oh its beautiful

  23. Master Chief is way better than Mastercheeks says:

    It’s giving some Halo 2 vibes by seeing these awesome shots of the city and high charity it’s self

  24. So we know this this series takes place before Halo 2

  25. The visuals in this show are jarring to me. You have amazing stuff like this, then you’ll see CGI blood and an unpainted plasma pistol. The weird mix of quality and terrible visuals makes me wonder how much of a mess the production is behind the scenes.

  26. Meanwhile Flood … "Can we eat that?" 😀

  27. Wait till you see the BLESSED ONE. It a complety bullshit moment

  28. High Charity has and will always remind me of a giant space-mushroom 😄

  29. It may look lore accurate but is it Xbox live compatible?

  30. Still can't believe that it took 38 days for the Flood to fully infect that thing!

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