HUGE Halo Infinite Season 2 NEWS & The ARBITER RETURNS!! (Halo Infinite News) Halo Weekly -

HUGE Halo Infinite Season 2 NEWS & The ARBITER RETURNS!! (Halo Infinite News) Halo Weekly

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Huge new Halo Infinite Update and Season 2 and 3 news was provided to us by 343 and even NEW Halo TV series details and Trailers were released to us this week! HUGE Halo Infinite Season 2 NEWS & NEW Updates Released by 343! (Halo Infinite News) Halo Weekly
Halo 3 Remastered Full Video –

DOOM Slayer Tweet Origin –

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This video was created, edited, and uploaded by Wizzo.

0:00 – Intro Skit
1:12 – Halo Weekly Intro
1:16 – Sony Aquire Bungie
2:41 – Halo Infinite Seasonal Road Map Delayed
3:15 – GTA 6 Announced by Rockstar (Not Halo but HUGE NEWS!!)
3:38 – Halo TV Details
5:58 – What’s new, broken or fixed?
8:32 – NEW Halo Infinite Cannon Fodder
10:37 – Halo 3 Remaster and DOOM Skin Imported into Halo Infinite!

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  1. Except it doesn't ruin anything bro, the show is the show the games are the games. What does it matter if MC takes his helmet off in the show? you said it yourself this is a different non-canon timeline. Judge the show for it's writing, effects, directing, acting and overall entertainment value, not because chief shows his face. That being said, personally don't think the show looks great based on the first trailer but we'll just have to see. It's not like the garbage dump of live action adaptations of anime ruined the original shows.

  2. Nah Son theHit Registration is still Ass. Melee Clash is so one sided. How does an enemy who gets shot down to Critical kill you with an instant Melee attack? Why TF does the Rocket Launcher AOE nerfed past Logic & makes it unfun to use. Why does the Needler not like Halo 3? Why Does Attrition & Fiesta give Opponents Two Power Weapons while your Team gets a Plasma Pistol & a Trash Hydra? The Hit Registration is so dirt that I can't even play the game for more than hour half when Past Halos I've played from Sunrise to Sunset. Damage taken while ADS should not kick u out of ADS idgaf wat anyone says it should just flinch the reticle position that's it.

  3. Bungie: “Sure, let’s make a Halo Tv series. Here’s the blueprint and all the lore, it’s all done for you, just find the actors.”
    Paramount: “Fuck your story, we’re doing our own thing.”

  4. Destiny 2 is a good game, Great even. But it cannot Compete with Halo,cause Halo is a Culture.

  5. You need to pay more attention. Battle passes and season passes are different. Battle passes can be swapped in and out whenever you want, season passes are time limited.

    In the same vein, though less important, that’s not a member of fireteam Osiris, that’s Kelly from blue team.

    I’d expect a Halo channel to know both of these honestly.

  6. I dont mind the look of Cortana… But the one thing that honestly throws me off is just the voice of Chief. It feels so empty and off. And also the Ak 47 at the start of the trailer… It threw me off they are using modern weapons and not weapons of the Halo universe becuz it is a futuristic sci-fi show.

  7. Meh not a fan of GTA. I find the game doll and without purpose.

  8. It’s literally been a decade since the last gta game was announced so yea this is big news

  9. That show is going to be garbage 117 will be a background character at most and the black dude and the two chick Spartans will most likely be the main characters but the fans will clap like trained seals because it says halo like they did for the disaster that is Disney starwars SMH

  10. Bring elites back in MP!! Brutes wouldn’t hurt either (and no I don’t care at all about the hit box difference)

  11. If there is no grave mind in the show I’m going to scream.

  12. Thank GOD the Arbiter isn't returning in a main Halo game. I'm sorry, I know the creator of this video doesnt agree with me, but making the Arbiter was the absolute worst decision the Halo franchise ever made. Turned the Covenant from these deep, mysterious aliens with unknown motives in Halo Combat Evolved, to corny cartoon villains in Halo 2, and avoiding the Arbiter in the rest of the original saga is what saved the story for me. Please DO NOT taint Halo Infinite with his presence, its the first decent Halo game since the original saga (4 and 5 barely count as Halo games to me),. If the Arbiter must continue to exist he belongs in side-lore like this.

  13. …the new Cortana looks like she's ready to take your order…

  14. Sony is gonna get wrecked i think, bungie ain't gonna help them as well

  15. I really would of loved an arbiter spin off instead of the book or aswell as the book

  16. I really hope they dont show chiefs face as a kid i was always curious but now im older im happy they never showed it. (i dont count halo 4)

  17. 11:40 imagine a demon invasion into the Halo universe.
    So Chief, YoU cAn'T jUsT sHoOt a hOlE iNtO ThE sUrFaCe oF mArS!

  18. Infinite is beta at best and this YouTuber is cringe!

  19. A Doom Slayer core could be possible tbh. The core could come up in a Fracture event which was explained to be a leak in realities. Basically just views of different universe Spartans. So a Doom Spartan is possible.

    The event could have helmets from Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, classic Doom, and maybe some 2016 multiplayer customization helmets. Chest pieces for the Praetor suit, classic marine, and Doom 2016 multiplayer customization. The coatings for the armor and guns could be schemes for: Classic Doom Marine color layout, Astro suit, the Bulldog given wood grips and silver barrel like the classic Doom combat shotgun. Maybe the energy sword could be given a skin to look like the blade of the Crucible: rippling runic symbols, a rough white blade edge, and a deep yet vibrant red color.

  20. Halo the series will flop and it’ll end any halo live action movie for the next decade…

  21. We already know what his face looks like from his youth(he as in John or spartan 117) but not what he looks like at this point and time because they’ve never made it fully life in game but the halo 4 movie where he saves pvt laskey(yes the one who becomes captain of the infinity)

  22. Gears of war has the Emile armor set in their multiplayer, it’s only fair we get Marcus fenix and possibly Clayton carmine or my man the cole train in halo infinite and no idc if it’s cannon or not

  23. Just so y'all know they ALREADY changed the Cortana to more what were used too.. that's a good sight because that means paramount cares about the halo fanboys/community

  24. Don't need China amour I'll take cheaf or the costume

  25. If they do a face reveal ima go fucking nuts… like pissed tf off nuts… that'd literally ruin everything.

  26. Think of the irony if bungie had remained under activision's umbrella. Lmao. They are not the same studio from CE. As an Xbox fan boy I don't bat an eye at all these sony/bungie memes. Wish success doe bungie tho; I wasn't impressed with the destiny series. Hope they pull something off stellar.

  27. Soo glad cross core customization is not a thing. It would just look silly, funky and out of place lol.

  28. Ngl the remastered screenshots look worse than the real game. Maybe it's a work in progress but Johnson and chief look super untextured, and Arbiter looks the same

  29. New update new update new update

    New this new that.

    Like stop the horse shit!

    Just turn this game off, the hype and all is all fake news!

    Stupid bots or 343 puppies trying to make it look like they did a good job!

    Their performance was a disaster on the new Shitfinite!

    All of them were on vacation and they are back on the table fixing all the stupid problems, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

    They don’t give a shit about the game anymore! They just hype it up making it seem soooo amazing that the little blind people who have money to throw, buy all the little stupid shit Shitfinite throws at them!

    When in the previous games, more than what ever Shitfinite will ever be able to put out, WAS FREE,

    Go play the campaign (which in honesty is the only good part of Shitfinite) but the achievements you get from it (even though you PAID for the game) you hardly get anything.

    343 sucked big time! Just watch how for the next 8 years, all their going to be doing is, updating this updating that, we will do this we will do that.

    They ain’t gonna do anything, they scammed all the halo fans

  30. I love that you pretty much Atriox aka Xbox and Halo, say "Mine" instead of "my name" in the opening 🤣

  31. Didnt Sony buy Bungie and 343? Or is that only rumored???

  32. They are revealing his face. Steve Downes said so in an interview, that’s why they went for different actor that was younger. “If they didn’t show his face, then sure I could’ve just voice acted, but that’s not the direction they wanted to go” – Steve.

  33. Master Chief will be the ginger from Mad TV and Cortana looks like she wants to speak to your manager

  34. Why is it that people don’t understand that bungie no longer has anything to do with Halo? They sold all rights of the franchise to 343 who is owned by Microsoft.

  35. Cortana still looks terrible, shes supposed to be modeled after Miranda Keyes, so she should be modeled after Olive Gray, so lets get a vote to make that happen.

  36. Would have been freaking cooler if they had a Human that was a man working for the elites with armor from brutes and elites.

  37. @Wizzo,

    I Completely Agree:
    If they show The Master Chiefs face, I'll be Angry Forever!

  38. The dude playing Chief is going to kill it. He was awesome in 13 Hours as well as Den of Thieves. I'm pumped!

  39. Cortana looks like a kindergarten teacher.

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