How The Halo TV Series SHOULD Have Ended... -

How The Halo TV Series SHOULD Have Ended…

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  1. I agree and know the covent will find reach becase of it

  2. Worse than Halo 5 Guardians?
    Honestly I’d rather watch Battlefield Earth than see the Halo Series from Paramount ever again.

  3. That would honestly have been a far better ending than whatever circus we have to deal with in the show.

  4. And then because she doesn’t know how to pilot the Pelican, she dies too. We’re saved from the show ever happening!

  5. That was not John Halo, it was Jimmy Rings

  6. and I thought the camera angle fading without the face reveal was how it should have ended, was not expecting that gunshot.

  7. Better one. Take off the helmet to reveal just another helmet

  8. 0:32 dunno why his helmet needs to do that to be taken off, he literally takes it off all the time and it never does that again

  9. Guys. Ik why it ended the way it did. Now chief says nothing, just has subtle nods. Killing John made it so Cortana became us essentially. The player. Hence why she says in the end the king and the pawn go back in the same box. She's the king, the player, and he was the pawn all along. But in the end they go to the same place. Point being, season 2 is gonna be alright at the least. Now chief will start acting himself but less like the one they've been portraying, and only just now explaining it very vaguely and methodically. Chief is now Cortana, she's an AI with a physically augmented super soldier in mega armor, the strength of that combo is immense. She can see everything, and calculate chances, take them, and maneuver through them with pinpoint accuracy. This could be their way of bringing chief up to par while explaining the player in a game aspect, and making sure he's lore accurate in skill and luck. Or what others see as luck. Maybe since chief is dead and she's fused part of him wakes up at some point and he talks again but sounds grumbly like the chief we love, and they're given another Cortana. Or maybe why he never takes off his helmet, all they'll see is a dead man. Who knows. All I know is at least they have a good version of chief now. Very pissed though it happens at the end. And also by making it kinda morbid… He could have just spoke very little, never had sex, killed more covanent instead of go on wild adventures, and we would have the same effect. But nope ⚰️ he's dead and his body is an avatar for a game called war that an AI is playing.

  10. And then all the halo fans lived happily after

  11. If this show didn't have the title Halo on it. Would I watch it. ……… Probably not. The show isn't good and shits on the lore. Why would you bang a covenant prisoner/spy? That's not in your training anywhere that might be a FREAKING TRAP?!?!

    Cortana -117 is a better Master chief

  12. Honestly it really hurt when my friend who had no experience with halo watched the show and said “the Halo Games must be trash if the TV show was that horrible” couldn’t convince him to buy the game after this monstrosity.

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