How Will Microsoft Develop the Halo TV Series? - Xbox One Reveal -

How Will Microsoft Develop the Halo TV Series? – Xbox One Reveal

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Can Microsoft afford to sustain a successful television franchise?

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How Will Microsoft Develop the Halo TV Series? – Xbox One Reveal


  1. I love how he tries saying it's just like watching arrested development on netflix lol. Ya, sure, if netflix was solely available only on a 500 dollar console, causing it to only be viewable by a select amount of people also while attempting to force more console sales just so people can see a tv show…. Then yes its exactly the same.

  2. i really hope they do it right with seasons and on HBO with high end actors and writers

  3. Get Starz to take it, I need something new to watch now that Spartacus is finished. Matter of fact get the Spartacus writers on the case and I think it would be gold.

  4. If I'm forced to pay more to watch this then Microsoft can forget it, but if they eventually release the series on Blu-Ray then sure, I'll buy it.

  5. I'm still not buying it. Once 343 had their hands on Halo, everything went downhill. FUD was an ok show. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say it was terrible for the fact that I actually did watch it, myself. I just know for a fact that everything big, usually goes downhill. That goes to show, when Bungie gave up Halo to 343, it went downhill. Now let's see how long this TV series will last.

  6. how was it full of plot holes? And I thought the gameplay was great

  7. The biggest one being how chief survives the nuke, it was impossible. And the gameplay was laggy crap. They sacrificed frames per second, and a decent co-op just for pointless graphics. Co-op was practically unplayable in campaign, MP lagged way harder than any other Halo, the frames per second flew around anywhere from 20-30 FPS, and a the weapon balance. Don't even get me started on the weapon balance. The game was as turd and the population is reflecting it, don't be a fanboy.

  8. If I do not get a Xbox one I will never be able to watch it!

  9. Please release it in blue ray or I will be forced to torrent

  10. The frames per second were the same as the past Halos, why are you complaining now? Also the weapons were very balanced, idk if you were playing the same game as me. I do agree on the fact that Halo 4 lagged a lot more.

  11. Cortana save him from dieing dumbass did you even pay attention.

  12. No, no she doesn't. Everything that could possibly emit a field to maintain a barrier strong enough to survive a nuke was entirely destroyed by that same nuke. See the giant debris field, moron. It was impossible. No physics, no space magic, no nothing. The game simply CANNOT explain his survival, luck doesn't even factor in. The Master Chief is dead, end of story. And by "main characters" I meant Cortana, mainly. She's a main character, but you're simply too dumb to know that.

  13. My worry is Spielberg, he really is more of a flashy mainstream director, he rarely has a good story to tell in his films.

    For example the transformer films, those were of course cg becuase of the bots but no real story. Just alot of cgi and explosions.
    Even the classical et, tere is seriously no story in that movie.
    I mean a kid finds him self a pet alien and all he does in the film is try to keep it hidden while misfortune occures.
    Im really worried for 343 and the direction there going.

  14. Two words hell yes they have billions of dollars a tv show will put maybe a scratch

  15. Alright smart guy, what in particular did she safe Chief with, anything that could sustain a barrier strong enough to hold off the force of a nuclear bomb was entirely destroyed. He's in a debris field, what's left to save him? Absolutely nothing. Also please refrain from calling others a dumb ass when you can't capitalize a sentence, capitalize names, spell Chief correctly, and end a sentence with a period.

  16. The story was good too but you're right the target went too low and they should have kept with the more mature feel.

  17. She created a hard light barrier around him strong enough to hold off the blast for the instant it happened so the worst would have already gone past and away from him by the time the hard light generators were destroyed and the barrier brought down as a result. and even then the barrier would have held another instant after the generators were destroyed effectively saving him from the worst of the blast and allowing him to survive.

  18. WITH WHAT! EVERYTHING IS GONE, ARE YOU BLIND? She could hardly get a full sentence out, what makes you think she could A. make the barrier, B. make it out of thin air, and C. Make one strong enough to sustain a nuclear bomb whose effects would last long after the cut scene showing Chief surviving, and having a bad acid trip of Cortana.

  19. Again using the generators the split second of the explosion which guarded him until the fraction of a second AFTER the generators are destroyed. the next part of the cutscene before it shows him floating there was in his head. the hard light was there. the bridge he was crawling on.

  20. Again, false. The generators project the hardlight in one specific pattern, and the only hardlight there was the bridge, it cannot make a bubble. That is established in the Halo lore. Hardlight, still being light, dissipates at the speed of light as well as constructs. Even if a bubble was created it would have disappeared faster than the speed of light the moment the nuke detonated and destroyed and generator. The lore doesn't agree with you, the Halo universe's physics don't either.

  21. Any shield has enough power after the generators are destroyed to last another fraction of a second before disappearing.

  22. The lore and physics of the Halo universe strongly disagree with you. Nothing to make the barriers now, he's dead. Even if a shield of some kinds came up for more than 5 seconds he would be toast, the nuke would still get him because that's how nukes work, they destroy. Stop, you cannot win this. The game says it's impossible, why would you argue otherwise? Because they decided to break their own rules in a cut scene? Moron.

  23. the explosion of a nuke expands instantly from the epicenter. Cortana was able to manipulate the hard light bridge even in her sad state to hold the didact in place. She simply manipulated it again to create a hard light bubble to protect him from the blast for the instant of the explosion and spread and a fraction of a second after.

  24. Holy shit you really don't get it due you? Even if the shield was there (and it wasn't the lore, and physics simply won't allow it) that "fraction of a second" wouldn't matter, he would be dead if he was fully protected for 10 seconds. Nukes have a habit of destroying everything, Chief died, plain and simple.

  25. Stop talking. You keep side stepping my facts, and spew the same shit over and over. You'r wrong, deal with it.

  26. Hey my explanation IS outlandish by the lore and the only other explanation i can think of is that she used the ship's instant transportation system to get him a good distance away while keeping him in high orbit and in the next bit where he's in the debris field is basically him floating into it. Seems a bit more possible given forerunner tech and how cortana can stay cognative long enough to do it but lapse an instant later so luck on his part does come to play. Only 2 reasons i can think of.

  27. Cortana surrounded him with a hard light shield to save him from the blast, that is far from impossible in the halo universe considering that forerunner structures have survived many weapons, such as the key-ship surviving countless mac rounds and longsword bombings in halo 3. I had no problems with the campaign co-op or on system co-op and frames per second. I have no current problems with the weapon balance. I am not being a fanboy, just stating my opinion, no need to get overly defensive.

  28. Good thing it's an opinion, because it sure as hell isn't right. I wrote down facts, the lore agrees with me, and so does most of the hardcore fanbase, your points are meaningless, and false.

  29. The fact that the hard light bubble kept the chief safe from the blast is a fact, the lore says nothing about it being impossible but what has been seen of forerunner technology across the games and the books it would seem that this also agrees with the fact that the chief should live. As for your "facts", they were opinions like my views on the co-op and frames per second (which I do not think has changed since the past halos)

  30. covenant shields on ships would barely flicker from a full size nuke much less the far more powerful forerunner and even human system. I didn't even notice any difference in FPS nor believe you're correct on that aspect and I've never had any lag in co-op or multiplayer the only notable imbalance in the weapons was the bolt shot which is easy to counter. my only real complaint about halo 4 is the seeming lack in vehicle use the only pointless death in the halo series is Sargent Johnson in halo 3

  31. I'm no 'fanboy' of anything I just hate illogical assholes, hard light was making a solid object (such as a sphere) out of light and energy, Cortona from being trapped with the gravemind understood hard light and how to use it. the final battle took place on a hard light bridge, after the nuke went off she warped it into a spherical shield around him, that's also how she finally was able to touch him before she succumbed to rampancy. It's arrogant assholes like you who ruin industry my friend

  32. Illogical? That's you idiot. What created the hard light? Nothing. Evidence? The rubble Master chief is floating in after the space magic bubble goes away. Sorry kid, you're wrong. Both out protagonists are dead, what a sad way to start a new Halo trilogy. Nothing to create a barrier of any kind = no barrier, plain and simple.

  33. You seem incapable of reading, the nuke went of on a hardlight bridge yes the nuke did destroy the ship, but you honestly think an alien race that made a series of ring that could wipe out all sentient life and can warp time and space around them with ease, you think they don't have some sort of way to provide power after a connection is cut off? What the writers didn't hold your hand and guide you though it step by step so now rather then using logic you just assume it was poorly done?

  34. I'm sure they could if the designed it, but they didn't. It was simply a bridge, nothing more, not magical nuke proof Forerunner tech. In case you didn't know story writers are supposed to hold your hand, if I have to think to fill in plot points you failed as a writer. Having a mystery where I have to solve something in my head a long with a protagonist is different, in this case a writer leaves clues, but in a straightforward store a writer MUST hold your hand, it's a rule of writing.

  35. You couldn't be more wrong, as a writer I have to tell you two things you should know about writing, 1: Your goal is to get them into the story and thinking about it by any means possible 2: there are no fucking rules to it. Furthermore one of the best ways to get someone to think about it is to leave some facts unstated but easily inferable. it wasn't just a bridge, it was hardlight shaped into a bridge. Don't even bother replying mate, no point in debating with those who are illogical.

  36. You aren't a writer, if you can't follow that rule no publisher would even look your way ever again. It doesn't matter what the machine was doing weather it was a hard light bridge or a machine simply making a bridge in it's spare time. Judging by the fact people walk there it's a good chance it was a bride, either way in both situations the end cut scene show EVERYTHING destroyed. It wasn't there, it's a plot hole. That you being a writer bit was funny though, more of that please.

  37. How can you claim to know anything of writing if you cannot even read? Stop replying kid, I've got better shit to do.

  38. The old flase straw eh? Bad job of it too. "you cannot even read", worst insult all day. Clearly I can, and I've taken plenty of English courses so proper story writing is something of a proficiency with me. The only kid here is you, you can't seem to accept that a video game was poorly written. If you really had better shit to do on a Saturday you wouldn't have said anything back to begin with. If you really do have better things to do just admit you're wrong and go do "better things".

  39. Claiming someone can't read when they clearly can= automatic loss in debate. Enjoy, you wasted your time trying to prove a point that never existed. Go enjoy those "better things" you could be doing when you took the time to reply anyways. Moron.

  40. Wasn't meant to be an insult, don't see the point in insulting someone who wouldn't even be able to grasp it, English is a proficiency with you? Please go back and read your comments, your English is horrid. I do consider working 11 am to 7:30 pm then coming home to study 'better things' I replied to your comment before on my tablet while making breakfast as I am now. It's in your piss poor opinion that the writing was in accurate. Oh, and did you really just try 'I know you are but what am I'?

  41. What else do I do? An infallible child that doesn't know the definition of a proper story. Nor learn't how to write one to begin with. What do you know of it? I'm curious as to how somebody could be so i'll informed on the subject. Basic story writing is covered in what? Grade 6? At this point picking out plot holes, and bad writing is essentially all you learn from that point on. It's all I've done in all the books I've read, and story's I've heard. Brush up on that story writing champ.

  42. OK, sure, whatever believe whatever you like, I couldn't care less at this point stop spamming my email.

  43. Please for the sake of this Earth go to a physics class, also brush up on your Halo lore. Hard light, and actual light are two entirely different things. Hard light needs to be sustained in some way, no generator, no projection field, no hard light, no Master Chief. Sorry kiddo.

  44. SHUT THE FUCK UP! he's alive no matter what the hell you say! there's even a cut scene showing him alive after so shut it. I don't know enough about hardlight to say it property's and neither do you so shut your know it all bullshit. also ever thought it was his suit powering it! also what the fuck man why do you think hes dead did you not play the game or somthin?

  45. That's right, when you know you're wrong you just scream "shut the fuck up" that'll show them you're right! Come back with an argument to dumb little shit, you have nothing.

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