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I can’t wait for the HALO TV Show

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Halo TV Show will be legendary.. I am so excited to watch it..


  1. To all the idiots referencing that article about the writers not playing the game. It’s such a dumb comment lol. I’m guessing you’re a Halo lore enthusiast as well right? Ok then let me ask you. Did all the authors of The Halo novels and animated series play the games? Yah don’t think so. Checkmate. Now shut your whiny little mouth and enjoy the show.

  2. survival Is that all we're fighting for now

    If you know where this line comes from
    Ur a chad.

  3. Welp. This won't be remembered for long.

  4. Looks at reviews
    Yeah no I can wait preferably forever before this abomination comes out.

  5. This franchise just keeps getting handed to the worst writers and producers available.

  6. People who got an ad for the halo tv show before this video: 😎

  7. I don't have high Hope's for the show but I am excited. However seeing as this is made during the era of 343 Halo, it'll probably be ass.

  8. You can't wait for disappointment? If that's your thing then enjoy. My 5 year old already pointed out a huge problem. There is no Johnson… the baddest badass black dude got decked for race swapping keyes and his daughter. What an insult. Plus if the covenant decided to adopt a human they would have fired up the rings ages ago… this might not be canon but it also isn't halo

  9. I can definitely wait for this piece of shit to release.

    First it’s considered non-canon because the writers know NOTHING about Halo, then they race-swap The Keyes family and just throw in random bullshit… this is 100-fucking-percent going to flop.

    Also, they could’ve steered away from John-117 and I dunno, base the show around the Covenant invasions on Harvest, Reach and Earth In the perspective of a Marine/ODST or other Spartans.

  10. This must be a joke, how has Halo been demoted to this?

  11. Hope this can surpass my expectations, because they are preeeeeetty low right now 😂

  12. I love how Master Chief is basically a side character.

    This isnt Halo.

  13. From the trailer it looked like dogshit and it still does

  14. Bruh they didn't even play the games 💀💀💀

  15. At least the armor looks good 10/10 complain 2/10 dialogue…

  16. I’d rather play the game then watch this train wreck

  17. I read in comments things that make me freak out…isn't this HALO? How do you know? Have you already seen the two chapters? And the rest? That if the canon must be respected, it is not necessary to see the face of JOHN 117… Well, keep playing and reading and stop watching the series… WTF?! It's fiction!! Grow up and stop imagining the world you would like and assume you see or not what Paramount proposes…Band of weepers! The MASTER CHIEF has to represent luck because yes? And hope, no? While in the HALO universe humanity unites again to fight against a common enemy, in our reality the community of Gamers cannot bear to imagine anything that does not establish the canon because it would no longer be HALO? Evolve and enjoy (OR NOT) a new perspective and if it fails, we will always have the books, the games and the imagination…IS FICTION AND IN FICTION EVERYTHING CAN BE POSSIBLE

  18. 343, destroyed the saga completely… Halo 1, 2, 3 wonders… 343, why invent the square wheel, if it is round…

  19. Wow this looks even more mid then the original trailer.

  20. Hmm… Kind of interesting that they showed the human Covenant with the word "Justice"

  21. I gonna see this, but definetly not gonna take it as 'cannon lore'

  22. Looks cheap, the blonde one looks like a space Karen. It's gonna suck

  23. I'm a little upset that this strays quite a bit from the game canon, but I'm still excited for the show just because… it's a Halo TV show I guess. When's Halo Legends 2 tho

  24. The creators straight up said they didn't bother playing or even considering the games and presumably reading most of the expanded universe either, as they also said they were amazed and "stumped" by the sheer scale of the lore.

    This has also been in development since 2013 and most of 343's attention was directed at this instead of Infinite.

    The result was a non canon show with a human covenant character, no Sgt. Johnson, and a race-swapped Cpt. Keyes

    It's so over

  25. damn paramount+ and his exclusivity for usa xd how Im supposed to see the serie if I'm not from america xd

  26. Look at the Diverse Cast. So Good. Can’t have any White Men in Modern Hollywood can we.

  27. what platform did this trailer come out on? its not on youtube?

  28. Oh yeah? Then get ready to see Master Chief's face, 'cause they are making him take of his helmet constantly. 🤣🤣

  29. This show will be meh a mediocre for me because this some parts I like and some parts I don’t like

  30. Paramount making the worst fucking story decisions you've ever seen in your life:

  31. Ive always hated Halo. Im glad television producers do also!

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