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I fixed Chief’s unmasking in Halo TV series (ANIMATION)

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I made the Halo TV series lore accurate.

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Disclaimer: Halo © Microsoft Corporation. This video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft. If you have questions or concerns about this video, please contact my business email business (at) followergg.com


  1. Chris. Or Ron, whatever your name is. You are extremely good at this stuff

  2. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! As soon as Chief started to revel himself i knew that you would do that! lol

  3. ITT: A bunch of washed up gamers think everything has to pander to their ideas and think everything is some attack on them personally.

    Man I've been playing and reading the Halo series since the OG Xbox was first released to the public and I thought the show was cool as fuck. You nerds need to chill and realise the world doesn't revolve around you.

  4. Bro didn't even need to show his face; the chest high view said enough for me as a Halo fan. But, the actor insisted his face be shown.

  5. I knew what it was going to be under the helmet, but when I saw that it was small and the pitch of his voice. I fucking lost it haha

  6. I knew it! 🙂

    Besides, I hope they included your "Locke-kick" in the series, because without it, it is not lore accurate!

  7. U put stuff like this out and ppl eat it up but then hate when ppl take some creative liberties and actually create a tangible show

  8. So would you recommend this tv series to someone who’s played all the games and read almost all the books?

  9. First episode:

    >Insuferable protagonist
    >Master Queef is a side character
    >John Halo removes helmet because reasons
    >Shits on the source material
    >Generic sci-fi with Halo brand slapped on

  10. They rushed this way too hard in the show. Should've led up to this like they did the Mandalorian

  11. The show actually provides insight the games never did. Chief states "all my diagnostic command and control systems run through here, I need it" The games or books never provided a narrative. The only reason they didn't show it game was to save development time.

  12. still dont get all the hate for chief revealing his face in the show. its television, a different medium from the games. its not like chief never had a face, in fact we see many glimpses of younger him in the comics and even recent games. the reason we never see his face while playing as him, as said by bungie, was so the player could feel like THEY are the chief. you cant get that same feeling across in television, or chief would inevitably start to feel a bit hollow and empty. the voice acting does wonders in the game for giving chief personality, because he's faced off against aliens, or humans with bad graphics. when compared to other living, breathing, emoting actors, chief would come across boring in any situation outside of combat.

  13. Unmasking Master Chief was a mistake IMO. Takes away the fantasy of him. MC is an icon, and unmasking him makes him just another solider in a suit. I hate it

  14. I was watching Halo tv Show ep 2 and all I could think about was this vid

  15. Frankly, the whole show needs fixing.

  16. well the real fix is they continue to never show the face. it would always be off camera or covered by something else. like naked breasts in anime.

  17. Amazing! Showrunners need to hire you for season 2.

  18. Since the Halo tv series isn’t canon I really hope when they do a face reveal in the games it won’t be the same as the tv show. Cause he looks nothing like what I’d imagine chiefs to look like. Plus it just feels better doing it in the games. On a tv show it doesn’t feel right.

  19. Now make an animation of a scene in ep 2 where Chief talks to Reth but he's actually a Jackal.

  20. Chief should have at least not had facial hair. That was weird.

  21. Should have had is helmet punched off mid fight so his face wasn't the main focus. would have been much more bad ass.

  22. It's not the real chief in the actual series this is the real chief (the one with the helmet underneath is real)

  23. master true identity reborn Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. I mean just look at his face.

  24. I was expecting not to show the face directly and just show camera from behind him but I guess I was thinking to hard on it and not remembering this was supposed to be a joke video lol

  25. I couldn't stop laughing after seeing this, and yes, this is how it should have been, although I admit I have warmed up to, and accepted, Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief. The only problem is that they show Master Chief without his helmet WAY to often, and that is not something Halo fans are used to, because us, the fans feel like the helmet is his face, as shown in this video. It feels weird and sometimes cringy, seeing him without the helmet, and completely removes that badass mysterious silent guy vibe of Master Chief that was present in the video games, at least the first 3 games.

  26. As someone who is currently liking the series I agree this is how it could've been

  27. 🚩🚩🚩SPOILER🚩 this is how chief looks like in the games

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