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I Don’t Like What I’m Hearing About The Halo TV Series, At All

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Let’s talk about the Halo TV Series! A recent article came out and I’m very very worried about the show. Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!! #HaloTheSeries #HaloTVSeries #Halo


  1. Halo lore has lots of female soldiers and Spartans. Also according to lore, there were other spartans alive and fighting across the span of the conflict. Also in reality, it makes more sense for there to be a bunch of spartans helping master cheif achieve what he does. Everyone give it time.

  2. You know what they say get woke go broke 🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. I don't care john 117 get beat up women both superhuman soldiers probably just training together and master chief voice i can get used to not hearing chief voice from game people bitch about this stuff need get laid and it weird just fictional media people stop looking woke not even their starting making me really angry

  4. WTF is this abomination I don't have an xbox so I was looking forward to the show to know why master chief is considered on the same level of badass as kratos and doom slayer but they are butchering the games as it seems

  5. So Phil Spencer is ok with this? He knows personally how ravenous the halo fanbase is… not a good sign

  6. You need to understand if you don't call this Propoganda out it will just keep happening untill all our favourite franchises will be ruined. It's not for "inclusion" it's social engineering, and it will only continue untill we rise up and tell them to fuck off.

  7. I 100% can be upset if they make a terrible show. I want a good movie and if the movies and shows that are made…. all kinda suck. Then what reason would they see in a really serious and great movie?

  8. Is this HALO…. or HEMAN – sorry HEWOMAN.

  9. And everyone’s fave thing that they love to bash is the new wave feminist hairstyle

  10. I mean I'm a feminist and It sounded like you were upset there will be females and were being sexist in the first few seconds but after I heard the rest…wow, yea I think it's a bit cringey to say "kick the patriarchy in the balls" in a tv show about a super soldier 500 years in the future. Like I'm also a vegan but I also think it's ultra cringey when peta gets mad at animals being harmed in video games. It's not where we should be doing our activism. If Halo had intrinsic sexist ideology then sure, but… Halo has always been very equally represented about gender. There's nothing sexist about the character master chief that requires him to have to be beat by a woman and how would that lead to an increase in gender equality in the real world? He was powerless against Cortana and literally trapped by her in 5 anyway. I don't understand that comment :/

  11. Still this is a rumor but there’s more problems with this than just wokism

  12. As an asian I agree upon it. after blm everything is changed. traditional values have to adjusted under the name of diversity. But I really love original taste.

  13. I really, really, really want this show to be good. But chances are I will most likely be disappointed.

  14. If rumors are true that Master Chief it just a bit role as in doing a 'Book of BOBA FETT' cameo THINGY heheh……I ain't watching…

  15. No White male characters allowed even if theyre White males in the original material. These people literally do not fucking care about original source material, and literally fkn destroy everything they touch and tv/movies get the worst treatment. They have to literally try hard to ruin shit that is already extremely successful and loved in its original format, and these fanatical/delusional woke liberals try their hardest to destroy them. A 16yr old child could make these tv shows and movies so much better than these career writers and directors.

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