How everyone reacted to the Halo Show 😅 #shorts #halo -

How everyone reacted to the Halo Show 😅 #shorts #halo

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Tell me I’m wrong lmao but no if you enjoyed the Halo show that’s perfectly fine, this was just made for a quick laugh, there are certain parts I quite liked but imo these scenes were so out of place for a Halo show and definitely dragged it down. Hopefully season 2 has competent writers who understand Halo.

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  1. "It's called creative license"

    Yes but your goal was to get the audience of a certain well defined character to watch it… and never bothered to watch any of the trailers OR cutscenes

    You're not pitching to 8 year olds who want fidget spinners, you're pitching to 20 to 30 year olds a tv show that'll costs tens of thousands of dollars per episode

  2. Out of all the things to hate about this show, my absolute most favorite to hate is how the show took the face reveal so serious. Like, nobody wanted to see Chiefs face, and even if we did it's literally the first fucking episode you haven't earned such a dramatic reveal, we havent even had time to care about your version of Chief (assuming he was going to be a character worth caring about)

  3. Idk personally i liked it but i didnt like how it wasnt related to the games at all and just dropped sliver team instead of blue team

  4. That man is not Master Chief, he's not even John Halo or Master Cheeks. He is Jimmy Rings at best and this show was not Halo.

  5. This is soooooooo stupid like where is all his battle scars paramount thinks its a romantic experience it's not, ***100% rotten tomatoes for paramount ruining master chief legacy even the animation is better and it shows his battle scars unlike this stupid shit, stupid actor stupid director, JUST STUPID

  6. "This show is something else!" That's putting it lightly! 😅🤣

  7. The ending was dumb asf just like Master Cheeks

  8. Disgusting. How dare he show physical attraction. Wtf literally.

  9. It’s a damn Halo Soap Opera. Just leave our stuff alone from now on. No more shows based on our beloved things.

  10. This isn't the master chief the characterization is all wrong.

  11. Literally there is so much source material they can pull from to make a show that doesn't suck…

  12. Did he use fedex of ups to deliver the package?

  13. Do you want the show to just be mint blasting mofos? Cuz that’s already a thing

  14. Man that girl cute ass hell an yall know it

  15. based on seeing his face and that early in the show I will not be watching .

  16. 117 just delevered a biological cell package inside a biological container.

  17. This master chief in a different time zone😂 not the video game chief

  18. Title should be how virgins react to the halo tv show

  19. At least they didn’t make him gay

  20. I like the first 5 or 6 episodes but got bored. and just lost the will to pay attention

  21. That show was and difference BS storyline that didn't make sense. To me at least. Rarely any action and reminded me of Neo from The Matrix how he was always asking Why.

  22. TV series is non canon and you will not convince me otherwise

  23. When he took off his helmet and said “If you wanna kill me, you’re gonna need to aim here.” I wish she’d fucking done it. Would’ve saved us all so much trouble. It’s irreparable what they’ve done to Halo’s story in this series. Reach is likely to fall because ol’ Jimmy Rings here wanted to get his dick wet.

  24. The Halo TV show is 343's version of Halo. It's what they've been trying to turn the games into. Now we know why their games have been shit.

  25. As a halo fan since 2000 it wasn't bad and I think everyone is asking for too much😊

  26. That show man.. every time you think it wont stoop lower, it somehow does.


  28. Kinda went from a badass 1 man army to a teenager…

  29. I Enjoyed The show .. May Be Because I Haven't Played The Game And not aware about the storyline in thay

  30. This is what’s called “character assassination” they took EVERYTHING that Master Chief was known and loved for, and what made him such an icon for a generation of fans, and literally and figuratively stripped him of all of it, and metaphorically rapped him

  31. Is it safe to say this show made halo 5 look good?

  32. Let's not forget the head of 343 industries green lid this abomination. Good job frank o connel, I'm glad you got fired.

  33. And just like that they also screwed over noble team. 😢

  34. This isn't even the worst part. The worst is that kwan or some Korean bimbo throwing a tantrum and you just want to throw the damn remote at her

  35. Thats not even how his helmet opens 😭😭

  36. This aint the chief. Its the master cheeks.

  37. Yeah, that's not the canon way of "Master Chief f*cking the Covenant"… 🤔 Not at all.

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