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if The Weapon Sounds in the New Halo TV Show Were Lore Accurate

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Halo tv show assault rifle Sound , Plasma Pistol Sound , Chaingun Turret sound , Magnum Sound Are Halo Lore Accurate

New halo tv series episode 1 – Contact

Are you hyped for episode 2 ?


  1. I actually really enjoy this show and I have no complaints… When things go from game to screen it doesnt bother me if things are different from the story. Its still Halo and Im happy with the show so far.

  2. 1. Regardless of whether you knew Halo previously, this just sounds better
    2. The fact that a YouTuber did this with existing assests versus whatever production company that was hired to make new sounds for the show means that they could have saved a metric fuckton of money had the showrunner not been so pretentious about "not having played the games".

  3. We can't get a fnaf movie but we can get this garbage what am I looking at

  4. you messed up on the turret sound, the fire rate is too slow for a 6 barrel spinning gun. honestly better off using a regular mini gun sfx for that. the halo 3 triple barrel machine gun turret just doesn't satisfy the brrrrrt that the weapon in the movie is suppose to portray. just my thoughts, you asked

  5. the rest of the weapon sounds are pretty straight though, the only thing you shouldn't have bothered with was the machine gun turret

  6. the turret sound from the scene is fairly spot on for what it needed to be, the magnum and the assault rifle definitely should've been kept as they were from the games though

  7. Those big fat and slow covenant must be American elites 😂

  8. Did anyone involved with this show actually play the game lol

  9. I haven't watched it yet but… Are you telling me that it have different gun sounds??? Wtf!?!? Why? ??

  10. Who cares if the sounds are accurate when nothing else is.

  11. Oh come on, haven’t even seen this show but they couldn’t even get the basic weapon sounds on there?? Smh not even gonna bother watching it, I learned my lesson after wasting time downloading infinite…

  12. I heard there was a halo tv show and that it sucked balls, but i never thought it looked this bad

  13. I wish my assault rifle took them out so easily lol..

  14. At least they got the sniper rifle right!

  15. Greatest video ive seen all day now if only the whole series were lore accurate :/

  16. The show looks like a live action fan made series on YouTube and I kinda dig the nostalgia

  17. Magnum should just be reach sound. The turret should have been the detachable one not the hog turret. But I like it!

  18. yep. that is how they should sound. shit in the show was WEAK! but i still love the show regardless.

  19. You know… i watched this and saw the insurgents light up the elites with chain guns like they were throwing water balloons; but master queef picks up one and it turns into a real weapon

  20. No cap I thought the plasma pistol not being painted was a meme

  21. If only they had the same voice actor for master chief

  22. If it doesn't sound accurate I dont want it

  23. Cry cry cry from all These lil fanboys 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Funny how a multi million $$$ production company can’t be fucked using OG sounds when it’s so simple hah. This shows trash 🤣

  25. So I didn't watch the show. Are these not the actual sound effects?? That's sad.

  26. I love that you can see the wooden plasma pistol in this clip😂

  27. Slap some Adobe After Effects on there for a good edit and ye

  28. All I hear is a bunch of kids crying “omg they didn’t make it right this is saaaaaaahhhh dumb” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 stfu

  29. im just glad the show isnt cannon bc they made MC kinda lame tbh he is too soft too soon

  30. Bro Spartans are not that short them mf tall asf

  31. Hey wait a minute…

    You forgot the other clips with the aliens blasting stuff!

    Oh wait a second there isn't any lol😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. This looks as good as “Walker Texas Ranger.”

  33. I haven’t watch the show yet but I already know I’m lined up for disappointment

  34. the impression i am getting is that this show is not going over well

  35. Hey I was looking to use sound effects from the Halo games for a video and obviously I’ve seen that you used some in this video. I’d appreciate if you could share how you got that audio. Did you extract it from game files or find it on the internet? I can’t find the audio myself without it also having environmental background noise from in game.

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