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I Was Wrong! Halo: TV Series – Episode 2 “Unbound” Review

Evryday Erik
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  1. You Uploaded this Video a Day to early !April Fools Day is 1st April not 31th March 😆

  2. Normally agree with everything you say but not this time. Chief should never remove his helmet, just like Judge Dredd or Boba Fett. Fuck this shit show.

  3. I agreed, It was a good episode. It wasnt so dynamicas as we would like but the story line is well balance, well written. Iam a casual fan and In my opinion we need to have an open mind on this production and tried to forget the "Adaptation" game to serie.

  4. MC looks like a cable guy when he takes his helmet off. Ep2 was meh.

  5. I'm still not 100% sure about this show… it doesn't feel like halo so far… costuming is great but I'm very meh so far

  6. Hey man just watched it and you were right. I do like this better especially character wise. Even quan, turns out a little vulnerability and a thank you go a long way.

    I’m still doubting that this was a better story line than halo 1, but this has potential. My only real complaint is we now have a second faction on magdigol.

    Edit: and I’m pleased with quan because I thought we were gonna get generic badass

  7. I dunno. The more I think about removing the helmet, the more I'm fine with it. In the game 117 is you, whoever you are, whatever you look like. This isn't a video game, its a tv show….and you're not the actor.

  8. I can see the unbridled ambition in Halsey, like Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park, she's "more interested if she could than if she should"

  9. The problem is I don't play halo nor do I like it but the show is good from my take but all the hate is common on YouTube where people hardly like anything nowadays which is one of the reasons I don't watch a lot of reviews I did not need someone to tell me if the show good or not I can decide for myself seems like we have people that can't think for them self in this timeline which is why when some new tv show comes out I stay away from reviews I was just confuse about all the hate for the show so I had to look to see if everyone was hivemind or to find one person that actually like the show but for me so far it's a 8/10 .

  10. Great review, and major props for saying that you might have been wrong! 🙂 Most people just double down rather than do a 180. I really appreciate what you did here – you totally earned this Like. Anyway, just a few notes, which I hope will help:

    Totally agree about Makee – I'm super intrigued by her character. The covenant are obsessed with finding forerunner tech and halos, so I was always surprised they weren't more aggressive in the games about finding and controlling their own reclaimer, since reclaimers (and they're all human) can activate forerunner tech (and the covenant definitely find out between Halo games 2 and 3). I also love that she's playing on the covenant side, but there seems to be some tension between her and the prophets. They're playing this very cool.

    As for Cortana – I'm pretty sure Cortana is still an AI. According Halo lore, Cortana was constructed using Halsey's neural imprints. But the process of sequencing the brain for the AI destroys the original brain, so Halsey created disposable flash clones of herself in order to create the AI. Looks like the show is sticking 100% to the backstory here (so far anyway – we'll see).

    Don't underestimate Pablo! 😃 If you've ever seen him on The Wire, or as Mad Sweeney in American Gods, you'd see he's a powerhouse of an actor and a total badass. (seriously, you need to see him as Mad Sweeney if you haven't)

    You're 100% right that the story is all about John and not Kwan – I have no idea how this notion about Kwan got started. Anyone who understands script writing sees right away that Kwan is the typical "fish out of water" character. She's designed to help newcomers to the Halo world. She's totally confused and doesn't know what's really going on with the covenant or with UNSC, so the newbie audience members get to learn about the world by following her and seeing her discover it. That's how these characters work. Its also bonus material that we get to use her character to explore the tension between outer rim colonies and the UNSC (you see a little bit of this in the opening level for the Halo: Reach game).

    Lastly, about the helmet. To be perfectly accurate, MC does have moments in the games where his helmet is off – but they just never show his face, either by cleverly panning the camera away or viewing from behind, etc. But this is just a game gimmick designed to allow players to easily insert themselves into the avatar on the screen. In other media, like the books, John takes his helmet off all the time. I think it's important for this show in particular to embrace this "helmet off" thing, because not only does it let the audience connect with a fully-fleshed character that is not the player/viewer, but it also emphasizes one of the major themes of the show – contrasting the difference between a controlled weapon/war-machine and the human inside it.

    Yeah, the show's not 100% perfect, but it is pretty great, and I'm really enjoying the ride so far.

  11. MC was in a hostile environment in the rubble…the only scenes where it was acceptable with no helmet was soren's home. Also why couldn't USNC not track his suit…they messed up the rules and now ignore it for plot.

  12. Well chief is human so you'll see more of his character show

  13. The cool factor is Cortana in the show. Let me explain Jennifer Lee Taylor is an American actress who is known for her voice
    acting contributions to video games and cartoons. She voiced Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey in the Halo franchise. Jennifer is now playing Cortana in the TV Show. Super cool!

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