How Kiki Wolfkill Went from Racecar Driver to Executive Producer of the Paramount+ Halo TV Series -

How Kiki Wolfkill Went from Racecar Driver to Executive Producer of the Paramount+ Halo TV Series

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Join Sydnee Goodman on the set of the Halo TV show to chat with the big boss in charge of the whole Halo franchise, Kiki Wolfkill.

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Kiki Wolfkill has been a professional race car driver (ranked #15th in 2000), created one of the most successful esports leagues (Halo Championship Series), and was named one of Fortune Magazine’s “10 Most Powerful Women in Gaming”, but first and foremost, she is a GAMER! Currently, she’s the Head of Halo Transmedia and Entertainment, tasked with taking a beloved franchise and adapting it for TV…no easy feat. But how did she get there and where is she looking to go next? What can we learn from Kiki’s path to inform our own paths to success?

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  1. Im sorry, a racecar driver? Lmao how is that even remotely reasuring. Its cool, but sounds awful

  2. why give someone who contributed to the worst halo games and made the worst decisions the position of executive producer of the show and then also tell us how she used to be a race car driver like that shows us that youre totally qualified in making anything remotely related to halo. This shows gonna bomb hard.

  3. Kiki Wolfkill is the most badass name I’ve heard in a while – love it

  4. Wthhh Sydnee is back,thats shocking for me😊😀

  5. Chief barley talks how would he work in a show, like in games we play has him so we’re still being entertained

  6. Hasn’t this show lost like 3 showrunners already lol

  7. Cause she’s a badass… Meet her a few times and she was always so nice!

  8. When was this filmed? Sydney Goldman left IGN.

  9. Kiki Wolfkill is the second most badass name I’ve ever heard of a woman having.

  10. We been talking about this halo tv series for a decade now haven’t we ?🤣😭😭.

  11. Truly inspiring, how a already successful woman became even more successful

  12. This is why so many shows fail. They hire the wrong people. Sickening.

  13. If they do this right it could be an awesome show

  14. more than anything, feel like Sydnee is getting a lot of career advice. Solid vid.

  15. D1versity hire anyone? Confirmed: This is going to be bad but we all knew that already.

  16. If any of the episodes have anything to do with a woke topic im out. If Grunts get offended they are called grunts IM OUT!

  17. Should've taken lots of inspiration from the cut scenes… most people love the Halo cut scenes so a TV series that captures that feel will own.

  18. Whhhhhhhaaaast need Xbox can’t wait for the halo show

  19. What we wanted to see: Halo TV show news

    What we got: No Halo TV show news

    Hello darkness my old friend.

  20. why all the dislikes? kiki seems legit

  21. Can't wait to watch this show!!! Kiki is awesome and Pablo Schreiber as John 117 is going to nail it!

  22. So Kiki's the big Boss. Pro race driver and Overseer of transmedia department within 343. That fabulous UNSC Tee shirt. and Bi-boost energy drinks! Say no more, say no more… Can't wait to see the reviews of this show!

  23. She’s hot, her name’s hot, and her job is HOT

  24. All great video game adaptations start with "we are putting a different spin on it"….right?

  25. Kiki ruined the Halo campaigns so badly that they had to bring Joe Staten back, and now they’re giving her the reins on the tv show? You’ve got to be kidding me. Facepalm.gif

  26. Putting someone with zero capable understanding of how to make movies, and putting them in charge of it? Yeah their about to ruin halo just like disney ruined star wars.

  27. saw her with conan and first heard the name

  28. This lady was the showerunner of halo 4. I don't have too high hopes to be honest.

  29. Kiki! Where is our trailer? XD
    give us a teaser!

  30. Is it just me or does this woman not sound excited to work on this show?

  31. She's got some really big expectations to shoulder, and stepping into some shoes the Halo community might rather leave unfilled. But hopefully, this will be OKAY unlike all the other godawful game movies/shows I've seen

  32. It’s really awesome to see the behind the scenes of not just the show but also Wolfkill’s journey thru gaming and behind the scenes of halo 4!

  33. Of course its a woman who is blackwashing Halo… Fkin disgusting

  34. My only question is when is it going to take place In the halo timeline, or will this take place in its own universe?

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