HUNTERS Are CONFIRMED in the New Halo TV Show -

HUNTERS Are CONFIRMED in the New Halo TV Show

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Halo TV Series Episode 3 Hunters are confirmed! I can’t wait to see the Lekgolo Hunters fully in the halo tv show

Episode 3 Halo Tv Series (Paramount)


  1. This reminds me of night fall. I dislike nightfall. Its like writers learn about these worms and think hmm I can do anything!!!

  2. Yeah halo is dead to me now. Fuck this shit!!! When did hunters ever do this in the games?? Fuck all this!!!!

  3. I just had an epiphany: She's the Clayton Bigsby/Uncle Ruckuss of the Covenant

  4. I'm still not gonna get over the fact that there's a human in the covenant

  5. I know it's accurate, but after seeing this in action,why do the lekgolo bother to form a hunter pair if they can do all this?

  6. I never knew hunters were made from worms. Now I feel less afraid

  7. Rule#34 is going to have a field day with this one

  8. Trash show wtf is that human with flood super powers lol

  9. The fuck is this? Why is there a human in the Covenant?
    And how is it possible that she is commanding the lekgolo when even the Prophets couldn't properly control them. They eat everything they come in contact with.

  10. I like the lekgolo,but this blessed one concept is garbage, episode 3 is subpar at best. The blessed one portrayal is more like a spoiled child rather than an endentured holy servant of the Covenant and the portrayal of the MC was cheap at best, no amount of CGI and special effects is going to overshadow a weak story horrible character portrayals and just nonsense all the way around, it's early just episode 3 but based on how this is playing out so far each episode gradually degrades in quality and if that's the norm then……….and Cortana 2 out of 10

  11. My favorite part in the Halo games is when I fought these worms 🪱

  12. Too bad the rest of this show is utter donkey shit.

  13. Those aren’t hunters. Those are questionable tags on a dubious website.

  14. So an entire ship….taken down by bits of a Letgolo (Hunter)….and a girl……………………….FUCK OFF

  15. I hate this woman walking through her Character is so dumb in this series

  16. Wonder If the flood will have a chance on this show

  17. I heard in the backstory sequence "Send in the grunts!" I don't know if that was referring to the covenant or the city security.

  18. This is just me being misinformed maybe but how did these worms actually kill people? Was it asphyxiation? Also why did that one trooper die with like their arms calmly on their abdomen and a calm expression on their face?

  19. Who knew the hunters worms are the most deadliest things once separated

  20. the Lekgolo appear to be more dangerous than in the game, after all, each of them are a colony of worms in a suit of armor.

  21. so they didn't question why a single human was left on a covenant ship alone?

  22. How… How the fuck did they get the Hunters WRONG!? It's in the games, even the books! That's not how Lekgolo work. Where's his brood pair? Why would he make himself weaker and how the fuck did those small worms beat UNSC soldiers, when the worms themselves are weaker than a grunt individually? Can they get nothing right!?

  23. This show is still pretty shit…not interested at all in watching it…Only come to YouTube to watch clips of it and see how Bad it is

  24. She is the worst part about this scene

  25. This show is the Dragon Ball Evolution of Halo

  26. Really don't like the humans in the covenant

  27. Well, the Hunters are indeed shock troopers. A hunter pair can easily overwhelm an entire ship

  28. This episode made me feel so divided. I like Makee, I understand her hatred but seeing her walk through the UNSC ship made you hate her so much which of course is the point but yeah I was like I like her… I wanna kill that bitch!

  29. Wow there is actually good acting from a main character in this series.

  30. Me: man this halo series is gonna suck!

    Sees the hunters

    Me: i spoke to soon

  31. Obviously there is still time but orb and Johnson are too essential to the story even 343 guilty spark they better be in it

  32. Why no one shoot the girl? Why the girl walk like a dumb when there is fire? Why is she wearing clothes? Questions we'll never have answers


  34. Glad the hunter worms look good at least. Everything else was shit though. Literal cardboard cutouts of weapons in live episodes, racewashing and random story changes. Also no mystery to chief's face. Like tf.

  35. I appreciate the use of Lekgolo in this show, they would be terrifying to encounter in-game, like the first time meeting the Flood

  36. Actually those aren't hunters they are part of them but hunters in the two brothers in halo that is hard to killm

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