How The Halo TV Show Was Ruined -

How The Halo TV Show Was Ruined

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In this video i explore why the Halo TV show was so profoundly bad and what it says about the creativity crisis plaguing America

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  1. Look, I don't give a flying french toast about Halo..but when the freaking Batman uploads, imma click it.

  2. Glad to have you back been waiting for a big name to finally speak up about the Dumpster Trash Halo show that I keep seeing average Nobody's who know nothing about the franchise say they like it, nothing more infuriating.

  3. This nigga posted something. I ain’t even into halo but imma watch.

  4. I think it's more of an issue of talentless nepo babies than anything to do with college. There isn't a lack of talent. There's a lack of hiring the talent that already exists.

  5. Don’t agree with every point, but so glad you’re back man. You always manage to tie everything together with an original thesis, and are well spoken throughout. Hope 2024 treats u better ❤

  6. if you guys want "halo tv done right" I recommend the "forward unto dawn" movie.
    Also you're spot on with the analysis, holy crap.

  7. Just rewatched your old videos again a few days ago and he’s backkkkkk lfg

  8. god, it’s so good to have a fresh upload. you’re one of like 5 creators i’ve ever seen who can consistently make something worthwhile.

  9. I'd like to see a star wars property where dark side or dark side acts are not inherently evil

  10. I don’t get attacking people doing college? The only reason people do college is people feel like it’s the only option to have any career in life. I haven’t met one person saying they would do college if it didn’t feel like an obligation. A bit weird but your opinion ig.

  11. Do you think it’d be wrong in saying this is more an issue if wanting to be creative in the wrong area? As in trying to be creative with the story instead of keeping that the same as the games and being creative elsewhere? Yes, they were not very creative with the new story, but why did they try to be creative there at all?

  12. god i missed you so much. you have no idea. you were one of the brightest things about my childhood. stick around for a while longer dobbins.

  13. I mean disney got rocked at box office in 2023 by netflix. So not even crappy super hero movies will save us this year lol. Disney is hella in dumpster heap rn

  14. See the problem I have with it is , I've been a halo fan since day 1 been playing over 20 years now , and yes the first season was awful , second season will probably be the same , but I still gotta watch it regardless

  15. Goddamn I missed your (seemingly) unhinged yet accurate rants brother, it has been far too long 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Welcome Back. Heck, I never watched S1, I checked Angry Joe's vids on it. But even those type of video just gotta stop. So these shows can die.

    And the Star Wars & Jurassic Park sequels are nowhere near this. Neither of them went out of the way to just not follow the source at all, didnt have that nonsense that occurred with Netflix Witcher, Netflix Resident Evil, T6 Dark Fate & others where these people just outright hate fans of the franchise, dont give af about the source & want to make their own thing but dont have the balls to make an original IP, and instead hide behind a well known IP.

    Seriously, having Master Chief show his face so early, the fact that they didnt save it like The Mandalorian, shows where their mindset is at. Oh, and then there's the kid that had alot of screentime.

    But I know Star Wars complainers are gonna compare that to Old Luke, even though in the end he sacrificed himself to save others. Plus, the actor is old, we were lucky we got the Sequels with the old cast when we did.

    Oh, and if anybody says that Luke & the rest should've been recasted, Disney slowly tried that with Han Solo's film & people complained. And they'll most likely try again with Heir To The Empire. But can you imagine if the Sequels recasted Luke & the rest, just to do the story with the characters in their 40s, the complaints would've been a storm. It'd be greater than the Prequels & Sequels complaints combined.

  17. i haven't watched the show in a minute & the channel.

  18. I've missed you Bdobbins, from when I was in highschool to a full grown adult I've missed your commentary.

  19. GODDAMN…!
    Well said, sir!

  20. bro spent half of this vid talking about how creativity is dying and how we need to abolish college and im for it.
    edit: wow, I just realized that I've been watching you for at least 9 years now. cheers

  21. bro disappears and comes back once a year like santa clause

    good to have you back mate! your commentary on ubi completely changed my view on politics when you dropped it

  22. The thing that breaks me is that strong characterization in the Halo should COULD have worked, thr Chief-Cortana study was the only good part of Halo 4 but they had to scrap that too 🙄

  23. Good to see you again. Things are hard but wish you a good luck

  24. Bad and selfish take. Even if the show is garbage 1/10, it will still make new people curious to check out the lore and maybe even start the games. Even if its 1% of the viewers, it's still more people. It's how I got into Halo, never played the game before, someone recommened me the show, I watched it, got curious, downloaded the games. I don't understand this mindset of gatekeeping franchises.

  25. Bdobbins finally remembered his password

  26. Band of Brothers style halo tv show man

    Imagine the human covenant war from the perspective of a randomass marine fighting these physically superior foes. Imagine seeing the Master Chief from his perspective, the only thing around that cannot be moved no matter what stands before him. That would be a really cool dynamic for a Halo TV show.

    On second thought I wonder how many ass shots we'll get of master chief this season

  27. Omg he mentioned Eragon! Talk about a screwed up adaptation…

  28. You know, I recently went through my YouTube subscriptions and unsubscribed to all channels that stopped uploading. When I came across bdobbins, I stopped and thought for a while then decided to keep it. Than he uploads 2 weeks later. I think I had a premonition.

  29. It's funny that you mention "Almost as if they were looking for an instruction manual." They HAD an instruction manual, which were the games themselves. AND THEY REFUSED TO PLAY THEM, because "we're not making a video game, so we didn't play the games, or watch them, or talk about them." Shit was so infuriating to read and when the series turned out to be a shithole absolutely nobody was surprised.

  30. its been a crazy couple years but im back for good now guys….stay tuned much love

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